Tuesday, May 12, 2009

may twelve :: 47 weeks :: RIP Jazz

Mack is 47 weeks old today. I can't believe his 1st birthday is in 5 weeks.

The cutie and I had music this morning at 9 am. It's the new class we started at the synagogue near my house. We were a tad late, but we made it there with just a few minutes of time to play before the music part of the class.

Mack crawled all on his own into the pasta pit. They use tiny little pieces of star shaped pasta in the sandbox instead of sand. Easier to clean, I guess? Mack did try to taste the pasta.

Today I waited home all day to hear from the vet. I was expecting a call from my cousin (who owns the vet clinic) and well let's the phone call never came. My cousin starts every day at 10 am. She starts off by doing her rounds in the clinic. I figured after she did her rounds, she'd give me a call. I had called first thing in the morning today to cancel Jazz's 11:30 am appointment with my cousin, since he was already there, the receptionist who answered told me that my cousin would call me when she was done rounds. Hence why I was waiting at home for the phone call. Noon came around. Then it was 1pm. And 2 pm. Finally I gave up waiting. Around 2:15 pm I called the vet hospital. I was told that the doctor from last night just walked in and they'd get her to come to the phone. I was put on hold for a few minutes.

Finally the doctor from last night, my cousin's co-worker came on the phone. She told me that she's sorry, but Jazz had just passed away 15 minutes ago about and that my cousin tried to do CPR but couldn't bring the cat back. She told me that is was cardiac, and that he was comfortable when he passed away. He had been eating a little this morning, and was in better spirits. She told me that he had a heart murmur, that it was confirmed and that not all heart murmurs are treatable. It's possible that he's had the heart murmur for a long time, but he'd shown no sign of any distress until this past weekend, so there was no way to know. And even if we'd have caught it in time, it may not have been treatable.

I can't believe that I had to call to find out that my cat had passed away. Why didn't my cousin call me when she couldn't bring him back after doing CPR? Why couldn't one of the technicians call me if she had to run to another sick animal? I am annoyed that I had to call to find out, and not them calling me. I'll get over it, but it's still NOT cool.

I called Jamie as soon as I got off the phone with the vet. I really didn't want to have to call him to tell him this information over the phone, but I knew that Jamie wouldn't be too happy if I had waited until he got home from work, because he told me to call him as soon as I heard something from the vet. Jamie's handling it as best as he can be. Jazz has been with him all of Jamie's adult life, as Jamie got Jazz when he moved out when he was 17 and has had him since. Jamie's 33 and a half now. That's almost 16 and a half years.

I knew last night when we rushed him to the hospital that he wouldn't be coming home. I just had this feeling in my stomach. It's too bad. Really too bad. Though, he was old and I didn't want to see him suffer at all.

Rest in Peace Jazz. 1993-2009.
This picture was taken on May 6th, 2009

The boys like their set up in the car. The each have a DVD player on the seat in front of them, and I just recently got a green bucket which I've put in between both boys car seats. It's meant to contain all the toys, but as you can see there are still toys on the floor of the car. (There are toys everywhere, let me tell you!) I'm hoping to keep my car cleaner these days. I really need to take my car in for a major cleaning, it needs a good shampooing on the inside. I just need to find the time to be without my car for half a day.

After getting home from picking up Sean from daycare, I took the boys in our wagon around the circle that is in the middle of our street. I live in a circle at the end of a street, and this (above) is the circle (with a park in the middle with a slide and sandbox). My house is to the right of the white & orange house you see at the back of the park. It's nice living in front of a park! I love it. And the kids love it.

Going for a ride!

The boys really enjoyed this wagon ride. I hope to use this wagon a lot this summer. Look at those smiles! Happy kids makes for a happy mom!

This evening I had the Montreal Knitting Guild Meeting. It's our last official meeting of the year. The next meeting is our summer Garden Party and it will be held on a weekend at one of the guild member's house. Should be fun, I'm planning on attending.

Tonight we had elections for the Montreal Knitting Guild. No one wanted to run except the past executives, so we just decided to keep the same executive for another year. I'll stay on as Newsletter Editor as well, but that had been decided about a month ago. I enjoy doing them once a month - they're a ton of fun and I get to use my graphic design degree for something! (I'm working on a new layout for the newsletter, though, having an issue with file sizes and for the PDF that it has to be in the end. It needs to be uploadable to the guild website.


Bertha said...

Oh no! Obviously I left my earlier comment before seeing this post (my feed reader never picks up your blog posts until a week after they're written for some reason?? I'm always a week late with you, weird)...I am so sorry for the loss of Jazz.

Sarah B. said...

So sorry about Jazz. He looks a lot like my Shinerbock and like Jaime, I've had him all of my adult life, so know how you guys must feel right now. Hugs to you.

Bea said...

I'm sorry about Jazz. I know its horrible to loose a pet. Don't be mad at your cousin, Jazz had only passed away minutes before, maybe she was trying to decide how to break it to you?

Andrea said...

I'm so sorry about Jazz, how awful it is to have to call to get answers like that.

Big hugs for you all!

Jen said...

I'm really sorry to hear about Jazz. Give everyone a big hug for me.

kate-the-enabler said...

Hey Robyn - I'm so sorry to learn of the loss of Jazz - I completely enjoyed meeting him, he was a lovely boy. Sympathies to you all

Amelah said...

Sorry about Jazz big sis! HUGS! Not cool of our cousin though. She SHOULD have called you the moment something happened!!!!

dawn said...

Poor Jazz. It's very hard to lose a beloved pet especially one that your hubby has had so long.

g-girl said...

in that second pic of mack, you can really see his eyelashes..i hadn't noticed how long they were before! sorry to hear the news about jazz. :( hope you're all doing better after the news.

Big Girl Feet said...

Awww I was so sorry to hear about Jazz, it's so hard to lose a pet. I hope you guys are doing ok and hugs to you & Jamie & your lil' guys... xo

Jennifer said...

so sorry to hear about the loss of jazz :((( sending hugs your way xo

Tara said...

It's hard to see them go, but it sounds like Jazz had a long and happy life.