Wednesday, June 06, 2007

June 6 of 30

Another day staying in. Didn't leave the house. Haven't left the house since Monday when I went to post-natal aqua. Probably is a good thing I haven't left the house. I didn't go to swim at the Y this morning, Sean fell asleep for 3 hours as of 9:45 am, and frankly, his nose started running this morning, so I decided since it's chilly outside (big time), to not make his cold worse, so we stayed in.

My mom came this morning and we sat and watched the guys load up my now ex-tenant's moving truck. I spoke to the Regie (rental board) this morning and they told me to save 75$ and to follow the truck to get my ex-tenant's new address. It would save us from having them do it at the fee. So my mom being a sleuth, followed the truck to her new address.

Bingo, we got her address. In about a week or so, we're going to go by the building and see if her name is up yet for which apartment she's in, but if not, to file a case, as long as we have the address, the apartment number is not so important.

The truck took 2 loads.

When it left the 2nd time, she called a cab.

Then I heard a knock on my door. (My mom didn't come back after following the truck, but my grandmother came by to pick up something, and ended up staying to hang out with Sean for bit).

The knock on the door was a Bailiff. My ex-tenant hired (yes, she paid money) for a Bailiff to come (he showed me his badge and everything) to hand me back the keys. YES, you read correctly. We got the keys back. Can you believe it?? Her registered letter was a crock of shit, besides the lack of spelling. He wished my ex-tenant good luck and she left. Not her, not her daughter, nor her 86 year old mother said goodbye. NOT A WORD. Wow, is she afraid of us or what...! You know what, I didn't want to say anything to her either.

The Bailiff accompanied me upstairs, and I looked over the apartment. Everything was kept in very good condition, and I think she barely hung anything up on the walls. The place was clean. The damage was still there for the dryer, and she doesn't know it yet, but we're still coming after her for the 750$. She just doesn't know it yet. She thinks that her hands are washed, and she'll never have to see us again or hear from us again..... boy does she have it coming!

Anyhow, I'm GLAD we have the keys back. I'm still shocked we do have them.... But now that means we can get our work done earlier in the upstairs, and move the stuff the kids who are moving in on the next lease upstairs, and out of my hair, because it's starting to get in the way! This also means I can move my washer & dryer upstairs after the work is done, and go shopping for my new washer & dryer with my mom. I can't wait to get a front loader!

She's gone!

I'm relieved.

It's going to be peace & quiet until the end of August. Boy am I loving this!

Some quiet time between my grandmother & Sean. This picture looks so peaceful!

My grandmother brought me some pearls today, whcih are already on posts. I plan to eventually get gold rings and turn them into stitch markers. I probably won't give any of them away, only because the beads will one day hold sentimental value. I cannot do this. They already hold sentimental value, for the fact that they were given to me by my grandmother, who thought of me when she found them, and thought the same thing "Robyn would love to make stitch markers out of these!" Does she know me or what?

I started on Sean's cabled pullover tonight. Had to frog the same row (and the row above it) twice. (The row above it was just once). Apparently I couldn't count tonight. Too much talking.

Lucy, Kadi got her SP10 package that I smuggled across the border for you. Proof she got it!

And proof she loved everything about it! Mmmmm! Delicious! I even fondled the yarn a bit!

Tonight I invited some friends over (for a knit night) since tonight is a usual knitting evening with Montreal Knits. However, I am kinda sick of the lowsy seats in there, so I figured I'd invite some girls over here for some cozy knitting. We knit & watched So You Think You Can Dance (I think that was the title of it!?)

And we took some pictures. We figured we each had a camera. Let's each take a picture of the other three that were there. (L to R: Kadi, Angela, Caroline)

Then I came in the picture. (L to R: Kadi, Angela, Robyn)

Then I scooched over a seat. (L to R: Kadi, Robyn, Caroline).

And scooched over one more seat. (L to R: Robyn, Angela, Caroline).

And then Jamie came upstairs from hiding, and took a picture of all 4 of us. (L to R; Kadi, Angela, Caroline, Robyn). Funny, 3 of the 4 of us are in SP10! (Kadi, Caroline & Myself!)

It was a fun night.

Now I have a million things to do before I leave with my MIL to Toronto tomorrow. TTC Knit In Public Day (Saturday) here I come!


Knittin' Kninja said...

Regarding the baby sweater... I don't have the pattern in a bigger size. What I did was use a worsted, as opposed to sport, used the appropriately larger needles, and followed the pattern as written. While you can't always determine exactly how much larger something will be by doing this, it's always an option. You could make an even larger version by upping the gauge to bulky.

AliP said...

Hey gurl! I'm back from Maui and am wondering, will you be at Effiloche's Knit In on Saturday. I am thinking I will be dropping by for a bit.
Your entries have been so fun to catch up on!!

Barb said...

Looks like you had a ton of fun at your Knit Night, I don't know anyone around here that knits it's all my online blogging buddies that do :) I checked out Kadi's blog, if you have'nt seen that Youtube video that's on there, go watch it, hilarious!! I'm glad too hear your tenant has left, and even gave your keys back :)

Wendy said...

Hooray that she is gone! You must be sooo relieved!! How smart to follow the trucks!! That Reggie is pretty smart:)

Your knit night looks fun! We have scrapbooking nights that are like that! Haven't had one for a while though!

Summer said...

Glad everything went alright with the move. That is great that you got the keys early.

Great pictures of yoru knitting group. Looks like fun

Lucy said...

Thank you for the personal delivery!! (and the visual proof! :) ...and you got your keys!!!

K. said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! Knitting night!!!!!!! That was great fun!