Saturday, May 02, 2009

may two

This morning Mack decided to get up at 5 am. So I brought him into our bed and gave him a bottle, and was able to get him to sleep again until 7 am. But at 7 am he wasn't interested in going back to bed, again, so I was up for the day. By this time, Sean was up as well, and I went into the playroom with both boys and we watched cartoons.

I was able to get Mack down for a nap at 10:30 am (as predictable when he's up at 7 am) and Jamie ran out to get some bagels for brunch. I wanted to make sure I had eaten a bit before going to the bridal shower, because I didn't know what time food would be served, or if there would be enough food for me to eat (diet appoved) so I didn't want to go hungry. There is a bagel place around the corner from us, and they have these really awesome whole wheat flax seed bagels. Yum!

After brunch I started to get ready for the bridal shower. I even applied some make-up today.

And got to wear my adorable new shoes. (Which were the best deal ever). I have the best of luck finding shoes at really good prices. They are just too cute. I love them.

The bridal shower started at 1:30 pm, and my mother, sister & I were one of the firsts to arrive. (Above left to right: myself, my grandmother, my mother, and my sister).

Myself, the bride-to-be, her sister & my sister.

Amy & I.

The bride-to-be opening up our gift, the Log Cabin Blanket.

Jenn, Amy & I holding up our finished project.

Jenn, Amy & I holding up our finished project with the bride-to-be.

I had a good time at the bridal shower today. I indulged and had a piece of strawberry cheesecake. Oh, was it absolutely devine! Heavenly!! Homemade strawberry cheesecake, how can you go wrong?

So, probably due to the cheesecake (and eating all afternoon - there were TONS of healthy snacks there today!) I was not hungry for supper when I got home close to 6pm. (It was late!)

This evening after feeding the boys dinner, I played with them in the playroom. Sean wanted to play "cars". He's obsessed with anything that has wheels right now (cars, trains, etc...) It's too cute. Totally a boy thing.

Somehow tonight, Sean managed to suck me into reading him 5 books before bed. Our usual routine consists of 3 (short) books. But tonight, he just managed to convince me to read him an extra 2! The little bugger!

This evening I cleaned up my office a bit,and now I can start to see my desk again. I don't even understand how my desk becomes a mess so fast, but it does. (And I have 2 desks in my office so you can imagine how messy both of them are!)

This evening Jamie and I watched Survivor from a few weeks ago (we're a few episodes behind). Eh, we'll catch up. We also watched Big Bang Theory, while I knit.

As of today, I decided I am no longer buying sean sunglasses. He destroys them. He's terrible! He breaks everything. I need for him to understand that you cannot just go and break the arm off, and he's just going to get a new pair, like that. It doesn't work that way. And there is no way to fix them. (Or worth it). Bah, it's too bad.


Jenn said...

Your Mom looks like she could be your sister! She looks great!

How is Mac's Excemia? (I'm sure I spelled that wrong!)

Big Girl Feet said...

Love your new shoes- omg so cute!!
And the blanket turned out beautifully!! What a great gift!

window dressing said...

The bride-to-be looks like she's loving the blanket. How could she not the colors are amazing together. Btw, the weight loss is looking great on you!

dawn said...

Love the shoes! My oldest used to do the same with the sunglasses. Mostly he just wears a baseball cap in the sun, but since he's older I'm thinking about giving it another go.

g-girl said...

look at you, you hot lil mama! :) love the shoes too!

Bea said...

So did she love the blanket? You didn't say but by the smiling faces I'd say yes. Glad you had fun!

Jude said...

You are so skinny!!!

Amelah said...

I am so happy Caryn LOVED our blanket!! That was a wodnerful idea to make it!! Although I am def happy it is done LOL :) No more dead lines just yet!

Tara said...

Mmmm.... cheesecake. I agree, sometimes you just have to say "To Hell with the diet!". Sounds like it was a good time :)