Friday, May 08, 2009

may eight

This morning after dropping of Sean at daycare I checked in with the nutritionist, and I'm now down 28.6 lbs. Almost 29 lbs down!! Wow... that's quite the accomplishment! I am so excited that I am so close to 30 lbs, which is even closer to 35 lbs.

Apparently there was a mistake from last week, and upon my measurements today and recalculating my inches lost, I'm now down 41.75 inches! Bye bye inches - you can stay gone!

Mackie & I did some errands this morning (I needed more poop'n'scoop bags for the boys dirty diapers (they're biodegradable) and a new oregano shaker that Mack wanted to hold). I thought he was so cute in the shopping cart. I couldn't resist taking a picture.

This afternoon we had our last Friday music class.

I think that we'll start a new session of this class, but we're taking a few weeks break until June.

After music we went for lunch, and Mackie went on his first date with Aviva.

And I had to take this picture of Mackie touching Aviva to send to Aviva's father. Her father told me last night while we were talking on facebook chat that Mack is not to touch his daughter! So on purpose, I'm going to be emailing him this picture. I think it's funny.

When I picked up Sean from daycare, he gave me this sunflower he's been growing me for Mother's Day, how sweet! However, since I kill flowers, I gave it to my mother since we went there for dinner tonight straight from picking up Sean. Jamie had ball tonight, and I didn't feel like eating alone.

I took some yummy garden pictures today that I wanted to share with you. Yum, pink!

I found out at lunch today, that my family doctor is 11 weeks pregnant. She's friends with one of the moms I was out for lunch with. Just my luck! I knew there was a chance she wasn't done having kids (Her daughter is almost 2 years old now, just a tad younger than Sean), and I went through this whole ordeal with our first doctor there (when I went to go book Sean's 1 year check up I found out Sean's doctor was on extended maternity leave after not knowing she was even pregnant). So, I guess I'll find out what the story is when Mack goes for his 1 year check up, but I assume that if she's 11 weeks now, that she's due in either late November or early December. So I may have to book Sean's 3 year check up a little early? And hope that she doesn't take a full year mat leave, and I'll just have Mack's 2 year check-up a little late. (I don't believe there is a shot at the 2 year check up). Anyhow... just my luck! Seriously! I don't want to have to start finding a new doctor now. I don't know if anyone will be seeing her patients while she's on mat leave, I know with Sean's original doctor, there wasn't anyone. I'll find out more information next month when I go for Mack's 1 year check up. (Sean's original doctor did take an extended Mat leave, and did start working again, though full time at another practice. We had the option of going back to her, there, but I decided I liked Dr. F, and wanted to stick with her upon receiving that letter that I was welcome to go to this new place with Sean's old doctor (whom I wasn't 100% impressed with). Ugh!

Mack tried avocado today and really liked it. Also his 5th tooth has cut through the gums. If you're looking at him, it's the it's the right hand tooth next to the original 2 middle bottom ones. I cannot wait to start giving him more solids over puree, as now he has chompers to chew his food! Slowly but surely I'll start giving him pieces of food. I don't want him to choke, but I also don't want him to be on puree forever.

I let Sean stay up tonight way past his bedtime. I was home alone with both kids upon getting in from dinner at my parents house (as Jamie had ball tonight) and it was just just chilling with Sean in the playroom watching some TV. When it started getting late, I decided enough with the kids stuff, since he should be in bed, I told him if he wanted to stay up with mommy he could come into my bed with me and watch TLC. He didn't object. He just wanted to cuddle with mommy. So we watched "Say Yes to the Dress" and he started to get tired and fall asleep on me. It was cute. It was a nice evening.

Off to go crash as well, I'm beat!


Bea said...

Look at him in his cute sweater!

g-girl said...

awww, mackie's first date with aviva? she has really pretty eyes. he has great taste. :) I'm sure aviva's dad loved the pic you sent him! aww, how sweet sean planted a sunflower for you for mother's day. :) pretty flowers in your garden! oh soon as I read that your doc was pregnant that was my first thought. hopefully you'll get to stick with her or at least get a decent replacement. (fingers crossed!)

Amelah said...

Haha I buy those poop and scoop bags for Harley! :)

dawn said...

I love the bleeding hearts and the boys are adorable as usual.

Tara said...

Fathers are just so protective of their daughters, aren't they? Good idea, sending Aviva's Dad a picture of Mackie putting the moves on her!