Thursday, June 21, 2007

25 Weeks

** WARNING: STR ROCKIN' SOCK CLUB SPOILER. Do not continue reading if you do not wish to see it and spoil the surprise! But, I know you want to look...! **

Sean is now 25 weeks old. Wow. 25 weeks. That sounds like a nice sturdy number.

This kid brightens my day. Makes me understand what it is to truly love someone (besides my husband of course) (I do love the rest of my family, and friends too, but I'm talking about a love that you don't understand, unless you are a parent). I want the best for this kid. And I'll do whatever it is that I have to do, to make sure he has the best of everything out of life. I love you Sean, always remember that.

I got my June Sock Club Kit. I am in LOVE (not the love I stated above, but another kind of love. The love for yarn!) Oh wow. This brings me to a happy state with BMFA's sock club. The first two shipments, were nice, just not 100% me. This one... is 150% ME! It's my colors. I love love love it! Though, I'm not sure yet about the pattern. Let me get back to you on that.

Here is the close up of Firebird. It's just delicious. Honestly, it reminds me of Sherbert Ice Cream. Don't you see it?

Today, I brought back 4 green garbage bags full of cans and bottles and beer bottles to the grocery store. I pocketed 8$ this evening from that. I couldn't believe how much I had! I will be spending that 8$ this Saturday morning while visiting Angela on the South Shore. There is a little bead shop I want to go to, and maybe get something. It's always nice to gain money from recycling! Speaking of which, I need to go (maybe tomorrow) to pick up my recycling bin. The guy who lived in the house before we moved in, left us one, but it's destroyed. Gross!

I really like the way my colors are appearing for Calorimetry. I cast on last night (while drinking at Peel Pub - don't worry, someone double checked my stitches for me!) This is a very fast knit! I'm liking it!

I received some REALLY awesome mail today. First, I got my prize from Skeins Her Way. I received the pattern for the Fitted Tank, along with 4 skeins to knit up the tank! I can't wait to clear up some needles so that I can cast on! (I'm thinking about waiting until I lose a few more pounds so I can make it in a size Medium instead of a size Large which is what I'm wearing now, almost 6 months post-pregnancy. The yarn is Blue Sky Apalca, in Caribbean.

Along with the awesome pattern & awesome yarn, I got an awesome little tote bag, and some chocolate, as well as some delicious smelling soap! Thank you so much Ali! I'll let you know as soon as I cast on!

Today, I also received this jean tote bag in the mail, designed by Alice Batelli. I am loving it! She designed it especially for me, (can you see the cherries dangling off of it?) We did a private swap between the two of us, and I can't wait for her to get the package I sent her. However, it's shipping to Brazil, where Alice lives, so I have no idea how long it will take to get to her. I'm hoping it gets there soon.

This is the inside of the bag. It's red with little tiny white dots, which are hard to see in this photo. Sorry!

Alice also sent along a few other goodies. Two little pouches she made, The tiny one will be a great DPN case when traveling! And I just love the jean pouch, so cute! Thank you so much Alice!

This is the box that my Skeins Her Way prize came in. Sean was eyeing the box, so I put him in it! He had a field day. He just loved being in there. Strange, I know. So I gave him a few toys, and it kept him busy for a bit! It's amazing the things that will amuse kids!

Can you believe, it now costs .50 cents to use the payphone, instead of a quarter? That's what I heard. Angela - do you want to confirm this?? Is it really true? .50 cents? It's probably cheaper to get a pay-as-you-go cell phone! (Edited. Here's the article confirming this increase).

Jamie & I watched the movie The Pursuit of Happyness tonight. Wow... what a movie. If I was 9 months pregnant, I'd for sure ball my eyes out. But, I'm not, so I was able to control myself infront of Jamie and not get made fun of for getting emotional. Although, deep down, I wanted to bawl my eyes out, it was such a sad story, thankfully with a very happy ending.

