Monday, May 18, 2009

may eighteen

This morning Mack got up at 7 am, and after a bottle I was able to get him back to bed until about 9:30 - so that's when I was able to sleep in until! Sherrie was up a bit before me I believe, but was getting ready to leave after having a coffee after I got up.

This morning, while chilling before Sherrie had to leave, Sean wasn't sure if he wanted Milk or Juice. The conversation went like this:

Me: Milk or Juice?
Sean: Juice.
Me: Juice or Milk?
Sean: Milk.
Me: Juice or Milk?
Sean: Milk.
Me: Milk or Juice?
Sean: Juice.

He wanted whatever the last thing you said was. It was kind of funny. Or maybe it was one of those "you had to be there" moments. Yeah, that's probably it (if you don't find this funny!)

Had to snag a photo with Sherrie before she headed out door. Not our best photo, but still proof she was in Montreal! I was really lazy with the camera this weekend.

Look at these curls on Mack! He's definitely got Jamie's hair as well. Now that it's getting longer, it's starting to curl. Sean's hair is the exact same way too! I love it!!

Mack took a really long nap this afternoon and so Jamie took Sean to the park up the street while I stayed back at the house. While Mack napped I did a huge clean up in my office. Things are starting to actually look decent in there. Though, I couldn't finish the clean up before Mack woke up from his nap. And shortly after that Sean was up as well.

This evening Jamie had baseball, so I went to my parents house for dinner.

Sean was having fun with a little peek-a-boo game under my parents table cloth on the kitchen table. Too funny. The littlest things amuse Sean these days, I love it.

Mack was in a good mood as usual, with happy smiles!

Dinner was good, I had my usual that I have at my parents house, Tilapia with steamed vegetables. Though, I think I'm getting sick of eating a lot of fish. I love fish, don't get me wrong, but being on diet, I'm getting sick of eating the same old. It's getting to be quite.... annoying. I can't wait to move onto the stabilization and maintenance modes of my plan, so that I can start eating a little differently than I am now. The same old gets boring.

This evening my sister (thank you again!) helped me install Adobe Photoshop onto my laptop. It was disappearing while in the middle of the set-up process, and I couldn't get past that step. I don't understand what was going on. But now it's installed and I can go about my business. I also installed Adobe Professional 7.0, which I use to create PDF's. I love that software, and use it a lot.

This evening Jamie's step-Aunt called us to let us know that she won't be able to come with her husband to Makc's 1st birthday party, and to let us know as well that her daughter's father-in-law passed away yesterday. (Jamie's step-cousin's father-in-law). The funeral details will be in the paper tomorrow, but depending on when it is, I don't know if I will be able to find someone to watch Mackenzie so I could go, and Jamei won't be able to leave work this week as it's only a 4 day week to begin with. I'll wait until I have more information before deciding what's going on, but I already wrote out a sympathy card for Jamie's step-cousin and her husband and will put it in the mail. Just so they know we're thinking of them in their time of loss. I've only met her late father-in-law twice. Once at their wedding and once at Thanksgiving or something last year at Jamie's step-Aunt & step-Uncle's house. Nice man, but he barely spoke English, nor French. (Italian).

Now I'm home, chilling out by myself, Jamie hasn't gotten home from ball yet, and I've just recently put both kids to bed. I'm enjoying the peace & quiet. I should be expecting Jamie home from ball soon though.


Anonymous said...

YOU didn't take a bunch of photos? You must not be feeling well! :)

LOVE the photo of Sean under the table cloth!

dawn said...

My 2 yo does the same thing with the choices....or he'll tell you he wants to eat something and then change his mind after it's already made. Too funny!

Tara said...

Mack just has the most beautiful eyes... He's going to be so dreamy! lol

g-girl said...

funny conversation with sean! wow...look @ mackie's eyes! and those eyelashes. :) beautiful! and it looks as though sean is being as funny as ever. never a boring moment, is there!