Friday, May 22, 2009

may twenty-two

I'm still down 30 lbs! Whoot! So happy about this! It's such a magical number! I did lose 3 and a half inches this week, which I'm really happy about. It's coming off my mid-section, so I'm totally happy about this.

This morning I ran some errands, and the highlights of my errands were the fact that I found some size Medium pants that fit (so happy to be back into a Medium!). There is no SWS at Zellers, I checked, they don't even have anything by Paton's at all. While at Zellers, I ran into one of my friends and her son. But then ran into her again at the mall at lunch time when I went to go buy an H2O mop. Actually at the food court of the mall I ran into a bunch of the moms from the playgroup that I don't go to anymore. (They're all a little bit too much for me). It was nice seeing them though.

I ended up having the wrap that I got at the food court (I had taken it to go) but I stayed with one of the moms (1 of 2 moms that I still do keep in touch with now that I'm not in that playgroup anymore) and we chatted for a while.

When we got home, Mack took a nap so I weeded the vegetable patch in my garden. I found some carrots from last year. (The carrots were pretty much a disaster last summer, and we're not planting carrots at all this year - no interest). I got my entire garden weeded in just over an hour. Pretty good timing for the amount of space my garden is! I plan on gardening tomorrow providing that the weather is decent.

After Mackenzie's nap (actually I had to wake him up as we had to leave) I picked up my mother and we headed over to Sean's daycare for his vernissage. Jamie was working off the island of Montreal today and then had baseball in the city tonight, so it was impossible for him to come back to the west island to make it for 4pm to the vernissage, so I took pictures to show Jamie what went on. Above is Sean with his 2 pieces, a ladybug magnet which is sitting on top of his butterfly painting. The magnet was 10$ and the painting was 20$. Honestly, the painting looks like his teachers did it. I would have much preferred it if it was abstract from him. I don't even care if it made sense or looked like something. I would have much preferred something that he made 100% himself. At almost 29 months old, there is no way he painted such a perfect butterfly himself. And if so, well then, call the press! The money raised today is going to buy new books for the school's library.

They had bulletin pictures of all the kids with their pieces in progress. I took some of Sean to show Jamie since he couldn't see it in person:

Sean working on his butterfly (that's Shayna next to him, his "old" girlfriend").

Sean working on his painting. His new girlfriend Callie is behind him in the pink. Not sure who the girl in the white sweater is next to Sean, I've never seen her before and I was sure I knew every kid in Sean's class!

Sean and Callie painting.

Mack at the vernissage, in his stroller, showing me some crackers in his hand (hence the motion blurr! But it's crackers in his hand!)

My mom, Mack, Sean & I at the vernissage. Of course, neither kid is looking at the camera!

This evening we went to my parents house for dinner since Jamie had his ball game.

After dinner the boys played some piano. It's too cute. Mack really gets into it (Sean doesn't really care for the piano, but because Mack's using it, he has to too...)

It was a really beautiful recital! They are so cute the two of them together.

I'm going to go plop myself on the couch and watch some TV until Jamie gets home from his ball game. Perhaps pull out my knitting!


Bea said...

Maybe next year you can buy something made by Sean instead of mostly by his teachers.

Amelah said...

How come i never get invited to these things??!

Good to see someone is gettnig use out of my piano!

Drea said...

awe u look so cute!! the kids r getting so big...

Anonymous said...

His stuff looks amazing! Don't feel too bad...while the teachers helped, he still did it all. If you look in the photos you can see they have a stencil down on the paper. He did the painting...he just didn't have a choice about getting it to look good or not. That's what Tanya was saying at dinner...the teachers have a bunch of stencils and stuff they use over the course of a few weeks (paint, let dry, repeat) to get the art projects looking good.

dawn said...

Ahhh sibling rivalry at work. Gotta love the interaction though.

Tara said...

I agree, I'd rather have something my kid made himself. The boys are cute at the piano! Maxime loves to play every time we're at the grand-parents' house too.

g-girl said...

maybe the teachers cut sean's painting into the shape of a butterfly? or I'm thinking the blue is the frame and the painting sean did is behind it. does that make sense? maybe mackie will be a future piano player. :)