Thursday, June 28, 2007

6 Months

Sean is 6 months old today. SIX MONTHS! That's a half a year. Has it really been half a year since he was born? Feels like he was just born yesterday. I look back at pictures of Sean from January/February, and I can't believe how small he was. I also can't believe all the things he can now do. Like sitting. He can sit. Like feed himself his bottle. Yep, he doesn't need his mommy anymore for that.

I am just amazed at the little man my son is becoming. More & more his personality and his characteristics are showing, and I just love what he is, and who he is.

We went over to my parents house this afternoon and stayed for supper and Sean wanted to check out grandpa's vintage car. He decided that since he outfit matched the car, he should sit in the driver's seat. This car is wicked. I'll to post a full picture sometime. The car is so awesome, my dad wants to be buried in it one day, he doesn't want to part with that car. Not thinking about that though... (g-d forbid, knock on wood).

I stopped by the LYS near my mom's house, and they fell in love with Sean. The girl there remembered me from coming with with Jenn while I was still pregnant with Sean. I had been to this LYS before, since giving birth, with Sean, but that girl wasn't there. I picked up with my gift certificate some Addi Turbo lace needles (for my Shaeffer yarn that I got in Toronto, did I spell that right?) and then I picked up some Paton's Decor for my Father-in-Law's hat & scarf, which I'm re-starting because I cannot stand the feel of the Red Heart Soft stuff that I got to try out for this project. You see - it has to be machine washable, and Paton's was at least 25% wool, so I didn't mind the bit of acrylic that is in there. It does NOT feel as fake as the red heart shit does. So I'll be casting on for his hat & scarf soon. Scarf will be Irish Hiking Scarf, and hat from Stitch and Bitch Nation (a cabled pattern hat). I choose medium grey, as grey matches everything, since black doesn't show cables too well. I wanted something that did. I will make them for him for his birthday, which is in October. I better start now though. (July - August - September.... then October). Yep, better start now. I also want to make a camera cozy for Jamie's cousin Melanie who is turning 30 this year. She kinda hinted at one for her big birthday while we were at the BBQ on my birthday this year. I'll make her one. Need to cast on for that too.

If anyone is interested, I'm doing custom orders only for DPN cases. I sold two tonight, purchase includes free stitch markers. If you are interested, you need to tell me what colors you like, etc, so I can custom make it for you. I had no intentions of selling them, however, someone saw the one I made Sabrina for the Notions Bag Swap, and requested two from me! If you're interested, toss me an email, or leave a comment.

I received no mail today. Not even lettermail. Hopefully a good chunk of mail will arrive tomorrow, because Monday is another "no mail" day, due to Sunday being Canada Day (July the 1st - which is actually Montreal's official Moving Day). Thank goodness we're not involved in that madness!

So, my ex-tenant, has received a registered letter at the beginning of June (which I only recently found out about), stating that we were holding her responsible for the damage upstairs for the improper installation of the washer & dryer, and then a second letter was mailed out yesterday, (she'd have gotten it today, or at latest tomorrow) with the amount due for the damages. ($800). The work is being carried out tomorrow, finally! The lawyer's letter states that she has 7 days to pay the money via my lawyer (who is my father's best friend). If she fails to do so, I'll be taking further action against her, in which, if that's the case, I hope she realizes that it's going to cost her not only the $800 in damages, but all my fees as well for any further action that would be taken.

This can go one of two ways:

1) She's scared shitless in her panties that I actually "hired" a lawyer (she doesn't know it's my father's best friend), and pays him money, because she's afraid,


2) She tries to stupidly fight it, because she's stupid and I have to take her to the rental board for a "hearing".

I will get the money from her. It may just take me longer than anticipated to get it. We'll see what happens. But, I have all my legal documents, stating that she is responsible for the damages since she was supposed to properly install it in the first place, since it's in her SIGNED rules & regulations portion of her lease from last year.

This is more stress I don't need or want, so we'll find out in about a week, if she sends a check to my lawyer or not. But if she doesn't pay up, boy will she regret it... it's only going to cost her more!

On that note, I'm going to go read some more in Knitting Under the Influence, and relax in bed. Sean and I took a 2 hour nap this evening in my bed upon returning home from my parents house. However, for him it wasn't a nap, I was able to put him to sleep in his crib upon myself waking up. The nap for me was very much needed. But, now I'm off to read & hit the pillows soon after. I'm sooo close to being finished this book, I want to finish it already!


Caroline said...

I made a baby blanket with Patons Decor and I think it's a great yarn, even if it's acrylic. I'd definitely us it again.

a friend to knit with said...

Happy 6 months Sean!
He is adorable!

robin said...

Happy "half-birthday" to Sean - he really is growing up right in front of our eyes!

Don't worry about the tenant situation - you are in the right, so you'll get your $$.

g-girl said...

wow, 6 months already! he looks so cute in his grandpa's car! I was wondering what had happened to that IHS. Funny that you're now switching to some patons! ooh, the dpn wallet is cool and the notions bag! I need a sewing machine of my own so I can make cool stuff too!! I've got a feeling your ex-tenant isn't going to take the easy route and just pay you up front. She's going to make you earn it by gracing you with her presence @ a hearing..though I think she'll skip out on that! hey, it's a bit different in here..the background is darker. I like it. :)

Halloween said...

Oh my goodness, you're in MONTREAL? How did I not catch this? I thought you were somewhere else! We were in Montreal from Sunday until yesterday and I would have loved to meet up!

Well, I'm definitely coming back, maybe in August. We should meet then.

I can't believe they are 6 months. I could cry.

Summer said...

Sean is getting so big. HAPPY 6 months Sean!!

Shelley said...

Happy 6 months Sean!!!

Oh, I really love that picture of him looking into the mirror watching Mommy take the picture (which I assume is what he is doing). Orange used to be the colour my nephew gravitated towards when he was little. It seemed to be his favourite colour for awhile. Now he'll tell you, "Dawson likes blue."

Sounds like a big hassle regarding your former tenant. I hope she chooses the "easy" way out and just pays you the money. Friends of mine from church were back home in England for the last month and while they were gone another friend was house sitting for them. She told us that she had to email the ones in England (she lost the phone number where they were at) to tell them their tenants skipped out. They skipped out on a year long lease (not sure how long they've lived in the other half of the duplex) and didn't pay that month's rent either. Don't know if Tom & Beth will be able to find them and do anything about it or not...but seems to me it's a pretty hopeless situation.

Wendy said...

happy 6 months to you little Sean!

You will def. get the $!! $800 is certianly worth going to all this trouble for! I have a Mom who owes me $500 for child care payments owed! We are going through small claims now so hopefully I will get the money soon.