Monday, June 18, 2007

June 18 of 30

This morning Sean and I took a nap after his morning bottle. Though, he wanted to play first. So, while he played, I finished packaging up in the envelopes my stitch markers for my swap, and filled out all the customs forms, which I brought home to fill out. I didn't want to stand at the post office and do them, the girl always give me a bunch to bring home and fill out so it's fast at the post office.

The nap was needed, and very good. We woke up it was after 1 pm.

This morning during the nap, I got a birthday box from in the mail. I got my copy of Knitlit: Sweaters and Their Stories...and Other Writing About Knitting from my brother & his girlfriend of my birthday, and as well, from Jamie, I received Divas Don't Knit by Gil McNeil and as well, Favorite Socks, 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave. I can't wait to dig through the Interweave Knit book! And the novel looks cute too! The copy of Knitting on the Road : Sock Patterns for the Traveling Knitter by Nancy Bush that my brother got me for my birthday will arrive sometime near my Harry Potter pre-order.... they said 4-6 weeks for shipping. CRAZY! I heart books. A lot.

I am *this* close to own enough points for this Fisher Price Booster Seat, to get Sean, for free. Gotta love airmiles. Do any of you have it? Is it good? Do you have another one to recommend? It's the only booster seat that is on the airmiles site. And I almost have just enough points for it! Been saving up those for a while now. Just want some feedback on it, before I spend my airmiles.

Christina over at Christina's Shoebox, wrote a very interesting post today, that makes me wonder as well. I am not sure how long she will have this post up on her blog, but read it if you're interested. It makes me wonder if there are perves who come to my blog to look at pictures of Sean. If they do, they obviously don't comment, so I don't think I'll ever know. I know I have a nice little number of blog readers, which is nice, but how many people out there who don't comment actually read my blog? I'm sure my stalker still does, but that's okay, because I know that they do, and it doesn't bother me at all, because I blog because I have NOTHING AT ALL to hide. I never talk about things that are deemed too personal in my opinion and I feel that everything else I blog about, it's because I want to document it, to look back on later. I feel better before I go to bed after writing up about my day. I've always done it on paper (journal) and now with blogger or wordpress or typepad, it's easier for people to "journal" or document, etc. Anyhow, her post above still makes me wonder about the people out there who read my blog that I don't know about... but at the same point, for now, it really doesn't bother me.

Tomorrow the guy comes to show me samples for the blinds in my front room and den. I'm doing a shop-at-home with Verti Store. I also will be going to Walmart tomorrow - even though I said I'd avoid it for the month of June, during my Not Buying It - but Jamie needs something from the Pharmacy, and a lightbulb burned in my bathroom, and apparently I have none left in our cupboard. Seeing is important. Buying a lightbulb package is very important. Plus I need milk, which they sell, (food) and a few other grocery items. So even though I'm sticking to my Not Buying It for me, I still need a few things for maintenance, etc. Ugh, didn't want to go there, but it's so much cheaper to get these items there! Damn Walmart! LOL.

I'm hoping that good mail comes tomorrow. I'm expecting my BMFA sock club kit for June. I'm also expecting a few packages from various things in the mail too. I love getting mail. And the stitch markers from my stitch marker swap *should* be arriving as of shortly. And my prize for winning the Skeins Her Way contest! All these goodies coming my way! The postman always rings twice!

Oh! I can't remember if I mentioned, I started a KAL for Jaywalkers, since I plan on starting mine asap. Go on, check it out if you're making a pair, or thinking about making a pair!


Indie Mama said...

We have that highchair and really like it. The entire thing is dishwasher save, it's small and portable (we've used it on all our many travels), and will fit any chair. = )

Drea said...

Hi Robyn,
I hear these are nice -

I may actually get one for Taite once we move... because our high chair takes up so much room.

Also the ones that recline are nicer because sometimes babies dont want to sit so straight when they eat.. atleast caleb didnt

Is one... but just search reclining high chair on amazon or something like that.

Hope that helps! :-)

Nicole said...

I used that booster seat with my son. We used for a long while plus it was prtable so we could take it with us to grandma's house.

Laura said...

I like the booster. we've got it,a nd we love the fact that it went from one with a tray to one that Isaac still uses at the table. It's easy to clean and is portable to take places. Isaac's still comfy in it. Sooo, purchase away!

Kimber said...

Rats, I've already made my Jaywalkers and now I probably won't make another pair...

My daughter had that booster seat - she always HATED her high chair (it reclined at a rediculous angle and it wasn't adjustable). She really loved sittin AT the table with the rest of us and it is portable so it was a cinch to take out to other peoples places. It was one of my favorite baby items and it is in storage in case we have another child.

As for sickos- I totally understand the fear they are lurking and looking at my child. When I started my blog (and I was late to blogging) I didn't really put pictures of her face up for that reason and then as time went on, I losened up on that. However, if I ever found out that there was some "sicko" traffic on my site or contact I can't say I wouldn't tear down my blog either!
BTW - Good Luck at Walmart - you can do it girl!

Maggie said...

I have that seat and I love love love it! It's easy to adjust the sizes and straps, and everything is dishwasher safe!

robin said...

Happy Belated Birthday - sorry I missed it on the actual day. If you want to get an idea of who is reading your blog, you can sign up for a free counter on, which then allows you to log in and see the history of each hit, how they arrived at your blog, where they were (city and country) when they accessed it and their ISP. I have one. There are many more hits than comments!!

Firefly said...

I "finally" got your swap package off in the mail yesterday, hopefully it comes by the end of the week. Sorry for the delay, just as an aside I never did recieve anything from the last Stitch Marker Swap so that chick should totally be banned, this is the last time I will speak of it.

g-girl said...

you received some nice goodies in the mail! Let me know what you think of the socks on the road one--I haven't looked @ that one yet. that booster seat is so cool! I started to think about that too--who is looking @ my blog and the pics I put up of my niece. Something to think about I guess.

Jenn said...

We had the seat too! It was perfect because it would fit at the table without the tray. We have had the kids eat their meals with us at the table. I think it makes them more part of the family faster.

So my long winded answer is yes, it's a good one!

Celena said...

Hey Robyn. We have that booster seat too and LOVE IT. It's lasted through two kids. I love that it fits in one of our dining room chairs so it doesn't take up the room of a high chair. And it's super portable so we take it with us whenever we go out of town or to a restaurant. That way we never have to use the nasty restaurant high chairs. I would highly recommend it. I know other people have already commented the same but I love it so much that I just had to add my two cents.

Happy belated birthday too!