Friday, June 08, 2007

June 8 of 30

This morning Sean got up just before 8 am. He saw his cousin William off to school, and then ate breakfast. I got to eat some toast & butter, and then we took a nap for 3 hours, which was really needed & nice. Upon getting up, Sean tried Peaches for the first time ever, and I also gave him some apple juice (diluted) which he absolutely loved!

After lunch we hit the pool in the backyard for a few hours. I got some sun, (tan!) and Sean had a blast. I took a ton of pictures (of course which will be uploaded when we get home!) And we got out of the pool in good time, because all of a sudden it got grey (while we were drying off!) and then it started to pour rain!

Sean & Nana

And then, while trying to order from Swiss Chalet for dinner, the power went off. I didn't know you can order from them online! Very cool, let me tell you. We almost entered our order when the power turned off! And the phones didn't work, because they're all cordless, they were searching for a "base" to connect to! Luckily my MIL used her cell phone to call her son, and find out where there were flash lights, a phone book for the number to Swiss Chalet, and some candles, etc... but we couldn't get them, so we left a message. (My BIL & SIL were at a BBQ for his firm, he's a lawyer here in Toronto). So we waited and eventually got a call back, and it all worked out.

We played some Texas Hold'em for fun, while Sean slept. William my step-nephew is 8 years old and a really good Texax Hold'em player. It was a lot of fun.

We all took bets to see what time the power would come back on.

The bets were:

Sean: 7:15pm
William: 7:37pm
Nana: 8:00pm
Robyn: 8:01pm

The power came back on at 8:24pm (after shutting off around 5:15pm), so I won! LOL... it was just a silly way to pass time!

I'm beat from the sun. I'm going to go cuddle with Sean, and read some in my book. I'll save some knitting for tomorrow's Knit in Public Day? I'm getting to meet some awesome knitters tomorrow!

What you doing tomorrow for Knit in Public Day?

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Summer said...

3hr nap. That must have felt so nice. I can't even sleep that long during the day. 5-10min tops. Sometimes 1hr. That's great that you had a good day.

Summer said...

to add to my previous comment. I didn't mean that it was great that you lost power for 3hrs. That must have sucked. But what a great way to pass the time. Can't wait to see pictures when you get home.

Glad everything is going good on your trip.

Joanna said...

Sounds like you had fun! Today, knit in public day, I'm going to knit on the bus on my way to work and then on my break I'm going to knit outside. That should freak some ppl out!

g-girl said...

how'd he like the peaches? that's great that he loved the apple juice! :)