Tuesday, June 05, 2007

June 5 of 30

Today I baked some brownies. Thank goodness I had all the ingredients in the house, I wasn't leaving it today. I just didn't feel like going out. IT was raining and it was one of those days.

This is almost how we spent most of the day. (Napping/Snoozing (and a bit of playing too!)).

Sean sat today for the first time for more than 3 seconds without falling over.

I cannot believe how big he's getting. HOLY SHIT! HE CAN SIT. My son can sit. Can you believe it? He's such a big boy. He can SIT! (Just a little freaked out here)....

And he sat and sat and laughed and played. (I need 3x C batteries for the playhouse behind him, which I got for my baby shower back in November). However, those will come in July when I am buying it again. Since this month, I'm not buying it, I'm really trying to stick to it. I'm thinking maybe I may have some C batteries somewhere in the house, but for some reason, I'm thinking they are D. (My parents who usually have everything, lol, don't have any either, already asked!) I don't think Sean will know the difference - if I wait another 26 days to get him some C batteries for his playhouse. And you know what? I'm probably saving myself from getting sick of the noises it makes - lol... I'm already sick of the music coming from his Baby Einstein toy.... he loves it, but the song is getting redundant! (Ahh, patience, I'm slowly learning!)

I played with my father-in-law's wide angle lens today. (For my Canon Rebel XT). However, flash is no good with it - because it casts a shadow, (and I'm not too sure where my removable flash is (better find it) - I'm talking about on camera flash = no good). So, I'm going to have to wait until it's nice out (today it rained), to go outside with Sean and play so more with this lens, because simple answer is - the lighting in my house sucks very royally!

He just loves his exercauser. He can be in it for hours without getting bored. He's got toys that are attached to it, and also - he's got some toys that I put on there, because he's testing us now. He throws things on the ground to see how fast we pick it up. Sneaky boy... but too cute.

These socks, which are my No Name socks, the first socks I ever turned a heel on, which never got finished, are going to the frog pond. Sorry. Actually, they're going to garbage land. I'm not even going to re-use the yarn. The leftover bits are in a pile for my friend Jennie (who has a friend who uses anything for art therapy with little kids) because frankly it's too thin for Sean's blankie. And I knit tight, so the unravelled bits are actually really really curly after pulling some out, so it went bye bye in the poubelle. (That's french for garbage). It was garbage day today.

This (above) was swatch number 1 for Sean's Cabled Pullover Sweater on the recommended US6 (4mm) needles. That doesn't look like 4".

So I upgraded to US8 (5mm). And re-did the swatch. (Still have swatch number 1 though, if I need the yarn - which I don't think I will - I can take it out afterwards. So... my question is... since I'm swatching in the cable pattern - as asked to by the pattern - do I measure 4 inches with it all "bunched up" like above, or do I pin it flat (like below) to check gauge?

I ask this because if I pin it - I get 4 inches just about in one direction, and 4 inches for sure, vertically. But this way, the cables are bunched in...... they're kinda pulled a little.
This is my FIRST time swatching in cabled pattern. Advice please...! Someone??? In the above picture, I am getting 6.5 stitches per inch, which is what I need for the pattern. But, am I supposed to do it bunched up like the 2nd to last photo?
And do I check gauge in the cables or in the k2, p2, k2, p2 area?
Not sure what to do... please someone let me know! I can still cast on, since I have to do 4 rows in stockinette stitch, so I'll start the sweater (I'm doing it in 18 month size, so he can wear it this winter). (He's in 6-9 month clothing now.. I'm sure by 12 months, he'll be wearing 18 months or so? I am assuming they're always wearing sizes that are bigger than their actual age?) (Because baby clothing sizes just DON'T make sense!)

So very jealous of those on Ravelry already. Here is a sneak peak they posted today. I submitted my name and email address ages ago, and I sit here patiently awaiting my invite! I can't wait to organize my knitting in there! Looks like a load of fun. Any of you in there yet? And? Is it fun? Don't you love it? I'm sure I will... once I get my invite!