Tomorrow morning Jamie is going golfing. I don't know what I'm planning on doing yet. If it's really warm out (which I don't think it will be), I may go swimming at the Y with Sean for about half an hour like I've been doing. Trying to get him as used to the water as possible. It's different being in the pool than a bath. I have no real plans for the weekend, besides getting together with Angela on Saturday for a bit while Jamie helps one of my siblings move. Saturday night we have a surprise birthday dinner for one of Jamie's friends. We'll be bringing Sean, since they want to see him. Plus, Sean's really good while out. Sunday Jamie & I want to relax around the house, and I'm making him make me my fave stir fry for dinner Sunday night, since Monday is 5 years we've been together, and Monday night he has ball at 7pm, so I'm having him cook Sunday night for me. We'll crack open a bottle of wine (probably Yellow Label and Australian red wine) and enjoy. Sunday is also a holiday in the province of Quebec, St. Jean Baptiste, a French Holiday, so since everything will be closed, we'll be staying in anyhow. Hopefully the weather will be nice so we can sit outside and enjoy our new backyard. What are you up to this weekend?

I have a challenge for you, I'm going to do it too. Since I've been VERY good this month with my NOT BUYING IT, and only spent birthday cash on whatever it is that I wanted, I'm going to go around my house, and find TEN (10) items that I've bought and never used/still has the tag on it. This way, I can use them. It'll be fun. I challenge you to find ten items in your home that you bought, but never even touch. It can be anything. A pair of earrings.... (wear them!), a craft supply (do art!), a fancy pen (write a letter to a friend), a candle (burn it and enjoy it!), a movie (watch it!) you get my picture. Will do have a scavenger hunt with me? I'll find 10 items tomorrow, and blog about it & then over the weekend, use them! I'm not counting yarn, because everyone has their stash, and whenever you use a ball of yarn, it's been sitting "like new" anyhow!


Andrea said...

Nice mail today. I really like the blue sky cotton. I've never seen that colour before.

Kayt said...

What a cute little one!!!!!!! I can not tell you how many pictures i have of my daughter ( now pushing 2) in boxes.... she still does it. I am not sure at what age they grow out of it.

Snarsh said...

Yes, pay phones do cost 50 cents now. Although its only Bell phones, so if you can find one of the few Telus ones that are around its still 25 with them. I've pretty much stopped using them altogether.

~Jo~ said...

Here's proof about the payphone increase.

Be sure to copy both lines of the link.

Caroline said...

Oh my! That STR yarn is fabulous. I really should take advantage of the fact that the Canadian dollar is strong right now and buy some! And I love the jean bag. It looks like a strawberry on the inside out picture!

Oh and the 50 cents for a phone call thing is true btw.

Barb said...

that STR is gorgeous I LOVE the colors :)

Kimber said...

Robyn you are in good company my STR yarn came yesterday and I am also IN LOVE! Firebird is the BEST so far!

Sean is getting so big, he is such a total sweatheart. Love the totes too - you are lucky!

I'm going to go back and re-read your scavenger hunt idea...

knitphomaniac said...

kewl! Great pics!

I was wondering where you got that chart on the site of your blog measuring your WIP's, etc. I'm interested in getting one for my own blog but can't seem to find out how to get one. Any help?

Maggie said...

Sean in a box...that is so cute! We put Oliver in his toybox all the time and he loves it!

I thought payphones had been 50 cents for a while. Then again I never use them.

That movie was so good! I cried so hard when he lost the Captain America action figure. Did you see that at the very end the guy he walks past is the actual guy the movie was about?

Celena said...

What wonderful goodies!!!

Stam House said...

the picture of you and your son are so cute, he is so precious!

Shelley said...

Hi Robyn!!! I love your blog and I will definately be back again. I've added you on my side bar as well.

Sean is sooo adorable and has the sweetest little smile! My nephew used to like getting in and out of boxes...he's 4 now, and sometimes he'll get in them and have you pull him around like he's in a train or something - he loves it.

You sure got some awesome things in the mail! Thanks so much for all the awesome things you sent me in SP10!!

Wow - 50cents for a phone call? That's terrible! I don't know if it's gone up here yet or not (I do know I've heard something on the news on CBC about the price going up). The last time I used a pay phone - 4 or 5 weeks ago - it was still only a quarter. I'll have to take a look the next time I pass by a pay phone.

g-girl said...

look at those cheeks!! what a great mail day! I love the tote Ali sent you! Alice sent you some super cool goodies!!