Saturday, June 09, 2007

World Wide Knit In Public Day

Today is World Wide Knit in Public Day. I went to the Toronto TTC Knit-a-Long for Knit in Public Day.

Alterknits. Stop Number 1.

Knitomatic. Stop Number 2.

Inside Knitomatic.

Lettuce Knits, Stop Number 3.

TTC Knitting. TTC stands for Toronto Transit Commission.

Sean got to ride the subway, bus and street car today for the very first time. Here's the excited guy on the subway!

Today, I got to meet:

- Andrea of Always Knitting (above)

- Michelle of Not an Artist (above)(I've linked her before, I used her camera cozy pattern to make the one for my sister, the one for my mom, and the one for my in-laws).

- Amy Singer of Knitty!! (above)

(And she autographed my copy of No Sheep for You) (In french!)

- Rochelle of Yosemites Knitting Addiction (above)

- Michelle of The Sweet Sheep

I got to meet a bunch of other really cool people, like Sophia who organized the whole thing, and Beryl Tsang who designed on Knitty Tits Bits, who was my group leader for the Central team (I don't know her blog) and another girl who is due the first week of September with a baby girl, whom I think I frightened when I told her my labor story with Sean. (So sorry!)

I got to knit a little in public, while Sean was either being entertained by someone else or sleeping (he did nap a little today!).

I had lunch with Andrea over at the Big Fat Burrito, and it was very good. I'm dreaming of burrito's right now!

I had a really awesome day. I got No Sheep for You autographed by Amy Singer, and I purchased it with birthday money. I also got some yarn at Knitomatic as well as some at Lettuce Knits. Lettuce Knits was all that and then some. Yarn pictures below...

It took me forever to get back to where I parked my car and then I got lost going back to my step-brother-in-law's place. However, I didn't panic and I figured it out on my own and managed to get back no problem. All good. I'm very proud of myself. My step-brother-in-law, his wife and their son live in Port Credit, and it's very very far from Downtown Toronto, let me tell you!

Upon getting back we took a quick dip in the pool, as we were dying of heat, but the pool heated at almost 100 degrees really didn't help. So, we got out, and since my step-nephew went to a friend's house this evening, my mother-in-law made me dinner, and then we watched the movie The Good Sheperd while Sean napped on me. I got to knit even though he was on me, and I have made great progress in his Cabled Pullover. It's coming along great. Picture progress tomorrow. We had to start the movie over after watching a few minutes, because we had no idea what was going on. The second time around was a little better. This movie was good, but not 100% my "type" of movie. It was also very long. 2 hours and 48 minutes. That's long when it's not a type of movie you like to watch.

I fried like bacon today, even after applying SPF to my body. I think I'm going to be hurting tomorrow, thank goodness I have some aloe. Man, I have really fair skin, and it burns easily. I sure hope Sean doesn't have skin like me! And I tried to keep him out of the shade as much as possible today, because he's not allowed to use sun screen until after 6 months of age.

I've had a good time in Mississauga/Toronto, but you know, I can't wait to get back to my own bed, to Jamie, and my house!

Not Buying It Report:
Money Spent:
$8.50 on TTC pass (transportation)
$2 for my TTC registration (I found the $2 after doing a load of Jamie's laundry, so he donated $2 for today!)
$10.25 on lunch (food!)
$4.38 on some cherries & a nectarine at Kensington Market (food!)
$2.50 on a drink this morning at Alterknits (food!)
$birthday money on 3 skeins of yarn & No Sheep for You (birthday money, allowed! and I didn't even have to use the budget I allowed myself for this trip!)

Birthday Purchases...

Anne, Schaefer Yarn, Hand Painted Luxury Fibers. 60% Merino Wool Superwash, 25% Mohair, 15% Nylon. I'm usually not a mohair fan, but it's barely noticeable here.

This is lace weight. I plan on making a shawl maybe. I'm not really a shawl person, but maybe I'll make this one exception. Both skeins are two different colorways (unknown if they have names or not?) but I plan on mixing them in a shawl...

I also treated myself to some Fleece Artist sock yarn. I've used Fleece Artist before, for my almost done thrummed mittens, but have not tried their sock yarn yet. I fell in love with this colorway, also unknown if it has a name?


Summer said...

Can't wait to see the pictures. Sounds like a really great day.

Andrea said...

Looking forward to your pics. I need to upload my too.

K. said...

Totally jealous...should've gone....meeting suck...boooooooooooo!!!!! At least I could play around with ravelry while people were talking...muhahahahahha!

Joanna said...

Amy Singer? I'm envious. Sounds like you had a great WWKIP Day, and I can't wait to see the pictures.

Barb said...

sounds like you had a lot of fun, can't wait too see pics!!

Not An Artist said...

Hi Robyn, it was so nice to meet you & Sean yesterday! I'm glad you had fun and if it makes you feel any better, I have a wicked sunburn too :(

AliP said...

Oh thats so cool! I went to the Effiloche hosted event and had a very nice time though it was a tad under attended, imo, for the # of knitters Montreal holds. Oh well, had a blast.
The To events sound simply amazing! Amy Singer...squeeeee!

Barb said...

the schaffer anne yarn is gorgeous, your fleece artist looks almost like mine, i'd have too see it wound up (that's how mine is) my color is Lagoon, if they're not the same than pretty close!! i'm jealous looks like you had a blast, I was still not feeling well and I was still at my parents on Sat. so I did'nt go anywhere, my Knit in Public consisted of working on a little birthday surprise for you sitting in my parents backyard watching the girls play :) :)

Sophia said...

Hey Ms. Robyn,

sorry we didn't get a chance to chat further, but I'm so glad you had a good time with us!

...and your friends' comments make me realise once again what spoiled brats we are, and how lucky we are to see Amy-la on a regular basis.

Hope you can join us again sometime!

tapeheads said...

Hi Robyn. Really nice to meet you and Sean on Saturday! And well, yes, you did scare me a little, but then you let me hold Sean and that more than made up for it!

g-girl said...

oooh, i love all the yarn you picked up on WWKIP day especially that schaefer yarn. :)And you got to meet Amy Singer! How cool is that!! And the cherries look yummy!