Tuesday, June 19, 2007

June 19 of 30

This afternoon I did some planting for the very first time in my life. Above is the before picture of the little area by the stairs to go up to the backdoor. The plant to the left is either Blackberry or Raspberries, we can't remember, and the one to the left is gorgeous purple flowers (yes, purple, I said purple) that grow up the spiral stair case and it's very very very nice.

And here is after I planted a row of flowers. I did one pink, one purple and rotated. Yes, I said purple again. I can't decide if this color is growing on me, well a certain shade of it anyhow.

Here is a close-up of the pink geraniums that I planted today. I love their "hot pink-ness" about them. They're just vibrant!

And the purple (yes there is that word again) flowers that I planted. I like that they are "tall".

This year was re-doing the backyard. Next year, if we're still living here, a garden. I'm trying to convince Jamie to move to the suburbs.... but anyhow!

Been looking for your daily dose of smiles? Here's Sean's smile. It is just tooooo contagious. I tell ya!

And here is the big boy drinking his bottle all by himself. This week, he's mastered to tilt it himself, so he can get all the milk out of there.

And tonight, Sean fell asleep on me, while I was playing with my camera. Since there was a light on, and enough light, I decided to take a picture. I love his sleepy face.

I've been meaning to post this for a while now, just didn't get around to it. Got some leftover yarn for Sean's blankie, which I plan to work on this week, just got side-tracked with Sean's Cabled Pullover Sweater.

At Webs while seeing the Yarn Harlot, Laura found me and brought me some yarn. You've got Opal Chamelion (in the back), STR Ruby Slippers (from left) & Lorna's Laces Motherlode (front right) above. THANK YOU AGAIN LAURA!

Then last weekend at the TTC KAL, my friend Andrea, brought some leftovers for Sean's blankie too. What's great about these, is that they are solids! I need solids! I didn't have too many solid leftovers before, and now I do - thank you!
My Etsy Shop has been updated. New items will appear this weekend, I'll announce a shop update. I've been working on some pretty darn cool new items!

My BMFA's Sock Club kit tracking number on the USPS website says that my package arrived in Canada on my birthday. So where is it?? How long does it take to get from the headquarters, which is probably in Toronto, to here? I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting shipement. Once I get it, I'll mention that the post has a spoiler in the first sentence, and if you don't want to look, don't scroll down. I'm hoping *crossing fingers* that it comes tomorrow.

Today, I was MAJORLY Pms-ing. I didn't even want to be around myself. I napped a bunch with Sean. The guy came to do the shop at home for the blinds/curtains for my den/dinning room. Jamie's mouth dropped at the price. I think we're going to go with the Den, but find a cheaper solution for the dinning room. I've got to call the guy tomorrow.

I changed some lights in the house to the energy star ones. I'll talk about that tomorrow. I'm hoping to make a few changes around the house that are a little "greener".

I ordered (but it'll take 4-6 weeks) some new "eyes" for Sean's Turtle Sandbox that we got for free over the weekend. The eyes on it are gross, and for .50 cents US an eye, I will have them shipped my friend Sherrie's place in MA, USA, and she'll put them into a bubble envelope for me, and ship them to me, because Little Tikes wanted TWELVE dollars to ship two small, weightless eyes to glue onto the sandbox to Canada. (Shipping to the USA was 5$, but MUCH better than 12$!) It's probably going to cost 1$ ish and change to have Sherrie ship it to me. 6$ in this case (5$ for Little Tikes to ship it to her, and 1$ for Sherrie to ship to me) is WAY better than 12$ still. MY GOSH! Why is shipping always F-ing reduculous to Canada for anything from "large" companies. Yet, when a friend goes to the post office to ship something it's like a buck or two?? What's wrong with companies and over-charging?? As it is, to ship to the USA, the shipping is costing more than the eyes!

Off to drink another glass of wine (Beaujolais Village - my current fave red wine) and read some more Knitting Under the Influence. Not 100% my fave book, but definitely interesting enough to continue reading to finish it. Especially since I'm more than half way through.


g-girl said...

oh, I love sleeping pics! His smiley pic is too cute. He doesn't seem to take a bad photo, does he! Good for you for gardening! And you said purple??? Well, it looks more of a blue-violet on my screen, does that make you feel any better? Hey, and soon I'll have some sock yarn to send your way if I ever get crackin' on any of the yarn I just bought! ;) I can't believe they wanted $12 to ship eyes..ugh..

LotusKnits said...

awww he's so cute asleep! and just as cute awake :D

Barb said...

I love your garden, and yes even 'that' purple flowers LOL they really are pretty

Summer said...

Those flowers are so cute. I love them. Sean is getting so big. Love the pics of him

mjm knitting said...

Purple flowers hee hee that's great.

The stitch markers arrived on Tuesday.
They're wonderful I love em.
Thanks again Robyn!

Jennifer said...

Robyn I have a bunch of sock yarn for his blankie!!!! I'll have to pack it up and send it to you!

jen said...

craaaaap. Happy late late birthday!
I've been away and then look i miss it! altho i really enjoy reading a lot of the posts on yours that imiss cause then i get to see like 437563847653 pictures of that ball-o-cuteness! sean! man all the recent pictures are total gems! y'all are just the freakin' cutest.
So i hope it was good..looks like you got to eat cake. mmm cake! makes being 26 all better huh?

Maggie said...

Sleepy baby smoosh face is my favorite! What an adorable picture. Sean is looking more and more like a little boy and less like a baby. He's growing up so fast!

Hooray for being "green"! We're working on that, too.

I like the flowers, very pretty!

robin said...

Great flowers! Sean is growing up fast!