Saturday, June 30, 2007

June 30 of 30

Sears delivered my new washer & dryer this morning. They were supposed to take the old ones upstairs to the apartment we rent out - but they didn't. They said "Oh no ma'am, there's no time for that today" dumped my washer & dryer in my garage and ran.... Now I have "Oh no ma'am" ringing through my head. Never really been called "ma'am" before...!

Jamie wasn't home, and the units are in my garage now. At least I have my old ones to use until Tuesday when the handy guy comes to install the new ones (when he comes to finish the work upstairs in the apartment)(he need to put aluminum to vent the new dryer outside rather than what we have now).

I noticed my flowers in my backyard started to bloom! They're looking fabulous. These two flowers, the purple ones above and the orange ones below came with our house.

I just love photographing them. They're just so rich in color, both plants of flowers!

This afternoon I was going to sit outside and knit, but it started raining just as I was about to eat my lunch outside, so I packed everything up and went inside. So Jamie & I decided to play cribbige instead. We gave Sean a whole ton of toys to play with in our den, next to us.

I won the first game, and then Jamie won the 2nd. In the first game though, I really kicked his butt! By a long shot!

Of course Sean was more interested in checking out everything, and wanted to see my cards. He gripped my cards so hard he almost ripped one. So I gave him the jokers to play with and now they're soaked from his mouth. I hope we don't ever need this deck's jokers to play anything... they're ruined. (We have other decks, I'm not worried about jokers, lol)...

After the game of cribbige, I gave Sean a bath, and then got him ready to go out this evening. He was just too cute in this outfit, I had to take a picture. (When am I without camera?) Anyhow, this 6-9 month outfit is fitting him nicely, but the hat is a tad too big...

And then I got ready to go out tonight. I let me hair curl tonight, instead of straightening it. I hate my hair in the summer. Even when I do straighten it, sometimes if it's too hot, it gets ruined anyhow, so there is not much to do with it. The necklace I am wearing has broken twice this week already, even with attempts of trying to fix it. I got it while we were in Vigo, Spain. I think the beads will look good as stitch markers, so that's the plan.

I tried on a pair of new shoes today, to wear out (Today is the last day of NOT BUYING IT, and I am going to be careful in the future and not go crazy with shopping like I used to - but I won't restrict myself like I did this month). However, I think I need to wear in these shoes, they killed my feet in the 5 minutes I wore them in the house. They're really cute though. Gotta love buy one get one half off at payless! They always have the cutest shoes. And I'm totally into slip on shoes right now... especially with a baby that is usually in my arms when leaving out the door to go wherever... (car seat stays in the car now).

My parents picked us up in my dad's new car, and we went down to the old port for dinner. We started walking around a bit first, after giving our name to the restaurant, because they told us it would be a 2 hour wait. We were going to see if there was anywhere else to eat, but when we checked back about half an hour later, the time went down to just about an hour's wait.

I love the old port, and we live so close to here (maybe 10-15 minutes max), and we hardly ever go. I should definitely get out more to the old port with Sean, he loves looking at things now, and checking everything out.

Sean was attaracting both women & men while we were walking around downtown, who thought he was just the cutest little guy ever... I have to agree!

Tonight we went to The Keg for dinner with my mom & dad. I had heard on the radio that they were advertising Lobster Fest. I've been craving Lobster all week long. I had been craving lobster all week long, and I finally fulfilled that craving tonight. I had an entire 2 lb lobster. It was fantastic. I've never eaten it like this before, I've always had it prepared for me. It was fun digging around inside and cracking parts open to get the meat out of it. I think I'll be dreaming of lobster tonight!


Wendy said...

Michael and I used to play cribbage a lot! Now I have the urge to play again:)

Shelley said...

I haven't played cribbage in ages!

Sean looks so adorable in that litte outfit you dressed him in for the evening - even if the hat is a little big!

I like your hair curled. I wish my hair was curly (or even just wavy), but's as straight as a board and fine to boot - not a good combination let me tell you!

My parents had to get a new stove just before Christmas because the old one stopped working - you could still use the burners, but that was all. So, they figured since the fridge was the same age as the stove, they might as well get a new one as well. They got theirs from Sears, and they were told if they wanted the old ones carted away, it would cost something like $20 extra. They kept the fridge and put it downstairs in the basement to store things in (and make room in the fridge upstairs), and had the stove taken away. They tried calling around to a few places to see if they wanted it - if they could fix it up and give/sell it at a second hand place or be given away to someone how is needy...but no one would take it unless it worked. So my dad paid the extra money and had it carted away to the land of unworking stoves...wherever that is.

pahkcah02 said...

Sweet washer and dryer. I can't wait to bring my laundry up to Montreal to use it.

halloweenlover said...

I cannot believe how big Sean is! When I think back to when he just came home from the hospital, it seems surreal that he is the same baby. Gabe too, it is scary.

We lowered his crib too because he has been trying to pull himself up on the bumper! Little bugger.

g-girl said...

i can't believe the delivery guys didn't have time to take the washer and dryer upstairs! :P i love sean's hoodie..and you know, i like your hair curly too! Of course, I have stick straight hair and have always had that. :P