Monday, May 04, 2009

may four

This morning when I went to the nutritionist's office, I got weighed in like usual, and I am now down 26.4 lbs in total. My goal is 35 lbs, and apparently according to the girl who weighed me in this morning, I have to reach is by May 29th, in order to receive my 200$ back at the end of the year. (When I started, there was a promotion, as I paid in full, that if I reach my goal of 2 lbs per week, at 35 lbs = 18 weeks, bringing me to May 29th, and I keep it off for the rest of the year, I get 200$ back). It's an insentive, I suppose. Anyhow, now I'm stressed out, to reach that 35 lb mark by May 29th. This is not good because stress slows down your weight loss, and gives me pimples. Oy! It's a challenge. And the thing that sucks majorly is that the week of May 29th, will be the week I am bloated (if you catch my drift) and my weight always fluctuates a tad bit higher when it's that time of the month. So, does that mean that I will have to lose a few more pounds extra so that I can guarantee that I will be at the 35 lbs lost goal by May 29th? I am going to speak to the owner of the office who was the one who I actually initially saw, and see if she can work something out for me on my weight loss contract, that if it takes a week or two more to get to 35 lbs (due to my goal date falling on the wrong week of the month!), for me. Maybe she'll be nice. She can't penalize me for being a woman who hasn't hit menopause yet, and deals with her friend who visits once a month, now can she??

Mack took a really nice nap today, so I got to do some work, and as well, I tried the first disc of Hip Hop Abs. I am going to try to do it as much as possible until May 29th. Hey, I do want rockin' abs as well, but if it'll help me tone/lose weight too - why not. The guy that is the "host" of the dvds makes me laugh, so I get a good laugh while working out. Hip Hop is not usually my style, but I like to dance, so I figured I'd try it. I'll let you know how it works out for me!

This afternoon I went with my sister to pick out my mother's gift for Mother's Day. There is this lady whom actually lives on my street that does crafts, and we had seen something that we wanted to get my mother for the next time we needed a gift. The lady was half an hour late, which sucked, as I had walked over there with Mack in the stroller (she's at the complete other end of my street) and Amy had her dog with her, so it was just annoying that the lady was late. Especially since I still had to walk home with enough time to leave to go pick up Sean from daycare.

After getting Sean from daycare, he was super excited that I took them to the park in front of our house. I am going to try to take them for an hour after Sean's home from daycare on any day that it's nice (and that there is time).

Even Mack had a good time today, even though I wasn't ready to put him down in the sand. Maybe tomorrow. I'm just worried because he's not walking yet, that it'll be a huge mess, and everything goes in the mouth, so do I really want him eating the sand? Ugh!

But that's okay, Mack and I sat and watched Sean play in the sand. We were both okay with that today. The slide at the park is wide enough for adult bums, and since there was no one else there, I had Mack on my lap and we sat down on th slide, and sang songs while Sean got down and dirty playing in the sand.

Tonight I chilled with Jamie and we watched some TV while I worked on my step-mother-in-law's vest. I *hope* to get it to her by Sunday, when we see her for mother's day. We'll see if I have enough time this week to finish it.


missfee said...

having lurked on your blog for ages - I wanted to say you are looking fantastic and your wieth loss progress in the photos is really noticable now. Congrats and don't loose heart.

halloweenlover said...

You really do look amazing, and I am SO IMPRESSED that you have lost 26 pounds! WOW! What an accomplishment!

Amelah said...

aww they look like they had a blast @ the park!

u can do it miss! 26 pounds is awesome! almost there!!!!

g-girl said...'ve got about 3 weeks left. my fingers are crossed for you that you get to the 35 lb. mark as close to the 29th as possible!!

Bea said...

I hope she'll be lenient with you! I think you can do it! GO GO GO!

Tara said...

Hip Hop or Rockin', whatever gets you the abs you want and deserve, right?