Monday, June 04, 2007

June 4 of 30

Sean has been "Harlotted" (above). (Okay, and so have I!) How cool is that. Now the 7,763 subscribers can see how cute my son is! Okay, 7,762 (since I'm one of those subscribers!)

If you're over here because you had to come check out Sean - welcome! I basically blog about him & my knitting.

Today was just a rotten day.

Got that registered letter in the mail. First thing in the morning. It was an interesting letter. First off she states that because she's paying a full month's rent, she's keeping the keys until the end of the month, when her lease is officially up, which is June 30th, which then she will send them to me by registered mail. That's fine. I don't mind that at all. She's entitled. Then she states that she would "appreciate it if I would make sure to have parking space liberated so as to accomodate easy access for her movers on this date". (Where did she learn to type/write/speak in English?). She's missing a few words in that sentence and some typo-s!.... (Ok, that's my enriched English schooling coming out to attack!).

First off, I cannot liberate the street. The street belongs to the city, not me. And to my knowledge, moving trucks are arses, and park wherever they want (like in the middle of the street double parking).... so I'm not so concerned about that. She's not parking in the driveway. That's not happening. I share the driveway with the next door neighbor, and it's not my driveway. So if my neighbor yells at her to move the truck, it's not my responsibility.

Then she says that she has "maintained the integrity of the apartment as we found it. Also, as advised by the Regie, we do have proof of this by way of digital camera pictures and video camera. Plus, the CLSC workers who would come by regurlary to provide services for my mother of 86 can attest to the condition of the washroom." (What is regurlary? Never heard of this word before).

1. There is/was nothing wrong with the bathroom. Ok, so maybe the tiles are a little outdated (circa 1970's probably) but there was nothing wrong with it.

2. I too have pictures from before she moved in, I took pictures of the place empty to have pictures to show the apartment for rent, so people would know what it looks like before coming to see it. This way, if they weren't interested, they didn't waste my time.

She better have scrubbed all the stickiness off my floors and walls from anything and everything she duct taped shut. Yes, she duct taped shut an entire closet in the master bedroom. For what reason - I could not tell you!

Oh - the best part of her letter....

"We not only maintained but improved the dwelling. By adding, after your permission, outlet facilities for accomodation of washer/dryer unit at our expense of $600.00 as well as installing Internet access at our expense of $80.00 - to the total cost of $680.00 -- we even increased it's rental value." (Twice now in her letter she's mispelled Accommodation. Has she heard of spell check?? Does she have the green & red lines in MS-Office (Word) off? It's a great tool when you don't know how to spell!)

What crack is she smoking?

1. She DAMAGED our property when installing the washer and dryer facilities. We now have to have it repaired for $750. (Lawyer letter is going out on Wednesday, so it gets to her (forwarded mail) after she's out of the apartment, because I want her to leave on Wednesday happier than she will be after getting this letter - that the Regie (rental board) told me to send.

2. By installing Internet for herself to use, she's increased my rental value? I think not. When my new tenants move in, they will have to pay the SAME $80 activation fee to have Internet. It's a "new account" fee. None that can be avoided. This does NOT increase the value of my property?

Got Sean packed all up. Took her check to her bank to get it certified. Park. Get to the line. Wait in line. Get to the teller.

Insufficient funds.

BAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Had a hunch.

Come home fuming. I see my tenant and her daughter leave in a taxi. (They don't own a car). I figured if she's taking a taxi, she's out doing important business, like maybe banking?

I call Jamie.

He seems to think that she wouldn't "f" us over in this sense.

Ok... sure. We figure that maybe she got her checks for disability on the 1st, and only went to do her banking now, as she's leaving (when I arrive home).

So I wait. I wait until just before the bank closes. I go back. Wait again in line. This time I get a teller that is new. She has NO idea what she's doing. Everything took twice as long.

There is funds. We were right. She did banking during the day. She probably put in her check thinking she had money now to move on Wednesday (to pay the movers) (If she didn't have enough funds this morning to certify my check, what's to say she'll have $ to pay the movers on Wedneday and pay her new rent for her apartment. Because this month she is paying double rent - to her new place and to me. She has to pay mine though too, because we have a lease until June 30th, 2007, that she has to pay.

Anyhow, I got a certified check (or something to that effect). Rent is now deposited into my mortgage account. Phew. I was hoping to not have to chase her for rent, as well as for the damages she did for the apartment.

But what a horrible day.

But then it got semi-what better.

I watched Catch and Release with my sister. It was very cute. Kevin Smith is funny. I like Jennifer Garner. I love Juliette Lewis. Kevin Smith was apparently allowed to pick all his own wardrobe for the movie, and according to IMDB - all his clothes bear his trademark number 37. Interesting. I didn't even notice! I liked the movie, but it's not something I'd watch again.

