Wednesday, June 20, 2007

June 20 of 30

I got these lovely black stitch markers in the mail from Elspeth today. Thank you very much Elspeth, I love them!

These are the really cool light bulbs I put in our bathroom. They take an extra second to flicker on after you turn on the light, but that's okay. It will take some getting used to... but if it will help save money, and it'll last longer than normal lightbulbs that I'm used to using, then why not.

I worked on my notion's bag for the swap I'm doing. I'll post pictures of the full thing once my partner receives her bag and goodies in the mail. I'm mailing it out tomorrow. There was no time today for packaging it up and going to the post office with it.

Today, Kadi & I went over to the new Yarn Shop called Tricot Quartier on Monkland. Nice little shop, but not a great selection of yarn. I was really in the mood to spend the last of my birthday money on sock yarn, but all she had in stock was Tofutsie, and I do not like the feel of it. Plus, I couldn't justify spending 17.95$ on one ball of Tofutsie.

So, I ended up getting 2 skeins (realized later that I only needed 1 skein) for Calorimetry. Try saying that word 10 times fast. Calorimetry, Calorimetry, Calorimetry, Calorimetry, Calorimetry, Calorimetry, Calorimetry, Calorimetry, Calorimetry, Calorimetry!

I am in love with the colors in this ball of yarn. It's just gorgeous, and totally me!

So tonight, I cast on for Calorimetry. I still can't figure out how to say the name of the pattern. Tongue twister, lol... that or I can't talk today.

Tonight I went out with some girl friends to Peel Pub to celebrate my birthday. There was beer & knitting. I thought it was a shit hole, until we got there, and realized first off, that they moved, and are now a pretty cool place. I have no idea when they moved, but to tell you the truth, I hadn't been there, in.... maybe 10 years? (When I was 16 and 2 years off from being legal to drink in Quebec!) That's one pitcher of Belle Gueule Pilsner, one pitcher of Belle Gueule Originale, and one pitcher of Belle Gueule Rousse. (One light, one medium & one dark beer). Mmm, beer!

And lots of drinking of lots of beer while TRYING to knit. I tell you - even casting on while drinking beer was hard. Especially when you need to cast on 100 stitches. And then count them out.

With me tonight, was Angela (who doesn't really like beer, and thought she'd try it out tonight).

And Alison (Brainylady).

Me with blogless Jennie.

And with Kadi.
We had a good time drinking & knitting. There was a lot of food involved too.

Jennie brought me a gift for my birthday. I just love it! There is a cute notebook, and the rest if organic stuff. A lip balm, candle, chocolate & tea. Thank you so much Jennie!

Then there was a ton of gifts from Angela.

I got 6 lovely stitch markers (one is already on my Calorimetry project). Aren't they gorgeous? Look at the fun colored wire. (Must get me some & I know where to find it!)

And this little cute beading kit!

And some Paton's Classic Merino Wool, in two delicious colors that soooo go together.
Not sure what I'm going ot use it for yet, but I'll find something.

Two cherry headbands with a cherry clip. I heart cherries.

And a sheep mug (HOW COOL!) filled with lots of goodies. Earrings, face masks, and gold rings for my pearl stitch markers... remember I wanted some? Well Angela knew I needed some! Thank you Angela for the very thoughtful gift. I love everything!

I'm sooo happy I got to go out with the girls tonight. It was much needed. I don't get to do it often, especially not for a beer (okay, a lot of beer) & knitting. But for my birthday, I had Jamie stay home with Sean, so I could get out for a bit!


Alison said...

It was fun! We'll have to do it again -- but maybe we'll just start with one pitcher next time... ;)

pahkcah02 said...

Peel Pub is no longer a shithole?? The recycled beer; the "Trainspotting"-type bathrooms; rude waitstaff; the 50% discount with American currency - those were the days! Glad to hear that you're keeping the dream alive up there.

pahkcah02 said...

Peel Pub gentrified itself? WTF?? Oh the Peel Pub memories: the sticky floors; the ruder than rude waitstaff; the recycled beer; the 50% discount if you used American dollars.... those were the days. Thanks for the keeping the dream alive up there.

Summer said...

Looks like alot of fun. Great pics. Love the headbands. SO adorable.

Thanks for leaving a comment. I am doing regular stitch b/c i couldn't a pattern for mitered squares. Do you still have the tuturiol that you could send me? Thanks.

Kerry said...

I can't wait to hear how much you save on your first electric bill. We switched all of our bulbs over a few months ago and almost cut our bill in half. Amazing!

AliP said...

Sooo jealous!!
Hey, my pal Barb in Nova Scotia has that same mug! She blogged it last week!LOL
Last night wasn't the same without y'all (Second Cup). See you guys when I get back in september.

craft-chick said...

OMG, I could never cast-on 100 stitches while drinking beer, eating, conversing, get much respect for pulling that off! Looks like you had a great time, I must convert some friends so I can knit and socialize too!

Lisa said...

Hey! looks like u had fun :)
we have the same yarn for our fitted tank. i got mine on accident but i like it! :)

K. said...

Woohoo!!! It was so much fun!!!