Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

- Love that there is a website called "What Should I Read Next?"
- Good point!
- Guacamole Bruschetta. 2 yummy things together!
- Stuffed cucumbers! Yum!
- I'm always looking for new salad recipes - this one looks delicious!
- Don't stress.
- Love this knitted hat.
- Love Mitali's 30-minute Camera Strap for kids.
- Love these pasta skewers!
- Camera cookies? Who'd have thought? (Thanks Lynn for the link!)
- Granny Square cookies.. even better!
- Love this dog sweater!
- Knitting love. And even more knitting love.
- These are cute. Not sure what they are for though.
- A nice refreshing way to end summer.
- I'd love to have a family photo like this taken of my own family.
- How to grow 100 lbs of potatoes in 4 sq. ft.
- LOVE these boots. Too bad they're 495$.
- STUNNING shoes! Love them.
- Neat image!
- I need to try this for snack time.
- Math fun!
- Baby room decor.
- I love this Teacher Gift Idea - School Supply Cake. (Variation of a diaper cake!)
- Love these crochet ring flowers.
- The truth about Santa - cute.
- Holy. Crap. Oreo Cheesecake Cupcake. YUM!
- The recipe that Mackenzie will die over... Oreo stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies. Can my diet wait til next Monday? (Also online here).
- I love this button tree.
- What a clever idea for ironing. Saves space!
- I love the idea of the infinite USB.
- What a clever idea for storage in the garage. Too bad my mini van practically wipes out the garage door opener unit because it's almost as tall as our garage height.
- Since I'm the scrabble lover, I'd like to make a frame like this for our house. Adorable. Maybe one for each boy. Maybe a picture of the 5 of us with scrabble letters spelling out our last name. The ideas are infinite. And so is my scrabble letter stash. (Other cute ideas from this on this post).
- What a fun spa party appetizer idea.
- Watermelon fun. Watermelon shapes.
- Fun dessert!
- Cookie Monster Cupcakes - this is just too cute. Future party idea?
- Love this skein of yarn necklace. Looks simple to make. And some ball of yarn earrings? (Thanks Rhoda for sharing the link with me!)


g-girl said...

wow, what a great website! the salad looks delish. those granny square cookies are awesome! love those shoes!! that max's world site is a neat one! :)

Mitali Ruths said...

Woohoo! I made the list. I feel honored. :)

Girl Knits said...

What fun cookie monster cupcakes! Those made me laugh. I love clever storage too, I like things simple & clean.