I started swatching for Sean's Cabled Pullover. Tell me something. I understand how to check gauge for stockinette stitch. But when you're dealing with swatching in pattern (cables) do you check gauge just the same? Where in the pattern do you check the gauge? Becuase there are parts that are ribbed and not cabled? I'm not sure what to do - I've never done this before (swatching in pattern that is not stockinette stitch!)

Sean always makes my day a lot better with his daily dose of smile. I can always count on that.

Look Rhoda, look what Sean is wearing. He fits into it. Now officially ALL in 6 month size clothing. Even his onesies now. (A few of his 3-6 months size still fits, but mainly it's Gap, and no other 3-6 month size fits. Old Navy he's grown out of.... which is weird, because Gap owns Old Navy...!)

And then an early birthday package from Patty made my day. I got some Claudia Handpainted (never seen this before) in "baby boy" colorway. Socks for me, with matching ones for Sean. (There is ALWAYS leftovers when I make myself socks). I LOVE the blue, and sean will too. And I bet - there will STILL be leftovers to put this into Sean's blankie too. Talk about yarn getting around!

Patty also sent me yarn for Sean's blankie - her own leftovers. THANK YOU Patty! I love the birthday goodies! Thanks!

Wow - an early post for me. I usually blog before midnight. I'm zonked though. Besides being woken up first thing this morning by the postman with the registered letter, I had my 3rd to last (2 more weeks left) of post natal aqua. Tonight I was the only one there, private class - and because I'm not pregnant, she kicked my ass, and I had a really good workout. (Last Tuesday I could barely walk I was so sore from her workout - I wonder if I will get the same soreness tomorrow!) I decided that as soon as her class ends in two weeks (June 18th) I'm switching over to the Tuesday night Deep End class just for the summer, until post-natal starts up again. And then I'll probably keep up with the post-natal until I get pregnant again for child number 2... (some day in the future..!)

I'm beat. I'm going to go finish watching an episode of House (Season 3 - I'm almost caught up to the season finale which was last week on TV) and then off to bed. I hope to work a bit more on my swatch for Sean's cabled pullover, once he goes to bed. He's actually with his daddy right now in the other room. I think though, once I got upstairs and give him a bottle, he'll crash.

Hoping to a better tomorrow. Today just started off all wrong. After Wednesday the stress level in my life due to my tenant will be washed away..... hopefully I'll get to enjoy my birthday without that pain on my shoulders!

Not Buying It Report:

Money spent today:

$19.09 on 10 jars of baby food and 4 bottles of Diet Coke, as well as 1 box of 8 packs of Corn on the Cob popcorn. (Feel good food and food for Sean)
$15 on certified check (mortgage expense)
$5 to charity Enfant Soliel (in English that's Sunny Kid) and in return I got coffee for Jamie (I don't drink coffee)(This was a food purchase and for charity - allowed!)

Why am I buying jarred baby food?

First off, I'm being Heinz Organic. Second, I want to make sure that Sean likes it first before I go ahead and make it in batch. I don't want to have all this food and then have him not like it, you know?


Barb said...

I'm glad you only have a couple days left of your tenant. The Claudia's is a gorgeous color!!

Joanna said...

Good Luck with the tenant. As for cables, most patterns give the gauge in stocking stitch. I usually do two swatches because the cables tend to make the st st shrink a little. So I do a st st gauge to see if I match the pattern's and I do a swatch in the cable to see how much it shrinks. The added bonus to the cable swatch is that it helps me figure out the cable pattern.

Lucy said...

If you are following a pattern it should tell you what stitch to do the gauge swatch in. ...but I love doing knitting for kids - as long as you don't take *too* long to make it you can just make it a teeny bit big and it won't matter - he'll fit it soon enough.

Wendy said...

You must be soo excited to get rid of that woman! I hope that all goes better with your next tenants!

I hope that you are feeling a little stressed out this morning! I know that once Lani woke up this morning and gave me her big cuddle and sweet smile I felt 120% better than I did last night:) The perfet medicine!

Kimber said...

I'm sorry you had such a crummy day but the tennant will be gone soon and hopefully the rest of the time will go smoothly. I'm just glad that you got your check in the mortgage account and her new landlord and movers can deal with her.... Duct tape on a door? I know you had posted that before, but that his so illogical!
Anyway, glad to see that the not spending is going well- I think I'll have to try that myself, maybe next month?
BTW, I can't believe how "grown" Sean is in these pictures!

Jenny said...

Good news that you were able to get the funds for the rent securely in your account. That is one less thing to worry about. And hopefully it isn't too much longer that you will have to deal with her!

Caroline said...

When the Yarn Harlot linked to my blog, I got close to 100 hits a day for a couple of weeks. Expect a lot of traffic :)

Summer said...

Glad you got the money for the rent. I love the pics of Sean. He looks like a totally different boy. I can't believe how much he has changed.

Tomorrow is the last day for the tenant to move out. Hope everything goes well for you.

g-girl said...

well, we already talked about your ex-tenant so I'm not even gonna go there again. awww, he fits! I was wondering when I'd be seeing him in that onesie. :) very nice claudia's yarn too! :)