Monday, August 01, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

- Homemade playdough recipe.
- Hungry Caterpillar art.
- Cute idea to help kids tell time.
- Have keys from the first places you lived? This is a cute framing idea.
- Cute father's day gift idea to tuck away for next June.
- Adorable button cupcakes, perfect for a crafting party.
- This recipe for pomegranate sangria looks delicious!
- Precious.
- Fun!
- Fruit cones, what a great idea for a picnic!
- Awesome photo!
- Too funny!
- Love these crochet necklaces.
- Permanent Hopscotch!
- Awesome style.
- No Bake Cookies and Cream Bars. The look like dirt, but apparently they're delicious!
- This rolled magazine bowl looks funky!
- Here is a tutorial on how to make rolled magazine art.
- Stunning!
- Homemade Outdoor Twister game!
- Genius ribbon organizer idea!
- Pipe cleaner creatures tutorial. Thank you Martha Stewart!
- Stamping with celery! Neat idea!
- River rock boot tray!
- Homemade goldfish cracker tutorial!
- What a fun gift idea - Guess Who Family edition! Must try that!
- Cute gift idea. (the year you were born, the year you were married, kids' birth years, etc.)
- Now, if I could only be this organized.
- Would love this chair in my house.
- Not clever, not smart, but funny.
- Word fun.
- So sweet.
- I love this leaf swing.
- Love this hexagon shelf.
- I've had my eye on a pixbag for a while now. Might just use some paypal money for one. Which pattern to get? And for which camera? LOL....! Not sure it would fit both my camera bodies.
- Love this tree slice walkway. (Another view of it)
- Loving this new matte O.P.I. nail polish. Where do they sell O.P.I. in Montreal? Anyone?
- Chalkboard coffee tables are brilliant ideas.
- Crate seats - genius idea!
- I love this wood hook set! Fun.
- Love this cloud.
- Awesome puzzle rug!
- Envelope bookmarks totally work.
- Crock pot meals on the go - what a genius idea. Recipes here.
- I love this tutorial for a hooded towel. I can't find any Sean's size in stores, might just have to make him some.
- I saw Friends with Benefits last week with Quentin and some friends, it was really cute. (A little bit too much like the Ashton Kutcher movie No Strings Attached but I enjoyed it, and there was certainly a lot of laughs. Plus, Justin Timberlake has gotten hot. I never used to like him, but wow! Recently, he's looking good! I'm also a fan of Mila Kunis.
- Love this beanbag chair!


Girl Knits said...

Absolutely love your link loves.

g-girl said...

love the hungry caterpillar art!! oh my gosh, the father's day craft is genius! those crocheted necklaces are cool! love the permanent hopscotch! love those boots..been pining for some for a few years now! the bowl is interesting. thanks for the link for homemade goldfish and a homemade goldfish cracker cutter! i just saw guess who done with someone's classroom. who knew there were so many uses! love the word family egg idea! i've seen the eggs used for compound words too. those pixbags are cute (but expensive!). crate seats! definitely genius. it seemed like fwb would be very much like no strings attached just different actors.

Mama And Baby Love said...

Thanks so much for linking up to my recipes!