Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 12 of 30

I'm on RAVELRY! YEY! I'm knitpurlmama - add me as a friend. I don't have much on there yet, except a profile, but I'll be updating soon!

I got some mail today from the lovely and talented Raesha. Thank you so much for the wonderful birthday goodie. She sent me a tissue cozy she made. I also got my copies of Today's Parent Magazine and Canadian Family or is it Canadian Parent Magazine. I've got some reading to do!

This morning Sean & I took a wonderful nap in the morning after his morning feeding. I love the cuddling part! It's going to be so upsetting when he gets too big/old to do that anymore.

My mother came over today after a doctor's appointment she had near my house. I spent some time steam cleaning my bathtub, until it ran out of water (The steam cleaner) and we couldn't get the lid to open to put in more water. So once she figures that out, I'll borrow it again. I love this machine though. It works miracles. There were some stains in the tub from those flower shaped floor grip things that people put in their shower, (to not slip), that the last owner of the house put down. Anyhow, I had tried everything on earth to get it off, every bath product that exists.... nothing worked. The Vaperato or whatever my mother called it.... WORKED! I just need to finish the job now... If the machine wasn't 250-350$ (my mother couldn't remember exactly how much) I'd probably invest in one. Maybe next year. For now, I'll borrow theirs. I however, can't wait to finish steam cleaning it.

After my mother left, I had to get out of the house, so I went for a walk. I went over to the pharmacy to mail my renewal for my driver's license. The payment is due by my birthday, which is Saturday. Renewal happens every 2 years and every 5 you must take a new picture, or something like that. I don't have to take a picture this year, I did 2 years ago. While at the strip mall around the corner from my house, I saw these birkenstocks for $4.99. I simply had to get them for Sean. He fits into size 1. Size 2 was way too big, and size 1 was just perfect. I hope they last all summer. They're just the cutest ever. And they're not buckles. They're actually velcro. (I'm not doing up buckles on a baby who likes to squirm!) Aren't they cute? Sean wore them home from the store, but I didn't have my camera on me. I'll take pictures of him wearing them tomorrow.

Tonight we napped. All three of us. It was just too hot to do anything. We put the A/C unit on in our bedroom (Sean's room and the den have fans). And we all crashed. It was a nice nap.

Tomorrow, I have some errands to run in the morning, and I have to be home for 2pm. The Landscaper is coming to dig up our backyard, and I need to be home to tell him about 3 flower bushes/plants I want to keep & 1 Raspberry bush. I need to make sure I photograph the before backyard, and then the after once he's done. It'll be a huge job, but I want Sean to have grass to run around on! Right now, it's a jungle back there, you can't believe how sad and pathetic it is... REALLY! Then after I give him the low down on the backyard, I'm going swimming at my mother's after an errand or two in her neck of the woods. (Two returns to do)...

I have to say, this Not Buying It is really hard. Now, while it's only applied to me.... I have bought 2 items for Sean this month. 1 tshirt on the way home from Toronto (very cute one) at a truck stop, and his Birkenstocks today. Jamie is giving me birthday money for 1 supply (beading) that I want, and some yarn (for which I want to choose yarn for the Chevron Scarf). I'm thinking STR in medium weight, just need to choose a semi-solid, and a variegated colorway. I also need to finish buying the father's day gifts. My dad's getting a card with the pictures of what we bought him, they've been ordered, and my father-in-law, I know what to get him, I just need to get it.

Other than that, I've been DAMN good this month. I haven't bought myself anything (other than with birthday money, which is allowed!) I'm going to finish sticking with it until the end of the month (as much as I can)... but let me tell you it is really hard staying away from Walmart & their baby section, and the craft shop! There is also a book or two off Amazon that I want, (waiting to see what I get for my birthday first), and then we'll see. But I can wait until July for any books that I may want to purchase. This is really hard for me, I am the type of person who will buy something if I want it. (Within reason of course!)

Happy Tuesday!

Not Buying It Report:
Money Spent:

$19.88 at the Pharmacy on Birkenstocks for Sean, 4 bottles of Diet Coke & some whole wheat cookies
$1.14 on a Quebec magnet for the notion's bag swap I'm doing for my partner
mailed off an 86$ check to pay my renewal license fee.


Summer said...

Send some of that hot weather my way. For the last few days all we have been having is rain and wind. It would be nice to have some warm weather instead of this rain.

Great shoes for Sean. Good job on not spending.

P.S. Thanks for the yarn and tea. I got them today. I started the blankie today. I kept screwing up, so I started all over again. I am going to go slowly so I don't make any mistakes. I will post a picture soon.

~Jo~ said...

About cuddling, don't worry you have years to nap close to Sean left! My kids are 6 and 8 yo, we still cuddle often, especially this week where one kid gets to sleep in my bed each night. LOL! ;)

Amanda said...

Those Birks are to-die-for cute! I didn't even know they made them that small!!!
I bet they're adorable on Sean, too. :)

Robin said...

The Birkenstocks are super cute - yeah, velcro sounds like a good idea for babies' shoes! Ravelry - I will add you to my friend list - I'm RobinM on there. Not Buying It - I soooo need to get on that kick. After I fell off the "knit from your stash" wagon I've been buying stuff like crazy (Exhibit Z - my latest purchase today on my Wordless Wednesday post.)

mjm knitting said...

guess it's just me waiting for my ravelry invite now! cute sandles.

LotusKnits said...

YAY! I'm melaniedc on ravelry! Get me if I don't get your first!


Cute Birks!

Caroline said...

See? *I* will be the last one the get an invite. ;)

Barb said...

I'm still waiting on my Ravelry invite, those sandles are too cute!!

g-girl said...

the month is nearly over--you're doing great with your not spending. :)