Saturday, June 23, 2007

June 23 of 30

Last night I finished Calorimetry. (Still can't say the word properly unless I say it with a French accent. Is it meant to be a french word?) Above, is the weird way it looks on the needles while you're knitting it. I couldn't see how that was to turn into this below:

It's an "eye"! I just have to finish adding on a buton, and sew in the 2 ends, and I'm done. I'll get to that tomorrow. I think if I make it again, I'm going to do a few rows less in the middle of the pattern, so it doesn't become to wide. I aletered the pattern to my head size, (It's to cast on for a 24 inch head, and mine is 21 inches, and so I cast on 100 stitches instead of 120 stitches, so maybe I should have also have done a few less rows in the pattern.

Pattern: Calorimetry from Knitty (free pattern)
Needles: US8
Yarn: Love It by Berroco Color 3293 Dye Lot 1348
Materials Leftover: 19g left form 49g ball. Used 30g for Calorimetry.
Timeline: Wednesday, June 20 - Friday June 22, 2007

Today I went to visit Angela. Usually she comes over to my house since she works on the Island of Montreal, so it's easier for her to come to me to hang out, rather than her go home, and then me go over the bridge during rush hour to hang out there. You'd think on a Saturday, there'd be no traffic. WRONG! Here you can see the traffic, bumper to bumper, at noon on a Saturday. On a weekend! I think it's all the people going to Quebec City for the St. Jean Baptiste celebrations tonight. Above the car in front of me, you can see the "Montreal Skyline".

And then I got stuck in traffic again, crossing the bridge to get to Longueuil. This is the same bridge you'd take if you were going to go to New York State to get off the Island of Montreal.

It was nice hanging out with Angela. We had a really good salad for lunch, and then I wound some of her yarn into cakes for her. Then we went to Chaton Beads so I can spend the 8$ I made in recycling bottles, and the 10$ I won last night in poker. (Forgot to tell you! Last night I played Texas Hold'em for the first time in a while, with Jamie, my in-laws and Daniel (Jamie's friend). Anyhow, Jamie paid the 10$ fee for me to play. The last two people left in the game were Jamie and I. I asked him if he wanted to split the winning (50$ would have been 25$ each) and he said no way. Originally it's 10$ for 2nd place, and the winner gets 40$. He's like "How is this fair? I put in your 10$ and mine, and that's 20$, so all I'd be making is 5$?". So I looked at it this way. I can play him out and try to win 40$, or I could lose against him (he had more of a chip stack than me), and still gain 10$, because I put no money in to begin with!) .... so of course he won, BY ONE OVER CARD and I won 10$ and he won his 40$ fair & square!

Anyhow, so I basically picked up stitch marker supplies from Chaton Beads for my Etsy Shop. (Update being done tomorrow afternoon!)

After Chaton Beads we went to Zellers so I could do a return and then I dropped Angela back off at home, because by then it was almost 4pm, and we had a birthday dinner to attend.

The birthday dinner was alright. It was for Jamie's friend Shel's 40th. His girlfriend Vera, who is a friend of mine, planned it. I don't think he was expecting all of us there! Dinner was alright, and I have leftover ribs for lunch tomorrow. The ribs there are alright, service is always shit, and you get nothing to drink when you ask for a coke. (The size for 2.60$ is digustingly small). And the waitor seemed to keep disappearing. If I want ribs, I go to Hymie's Grill near my parents house. I rarely go anywhere else, unless for an occasion of someone's birthday. Baton Rouge first off is expensive, bad service, and when you're in a large group, they stick several round tables next to each other, and it makes the people at the complete other end really far away from each other. I don't recommend this restaurant at all, but that's my opinion.

Sean was a really good boy while we were at the restaurant, and was being passed around to all the girls there. I sat next to one girl who is 14 weeks pregnant, and we talked "shop"... They all couldn't believe how well behaved, what good disposition, how friendly, Sean was.

Tonight when we got home, I took out a pair of pj's I'd gotten Sean at baby gap a while ago, with a gift certificate. I couldn't believe, though a little big, that the 6-12 month size fit him. It's meant for 17-22 lbs, and he's just a little over 16 lbs now. The elastic at the waist was a little loose, but that's okay, it'll probably shrink in the wash after a couple of washes. Clothes tend to do that to me!

He just looks too cute in it. So I had to pose him for a picture. Way past his bedtime, and really cranky and rubbing his eyes because he only napped in the morning and not this afternoon, and he was still able to give a smile!

Tomorrow we're taking it easy in the afternoon, and then I think we're having dinner at my parents house. Not 100% sure though. Monday is 5 years that Jamie & I have been together, (not married for 5 years, it'll be 2 years in September), but together 5 years. Since Jamie has ball Monday night, we're not sure when we're "celebrating" it. By celebrating I mean crack open a bottle of wine and toast to another many years ahead... and maybe watch a movie.


Shelley said...

Awww...he looks so cute in hi newish jammies!! Don't you just love those toothless grins??

Robin said...

He sure is happy!! Cute!

g-girl said...

I can't say calorimetry either. lol. And you know, it also looks like a pair of lips to me! ;) sorry about the traffic..sometimes I think there'd be the same amount of traffic on the weekends because there are still people trying to get places, you know? happened to us yesterday as well! :P cute fire truck jammies! :)