Thursday, May 28, 2009

may twenty-eight :: 29 Months Old

Sean is 29 Months Old today! I can't believe in one month my baby will be exactly two and a half years old. Where does time go?

My cleaning lady is back from her vacation from Europe, and it was soooo good to have her deep clean the house today. I was able to maintain some cleaning in the house while she was away (it's been 3 weeks since she was last here). It's super hard to find time to clean the house in full with 2 kids 2 years of age and younger. I really don't know what I would do without my cleaning lady. That is one thing that I wanted to make sure we budgeted for, because our house would be a serious disaster without her. I can honestly say I missed her while she was gone! She's been cleaning our house since shortly after we moved which was back in November of 2007. I was planning to tell her this morning about Jazz passing away, but she already knew when she came over. I guess my sister must have mentioned something when she cleaned her house earlier this week. I guess all that planning on how to break the news to her was for nothing. She loves our cats and always brings them treats and plays with them, etc... as if they were her own cats. I guess I just kind of wanted to tell her myself about what happened. Oh well. She ended up staying an extra hour today to really deep clean everything. It was well worth it.

After taking Sean to daycare today, I stayed home and worked all day. Mack took a nice nap from about noon until almost 4pm. He's down to 1 nap today, and it's usually around lunch time. His long nap allowed me to work all afternoon. I was able to prepare a huge mailing for the shop.

I got my Fave Things Swap Round 3 package in the mail today from CaribbeanKnitter. I got some gorgeous O-wool, which I've been dying to check out. A shop here in Montreal carries it, and I just hadn't gotten around to buying any yet. She made a hat for a newborn, but unfortunately it was too small for Mackenzie. I'm going to give it to a friend who is having a girl, since the purple suits a girl more than it would a boy. A got a pair of Clover knitting needles, and Burt's Bee's lipbalm (a fave of mine too!) I also got rainbow goldfish for Sean and chocolate covered espresso beans, which I'm curious to try. I'll have to wait for a day when I will allow myself to eat some sweets. They look really good though! Thanks Aimee for the package! It came all the way from Puerto Rico!

Here's a close up of the O-Wool Classic. It's color number 430204 which is Olive. Gorgeous! It's 100% certified organic merino. I can't wait to try it out. Anyone use this yarn before? Any good projects for 1 skein? I've got about 198 yards (which is a lot!)

As you can see Sean really enjoyed his rainbow goldfish. (Ignore the ketchup on his face, he'd just finished dinner). It's way too bad that we cannot get rainbow goldfish here in Canada, because I know that's all Sean's going to ask for in the next few days. Our plain orange colored ones won't be good enough anymore. Since dinner, he's already asked for more!

Late afternoon I was doing some groceries after picking up Sean from daycare, and ran into my cousin that I don't see at all. He was doing some groceries with his almost 3 and a half year old daughter. I hadn't seen her in ages either. I'm not close with my father's side of the family. We chatted for a few minutes, and then headed on our separate ways. He was actually really nice to me while we were there. (We've had issues with him & his father in the past, which is why we don't talk to them at all and barely see them).

It's rainy out, but Jamie still had baseball tonight. So I'm just doing my own thing until he got home from ball. After he got home we watched 2 episodes of Damages and I worked on my Chevron Scarf. I want to be able to finish this scarf before the end of May. I know I can do it!


Bea said...

Excellent package. So cute about the goldfish.

g-girl said...

really, you don't have rainbow goldfish in canada?? weird! good to know though for the future. :) great package! :) maybe a hat with the o-wool? Or some fingerless gloves/mitts?

Tara said...

I'd go with a hat for the O-Wool. Or maybe a pair of Fetchings?