Friday, May 15, 2009

may fifteen

I finally have some pictures to show you of my Step-Mother-in-Law's Vest. It's finally a finished object! And since my step-mother-in-law is out of town, I have modeled it for you, (though it's way too big on me but I pinned it for pictures), until I can get a picture of my step-mother-in-law wearing it.

Pattern: Striped Modular Vest by Andra Knight-Bowman
For: My Step-Mother-in-Law Norma
Yarn: Cascade Yarns 220 Dip Dyed in Storm #603
Needle: US 9/ 5,5 mm
Size: Large (and then made modifications)
Timeline: January 29th, 2009 - May 13th, 2009
Modifications: Followed pattern as published until I needed to add a new button band/add to the collar as it wasn't large enough for my Step-MIL.
I made my own adjustments to improvise making it wider so it would close.
Opinion: It was super easy to knit, and would consider making
one for myself in an appropriate size.

Mackie discovered his laundry basket today, and had fun playing inside it. It's amazing what entertains them at this age. So cute.

Mack started with a runny nose today. Out of no where. The weather is warmer and I have no idea how he got this cold. I hope it doesn't last too long and I hope that it doesn't turn into anythign worse.

This morning when I went to the nutritionist's office, I was down 28.8 lbs and I've lost a total of 42.75 inches in total off my entire body. I'm really starting to find this last 6.2 lbs the absolute hardest. It's really darn discouraging. But I know I can do it, and I know I will do it.... even if it takes me a little extra time, I will force myself to lose those last few pounds.

Mack napped from about 10:45 am until about 2:45 pm today. He had such a great nap today, which allowed me to do a lot of work while he napped. (And the peace & quiet was absolutely fabulous let me tell you!) While doing my work, I caught up on Bones, House, 30 Rock and some Oprah (love my PVR!)

When Mack woke up we went to do my postal run for the shop and then picked up Sean from daycare. Sean has been a really good boy at daycare lately, getting all happy faces in his book, and even really nice compliments from his teachers. I can't complain!

This evening I made a super yummy Spaghetti Gratiné for dinner and it was absolutely yummy. Usually Friday nights my in-laws come for dinner, but they are out of town until next week. Jamie & I opened a bottle of red wine and caught up on Survivor. (We're a tad behind, but that's okay).


Andrea said...

Great job on the vest! And beautiful colouring too!!

Shelley said...

The vest looks great, and it looks fabulous on you! I know your step-mother-in-law will love it.

Sarah B. said...

Love the vest! Wasn't quite sure about it when it was in pieces, but the finished result is fantastic!

Amelah said...

congrats on FINALLY finishing that vest lol! next time we measure eh?

Jen said...

Wow I love that vest. I'm so glad you modeled it because while it looks nice on the hanger it looks fabulous on (which is what you want, right?). A very versatile piece, I think.

Bea said...

The vest is super cute. I hope she really loves it.

Tara said...

How did I let myself get so far behind on your blog!?!? The vest is great, I hope your MIL likes it! Or rather, that she liked it! You probably gave it to her 3 weeks ago, lol!

g-girl said...

the vest looks great! and I agree with jen-I'm very glad you modeled it!