Wednesday, May 13, 2009

may thirteen

This morning I did a quick check in with the nutritionist and I'm still down 28.6 lbs, no change since Monday - which is okay. In the same area I did some groceries and then headed home. While Mack napped I did some work while the laundry was going at the same time. I swear, there is no end to the laundry. It just never ends. There is no end in sight.

I had a late lunch today, I think it was almost 3 o'clock. I was so wrapped up in work that I lost track of time. I did get a chance to take care of paying all my bills while I was eating lunch. I took care of everything today. Not a penny is owed anywhere - feels good I tell you. The only things that are outstanding are the renewal of my drivers license and my second installment of my city (property) taxes which are both due the week of mine and Mack's birthdays next month. (My license is to be renewed by my birthday and the taxes are due on Mack's actual first birthday). I've finally gotten to a place in my life where my credit is clear and things are stable. Feels very responsible. I'm putting money away for my kids educations (both of them have RESP's (Registered Education Savings Plan)) and I feel great about where I am in my life. We're blessed to have not been hit by the recession. I honestly don't think Canada got hit as bad as the USA did in that respect. All I have to say is I'm in a very happy place in my life. I hope that you, my reader are also in a good place in your life, and if not, get to a happy place soon.

I wasn't ready today to call the vet to let them know our decision about what to do with Jazz. We had been given a few options. 1) To have them dispose (I know, that sounds gross) of the cat with the "standard" way they dispose of animals. 2) We can have him cremated and get the ashes. 3) We could have him buried in Pet Cemetary. Or 4) We could have the cat to bury in our backyard or wherever we'd like. We're still mulling over our final decision, but we've pretty much have made a decision. But I'd like to wait until tomorrow to be sure.

We even talked a bit about possibly adopting another cat. It would have to be over a year old (I don't want a hyper kitten at all) and declawed. Zeus is declawed so we can actually get new couches now (or when we get around to it). There is a pet shop near us that has adoption days every other Saturday, so we said there would be no harm in looking. (Though, knowing me, I'll probably fall in love with every animal that needs adopting and want to take them all home). I have to find out when the next adoption day is, but we're in no rush. So when we go, if we do, it'll happen, or not.

I picked up these sandals in Toronto when I went down for Knitter's Frolic. I love them. It's finally warm enough to wear them, and I love how shiny and pink they are!

My neighbors tree finally is in full bloom. This has got to be one of my favorite trees. (And it's purple! My new fave color)! I'm so happy there are a bunch of these around the neighborhood and while walking by they always smell so darn good.


Amelah said...

Cute sandles :) Even tho i was with ya lol
Very nice coloring in the pic with the tree!

Big Girl Feet said...

Awww it's so sad about Jazz. :((
When Foufi died last year we had her cremated and got her ashes with the intent of putting them in the garden and planting a tree for her, but then we decided to keep them next to a photo of her instead.
But I did plant a rose bush for her too. :))

And love the sandals- so cute!!!

Tara said...

I wish I had enough room on my property to plant a tree like that (or any tree for that matter!).

g-girl said...

not quite in as happy a place as you are right now but I'll get there eventually! :) that tree is huge!