Friday, June 15, 2007

700th Post

This is my 700th post. Wow. That's a lot! I've been blogging a year & a half about, so that almost over 1.5 a day! I used to blog more than once a day, but lately, it's just been 1 time a day before bed. Unless I had something else to share.

Today I took out a sippy cup for Sean to try. It was a huge success! He liked it! He also tried Pears tonight for the first time, with great success as well. He likes pears. Cold not warm!

Here is Sean just before trying out the sippy cup for the first time. His hand went for it, as soon as I put it down on his high chair!

I'm not too sure how the fingers ended up in his mouth as well, but this shot was cute!

I just love his smile. Brightens my day, everyday. Everyday, there is smiles. Guaranteed.

Here is Sean's new high chair. We got it in the mail via airmiles a few days ago. He's liking it.

This was the sky from the view of my backyard tonight. It was just gorgeous. I had to share.

My brother & his girlfriend got me 2 books for my birthday. They ordered Knitlit: Sweaters and Their Stories...and Other Writing About Knitting and Knitting on the Road : Sock Patterns for the Traveling Knitter by Nancy Bush. I can't wait to get them! Knitting on the Road will arrive with my Harry Potter (or around) in July, due to delays with shipping with this book, and the other one was emailed today that it was shipped! Thanks guys for the books!

Today we went out for lunch after Sean & I took a 3 hour nap. The highlight of lunch was a piece of Strawberry Cheesecake. Mmmm! Only because it's my birthday tomorrow. After lunch, at some point in the afternoon, Sean & I as well as Jamie for a bit, took another nap. It was just one of those hot days you don't feel like doing anything else at all!

Tonight, Jamie had people over for poker, and I worked on some stitch markers that will be going in the mail over the weekend for the stitch marker swap.

Because I'm addicted to KAL's right now, I started one more, for Jaywalkers. Come on, join in on the fun. I just have to decide what yarn I'm going to use for mine!

17 minutes until I turn 26!


mjm knitting said...

Happy Birthday.

mjm knitting said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Indie Mama said...

Hi there--

It's your birthday where I am (perhaps it's your birthday where you are too, I'm not sure, I'm terrible with time changes..hehe...) so just leaving a note to say:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a GREAT day!

All the best!

P.S. I'm halfway through a pair of jaywalkers right now - maybe I should join all your KALs! = )

Andrea said...

Happy birthday!

Patty said...

Happy Birthday, mamasita!!

Raesha D said...

Happy happy birthday!!! I hope it's a really great day!!!!!!!!!!

Barb said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Have a great one :) I love that high chair, WTG getting it through Air Miles, I just ordered a Chapters gift card through there too buy Fitted Knits, hopefully I get it next week :)You are too tempting with your KALs woman!! Jaywalkers are a sock i've wanted too make for awhile too. I will join when my Sockapalooza pal's socks are done :)

Lucy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN! (hee hee - sean looks so big in the high chair right now)

Maggie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you have a fun wonderful relaxing day!!

big_girlfeet said...

happy happy birthday robyn!!!

g-girl said...

sean's sippy cup looks like a rocket! very cool. :) strawberry cheesecake, why not! ;)