Sunday, June 24, 2007

June 24 of 30

This afternoon I worked on my Etsy Shop. All my images were photographed, I just had to edited them in Photoshop and then load them all one by one into Etsy. As I mentioned in my previous post, all orders until July 15th will be accompanied by free stitch markers! I do combine ship, so if you want to order more than one set, it's more economical!

This evening we went to my parents house for dinner, and Sean & I took a quick dip in the pool. I got him this really cute hooded towel the other day at Zellers (with my gift card that I got for my birthday - yep - spent most of it on Sean!) It was originally 24.97$ and I saw a sign that said it was 17.97$ on sale. I was willing for some odd reason to spend 18$ on this. Come on, it's cute, right? Anyhow, when I got the cash, it turns out it scanned at 8.93$! Right on, now I definitely wanted it! Lucky Sean. And he looks absolutely ADORABLE in it!

Tonight I had my father blow up with his electric machine (I certainly wasn't doing it by hand) Sean's new duck bath. If you touch the beak, it quacks. Totally funny. I put Sean in it, to test out size, etc... and it's just perfect. This will be SO much better in the bath, instead of the other tub I was using, which he no longer fits into properly. He's too long in length for it, and it's not comfy for him to sit up in it, just using the tub. So this duck solution, is grand. I can't wait for his next bath (tomorrow) to test it out! Rubber ducky, you're the one.... rubber ducky, you're so much fun!

And tonight, upon returning from my parents house, I dug out another pair of pj's for Sean. These are also 6-12 month size (I cannot believe he fits into this size!) These ones were a gift Sean got for his Brit Milah back in January. They're from Old Navy and totally adorable on him. It's kind of chilly out here (the last few days have been) so he won't be sweating in long sleeves tonight, but I didn't want to put him in a sleeper with feet - because it's not that cold.

Tonight after Sean went to bed, Jamie & I tried watching Stranger than Fiction yet again. Yeah... I dono about that movie. Really. It's bizarre. And maybe it's the file I downloaded, I don't know. It just doesn't seem right. None of the words, ever match up with the mouths. Now, I know, that you're supposed to be hearing what's going on inside of his head, but for the entire movie? None of the words EVER match up? Last time we gave the movie like 10 minutes. This time, we gave it like 25 minutes, and then after that even tried fast forwarding the file, to check out another part.... still the same thing. We're wondering if it's a bad file, and it's meant to not match up together with the mouths? If that's the case, and it's meant to be like that, I don't think I will EVER be able to sit through that movie again... So, I put on another movie. Upon hearing about this movie from Patty, I watched 10 Items or Less, which is a short 1 hour 20 minute indepedant film. Morgan Freeman is in it, and so is Paz Vega, who was in Spanglish, as the girl who was the main character pretty much, opposite to Adam Sandler. Jamie fell asleep, as I expected, and I worked on Sean's Cabled Pullover while watching the movie. It's coming along, but I have a lot more rows to go before 14 inches (which seems like a lot, but I'm doing it in 18 month size). So hopefully it will fit in the late fall/winter this year. And if its' too big he'll wear it later on. Progress picture soon, when there is more progress to show since the last time. Right now it doesn't look like much bigger than the last project update on it.

Tomorrow Jamie & I have some errands to run. Jamie's off from work since today was a holiday in Quebec. We will be spending the day together before he has baseball tomorrow night, since tomorrow is 5 years we've been together. I hope to crack open a bottle of wine, since after returning from our errands, I won't have to drive anywhere else.

Now, I'm going to hop into bed and read some more in Knitting Under the Influence so maybe I can finish the book one of these days!


LotusKnits said...

OMG he's so freaking cute with the frog hood! LOL!! Adorable!

Jenny said...

A friend of mine who has 2 year old twins (and who has given me lots of great handmedowns) gave me that exact same ducky tub! I can't wait to try it out because I bet Chloe will just love it too! Sean sure seems to be eager to try it out!

g-girl said...

love the duck bath! that's so cool! I've never seen one before!! Sorry to hear Stranger Than Fiction didn't work's a good movie too!

Shelley said...

That towel is so cute! And how awesome is that - that you got it for such a cheaper price than you thought it was going to be!

Those jammies are adorable - almost as adorable as Sean with that adorable smile!

I've never seen a duck bath! That looks so cute. At first I thought it was some kind of pool toy, but then I read that it was a bath - what will they think of next?

Wendy said...

OMW!! I have been gone for so long and I missed so many cute Sean pictures:) I love that towel!!!