I'm all done catching up with House, M.D. I just have to wait for Season 4 to start in September with all the other shows. Wow, that was a lot of House. Now I need something else to start watching. I also want to check out the show Notes from the Underbelly which I got from my parents, which they tivo'd. It started late spring, and I wanted to check it out.

Not Buying It Report:
Money spent today:
$0 (Haven't left the house, and have spent no money online).

On tap for tomorrow: Swimming in the morning, and my mom's coming over. Tonight's the last night my tenant is in this building. I'm very excited for her departure tomorrow. I hope she doesn't leave anything over. I say this because, she's keeping the keys until June 30th, 2007, as written in her registered letter. I just don't want her coming back. I don't think she will, she doesn't even want to come back to give me the keys back, she's mailing them to us, registered mail, at the end of the month. As of tomorrow, I will have peace & quiet above me until the last week of August, when the 4 college students move in (just before school starts, which I believe is the day after Labor Day). I'm calling the Regie first thing in the morning, to find out protocol to "checking over the place", especially since she's leaving but keeping keys until the end of the month. Also - to ask if I have the right to start doing renovations now that she's gone, but still has the keys. I want to clarify it first with them, before starting anything with my psycho tenant, because I don't want problems before June 30th. Even though she's gone, she's still my tenant til June 30th. But atleast now I don't have to see her face. And that pleases me. I'm sure it pleases her as well, to not have to see mine! She seriously hates us because we wouldn't let her get away with not paying June's rent. She really thought she wouldn't have to pay, because she wasn't staying the whole month. Does she think money grows on trees? You know, if I owned my building - it wouldn't be a problem. But because I'm on maternity leave, and I've got a mortgage to pay, for the next 19 years, she's got to pay until the end of her lease. She signed it to pay until June 30th, so we weren't going to chance that. You've got to be kidding! She's psycho for even thinking about asking us, and even nuttier for bringing it up on one of our last polite phone conversations. And if she thinks I'm reserving her a parking spot tomorrow... you've got to be kidding me. I hope the Rabbi's daughter parks in the driveway.... like you wouldn't believe! This is the only time I wish someone I share the driveway with would park in it.. because I don't want her moving truck in my shared driveway. He can double park in the street.... that's what they usually do anyhow (no consideration for anyone!)

ps- Jamie and I watched Sunday night's Sopranos this evening... all I have to say, is that this episode is by far the best episode ever in the entire Sopranos series.... Holy F*#%! I can't believe that this upcoming Sunday is the SERIES finale of Sopranos. I'm going to miss Tony, that's for sure.


Dianne said...

Congratulations to Sean for sitting up all by himself! What a clever boy!

I can't offer any advice on swatching in a cable pattern - never done it. I would assume you would measure the gauge after pinning/blocking, but really am not sure. Sorry.

halloweenlover said...

He is sooo cute! I can hardly stand it!

IrishGirl said...

As much of a pain it is, you should wash and dry (block) the way you plan on using the garment. That is what I was always told. Knitty.com has a good reference on swatching...go there.

:) Sean is a big boy now! Enjoy the milestones!


Wendy said...

look at Sean sitting up! AWESOME!

Now your tenant is gone! Hopefully the trouble will end here and she wont be a pain in the a**!!

Oh and btw! Those brownies look delish!

Katie said...

Look at Sean! BTW, the playhouse is fairly innoculous noise-wise. Pooh Bear got one from Santa and she plays with it everyday (she is turning the light off & on, over & over again as I type this). There are two music/sound settings so when one has reached the point of making you crazy, just flip the switch and it is all new. AND, you can turn the sound off ;)

As for the cable, I was told to measure it slightly stretched, as it is likely to be worn. Vague, I know, but its all I got :)

I just got my invite to Ravelry last week and I am excited to get started although I might not do much with it right now as I am frantically trying to getting knitting done before #2 arrives and my knitting time is greatly hindered.

Drea said...

Wow he is growing fast! Taites still wobbly lol. im just glad he sleeps now :-) Caleb was like 6 months when he could sit well... he had a HUGE head to hold up.