Tuesday, May 05, 2009

may five :: 46 weeks old

Mack is 46 weeks old today.

These days you can usually find his rabbits ear in his mouth. He's been teething on it. It's so wet by the time he's done with it. We still do not have a name for the bunny, nothing has stuck yet... so I'm still having a little contest, for a prize to the person who finds a name for him. He's green and he's a bunny. Any suggestions?? And nothing too girly,I live in a house with boys!

This morning out water was shut off. This usually wouldn't be a problem, because Jamie is out of the shower before 8:30 am (the time our notice said for the shut off) and we don't need water after 8:30 am, but my cleaning lady came today as she's leaving Thursday for 2 weeks in Europe, so I needed water. We ended up filling up buckets with water, and prayed it was enough. (It was in the end).

This morning Mack and I went to his music class (which is at a near by synagogue in their basement). Mack's really enjoying that class, now that he's more active. I am really glad we joined in this one.

After music we came home and until my cleaning lady left, I worked on Mack's birthday invitations and also did some work that needed to get done. Once my cleaning lady left, we headed out for a bit.

First we (Mack & I) went to return about 4 garbage bags worth of soda cans. Jamie was giving me the "get them out of here or they're going out on next garbage day" ultimatum. It ended up being 11$ - there's no way I wanted him to throw out 11$. I also stopped by our local library to donate 2 books (reference books) that I had no use for anymore, and the 2nd hand book store wouldn't take. We visited my sister at her work for a bit. I also dropped off my purse that is broken off at Eugenie's house, she told me she would fix it for me (thank you Eugenie!)

On my way home I drove by the houses that were on fire last night. I wanted to see how badly the damage was. Wow. It was pretty bad. I was able to see right through two of the homes, which are town houses. It took them 6 hours to put this fire out. From about 9:20pm until after 3 in the morning. My ex boyfriend lives right there, I emailed his mother (whom I still email with once in a while since she crafts as well) and see if he & his family are okay. I guess I'm just nice. (He dumped me, so I probably shouldn't care about the jerk).

After picking up Sean from daycare today, we went to the park in front of our house again. Boy Sean loves the park. It really is a teeny tiny park, with just a slide and a little jungle unit, but we don't really need much more than that. We have a larger park up the street, not much further. It's great. Sean likes to dig and build sand castles, it's awesome.

Today I finally caved and put Mack down in the sand. I guessed right, he decided to taste the sand. (Quite nasty if you ask me!) He didn't seem to care.

Sean proceeded to tell me about his new girlfriend at daycare Callie. She's the new girl. She started there today. I asked Sean about Shayna, and he said "No, Callie"... I guess Shayna is out, and Callie is in. She turns 2 this month, his new girlfriend, so she's a little younger than he is.

Tonight I went out knitting with West Island Knits/Crochet. I had a good time and I worked on my step-mother-in-law's vest. Chuggin' along.

Before I forget, I want to wish Rhoda a very happy birthday!

Today, I'm in love with this jewelry
by Margaux Lange. Wicked stuff. I want to buy it all. Too bad it's wicked expensive. I am loving the Bubble Smile Necklace, I think by far, it's my fave. 160$ USD, maybe for my birthday! It is coming up next month!


Jennifer said...

finally caught up after reading/skimming 65 posts! i've missed your blog and your adorable boys! so hopefully i can add at least one blog back to my daily internet to-do's. you look amazing, by the way - way to go on the awesome weight loss!!!!

Shelley said...

Wow, Mack is really growing up! So adoreable (so is Sean). That is so cute about Sean and his new girlfriend.

How about Hopper for the bunny name?

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I like Hopper too, but I was going to suggest Bubby. Bubby the Bunny. His nickname could be Bubs. I love calling little babies 'bubbies'. It's super fun to say. Try it.

Bea said...

So cute that Sean has a new girlfriend.

You could name the bunny Tooth? Or I guess Toof if you are two/three years old and can't pronounce all the letters. He's the Toof Bunny.

g-girl said...

wow, those poor people! that was really nice of you to email your ex bf's mom to see if they were okay. :)sean has a new gf huh? cute. thanks for the bday wish. :) margaux's jewelry is interesting!

Amelah said...

Yeah the two fires were insane! Kind of scary, 2 in the same day!!!

How about bubu?

Tara said...

Gah! That jewelry gave me the creeps! It's all body parts! lol

I guess you're more fashion-forward than I am :)