Monday, June 25, 2007

5 Years

Last night I gave downloading Stranger Than Fiction one last shot. Guess what? I have no idea what the F@#! we were watching. The file must have been playing from a scene in middle or near the end of the movie, and then the audio was starting from the beginning. So obviously NOTHING lined up correctly! We'll be watching the movie again, hopefully tomorrow night, this time, correctly! I showed Jamie the file we actually downloaded correctly tonight, and he was shocked at what we've been trying to watch. No wonder I thought the movie was "whacked!"

This afternoon Jamie & I ran some errands. Jamie was home today, because yesterday was St. Jean Baptiste (June 24th). But because the holiday happened to be on a weekend this year, employers are obligated to give employees (full-time employees) either Friday off, or today off. Since most of the suppliers that Jamie deals with were closed today, he had today off, because there wouldn't be much work for him with Quebec contacts. (The holiday was only in Quebec, not the rest of Canada). Anyhow, Jamie has also next Monday off, because Canada Day (July 1st) happens to fall on Sunday, he has next Monday off as well. So due to this holiday business, there was no mail delivery or pick-up today, since it was a "holiday" for the postmen too. Dang it. I love checking the mailbox in the morning. I love not having anyone living above us right now, because I love being the first one to check the mail. I hated it when we had our first tenants living above us, since our mail goes into the same box in the door, if my tenant would be up or home, she'd go to check the mail. I hated that. I love peeking in the box and checking for the mail! (I'm a geek - what can I say). My last tenant, psycho, whom we just got rid of, barely ever got any mail, so she didn't ever check the mailbox and touch anything (unless I was out of town and I asked her to). I'm a geek who loves it when the postman rings twice!

Today, while out doing errands, I went to get a credit at Zellers. The stuff I bought Sean with my gift certificate on Friday went on Sale on Saturday for a few days. What I didn't know, was that ALL baby clothing was on sale, at 30% off. So, she credited me all the baby clothing I bought Sean. Anyhow, during this credit she was doing, I noticed that there was something odd on my bill. I was supposed to have only 7 tshirts at $6.97 (before the sale price) on the bill. Well, apparently there was 8 items at 6.97$ (which I did NOT realize on Friday during the check-out). And it said "MAILLOT DE BAIN" at $6.97. I did not buy Sean a bathing suit. Nor did I buy myself one. I bought Sean a while ago, 2 bathing suits for 8.97$ each at Walmart and he's been using them all spring/summer so far. I'm still wearing my maternity bathing suit. (It's not really maternity, but I wore it during my entire pregnancy and it's time to get a new one, eventually - but there is no way I'd find a bathing suit for 6.97$ for myself - I wish they were that cheap). What I thought was really nice, she didn't even ask any further questions, she refunded the $6.97 for me. Wow, that was nice of her. But now I'm kind of upset that this even happened, because I swear I was watching her scan every item. There was just nothing else that I purchased Sean at that price. Anyhow, I'm glad she refunded me that purchase. It would have sucked paying for something I didn't acutally get. And I'm very happy to learn that ALL baby clothes were on sale, and instead of walking out with a 20$ approx. credit for the 7 shirts that I bought Sean (in more than one style in more than 1 size because they were so cute), I ended up with over a 40$ credit. I'll never say no to saving money! Especially when kids out grow clothing SO darn fast!

I've chosen my yarn and wound a cake for my Jaywalkers. I just need to find the right needles (DPN's most probably) (I don't have circs for socks) and figure out if the pattern is the right size for my feet. I've started the KAL a bit ago, and I finally chose my yarn. Are you ready to cast on Angela?

I've added 4 new items to my Etsy Shop. Some Lucky Dice Stitch Markers, Some Butterfly earrings, as well as two different sets of matching earrings to stitch markers. All orders until July 15th, 2007 will be sent with free stitch markers! So go on - order your favourites! I do combine shipping as well.

I am loving Sean's new set of PJ's. I love that this kid is now in 6-12 month size - because he has received some adorable stuff as gifts. These pj's were bought a while ago by me, though, hee hee. They do say I Love Mommy. Because it's true, he does love me most. (Hey, he does spend most of his time with me, since I'm with him most of his day. Of course he spends time with daddy and other family members, but it's me he sees most. I don't mind that he loves me most, though! I won't complain! So here's your daily dose of Sean smiles.

And here is your daily dose of Sean the Stud. I don't know where on earth he gets this from, but he's got poses that he does, as if he knows he's the stud...! Girls - Beware!

And tonight, he got into Mommy's things. Of course, his toys are tossed behind him, as you can see, and he's 100% more interested in mommy's tape measure!

No knitting today. I actually napped this afternoon upon returning home from the errands, with Sean in my arms, on the couch. That could have been used for knitting time, but to be honest, napping was far more important today.

Today marks 5 years that Jamie & I have been together. Here's to many more years to come. We're having dinner together tomorrow night, we're BBQing pork chops and we'll crack open a bottle of Yellow Label. Tonight Jamie had baseball (every monday night at 7pm he's got his team's home games). HAPPY 5 YEARS BABE! (We acknowledge how long we've been together, but only "really" celebrate our wedding anniversaries now, when we used to celebrate our "dating anniversaries". But I still wanted to acknowledge a nice number like 5 years!)


Amanda said...

Sean is SUCH a riot!!
Happy anniversary, kids! We really only recognize the wedding anniversary anymore, but I always mentally mark our dating one (6 years on 8/4) and our engagement one (5 years on 7/4). ;)

Summer said...

Happy 5 years!! Sean is such a happy boy. I love how he is posing in one of the photos. Sucha handsome little guy.

LotusKnits said...

Sean is soooo cute! What a ham! And happy anniversary to you guys. Hope you get to watch Stranger than Fiction, it's a lot better than I thought it would be.

thekirnancrib said...

his smile is INFECTIOUS! what a cutie!

Jenny said...

Boy, he is going to be such a heartbreaker when he grows up! We just rented that movie stranger than fiction too. I am interested to see how it is.

Christina K. said...

Happy five years!
Glad you got a good version of Stranger than Fiction. I thought it was a pretty good movie, and I hope you like it!

Shelley said...

Congrats on the 5 years of being together!

Oh. My. Goodness. Those pics of Sean are so adorable. I love his little smiles and those stud pics are hilarious! He's going to be a heatbreaker when he grows up!

How awesome you got such a great discount on the baby clothes. I didn't know you could take something back for a refund/discount if it went on sale after you bought it - I'm going to have to pay more attention now, lol.