Sunday, June 10, 2007

June 10 of 30

Today was a long day.

First I dropped off (hand delivered) some stitch markers to one of my partners in the stitch marker exchange. Sabrina, whom I got as a partner, lives in Mississauga, Ontario, about 5 or 6 blocks away from where I stayed with my step-brother-in-law and his family. So on my way home, I dropped them off in her mailbox. It was early, so I didn't ring the bell, not on a Sunday! Who knows who is still sleeping. I hope she got them okay, I emailed her to let her know to check her mailbox! Then, 2nd stop before going home, was the Rochelle's house, to drop off a package for her.

Sean slept from Mississauga, until the Big Apple, in Colbourne, Ontario, but then was cranky all the way from the Big Apple to Montreal. Four hours of crying and fussing. I've got a little bit of a headache now.

The Big Apple was really cool. It's a restaurant/bakery/gift shop. The structure could hold 653,800 real apples. The Big Apple Oven can bake 144 pies at once. It was built in 1987. What I thought was cool, was the fact that a big constantly-updated scoreboard shows how many pies and what kinds have been baked so far this year. We picked up one pie, and it's currently in my freezer.
After dropping off my MIL at her house, I caught the last inning of Jamie's baseball game at the ball park. I was asked if I want to come on Saturday (my birthday) to family day at the park for his baseball game. I'll see. After that, we'd be heading straight to the BBQ that we have.

Jamie and I watched the series finale of Sopranos tonight. We were both severely disappointed.
I think I'm going to be the last one on earth to get my Ravelry invite. Boo hoo hoo.
Here is the progress on Sean's Cabled Pullover. I got a lot done last night during the 2 hour and 48 minute movie:

I think it's coming along great to start! I can't wait for him to wear it.... a sweater that will actually fit him more than just once!

So good to be home. I missed my bed. I missed Jamie. Glad to be back. Lots of things to take care of tomorrow. I also hope to go and visit Jenn & Jakob. She'll be at her mom's tomorrow, since the moving truck is coming to pack up her house and move her. She doesn't want to be in the way, and I don't blame her, so I hope I get what I need to do accomplished early enough, that I'll get to go see her. Debating whether to go to Post-Natal Aqua tomorrow night. There is only 1 more week after tomorrow night, so we'll see.


mjm knitting said...

I have yet to get an invite from Ravelry too. Wanna sit on the curb with me? There was a fair number of knitters who got sunburnt on saturday. Hope yours heals quickly soon!


Caroline said...

I don't have my invite yet either. I hope we'll get it soon!

Joanna said...

I don't have my invite yet either...don't feel bad. By the way, the pies from the Big Apple are AMAZING!

K. said...

You will not be the last person to get your invite, you sent yours out around the same time as me, it should be in your inbox in a few days!

Barb said...

I have'nt got my Ravelry invite either, so your not alone! Sean's sweater is going too be so cute!

Shelby said...

I haven't gotten my invite either. ;( And I signed up for one on the first sunday in May! Hopefully soon...

Amanda said...

You're not alone - I haven't gotten my Ravelry invite, either! Even worse, my roommate has hers - and every night, I see her playing with it and uploading things. I'm so jealous! I can't wait until we all get ours!

g-girl said...

well, you obviously weren't the last person on earth to receive your invite from ravelry..I think that honor would go to me since I haven't even requested one. :o Wow, the Big Apple sounds like such a cool place! family day at the park for jamie's ball game on your bday? that sounds nice.