Thursday, June 07, 2007

23 Weeks

I took some fun 23 week pictures today in my Step-brother-in-law's gorgeous bathroom with great lighting.

This keyboard I am typing on is super load. Every key stroke is click, click, click, and my step-brother-in-law and step-sister-in-law's bedroom is just behind this wall. They have to get up at 5 am to get to work and well, I don't want to keep them up with the click, click, clicking, so I'll make this post brief.

All I have to say.... is what a day.

First off, the first half of our trip went okay. (We left an hour later than I planned, but that's okay). Sean has so much lugguge, I have no idea where there was room for any of us or our stuff (my MIL and I) in my car!

I drove the entire way, because my MIL doesn't drive standard. That's okay, I didn't mind it. We stopped every so often, because a) I needed to stretch my legs, and b) Sean was really fussy. My MIL had to get into the backseat to play with Sean for the entire second stretch of the drive. Including traffic, I think it took us about 8 and three quarter hours to get to Toronto. Maybe a little longer. Never in my life has it taken me about 9 hours to get to Toronto. (Once it took me 12 hours to get home, but there was a pile up on the 401 and we had to take highway 7 to almost Ottawa then get back to the 401 and head back to Montreal (That was nasty! and in a rainstorm too - I don't want to think about it!)

I've never sat so long in traffic before in my life. Not in any city. Not even in NYC! Toronto, if you've never been has a highway that has 7 lanes. Half is express the other has three exits to get off at a time, so if you want one of those three, you have to go on the right side of the highway. But not only did we have to take the 401 (The Trans-Canada (Highway 40) from Montreal turns into the 401 in Ontario), we had to take the 427 to the QEW to get to where I'm sleeping. I had to pass Downtown Toronto, and keep going, and going and going. I had no idea that I was staying this FAR out!

I was supposed to get together with two girls in my SP10 group tonight. Not only was I in traffic for almost 2 hours, my cell phone battery was cutting out, and so was my service, and I tried text messaging them numerous times, but it kept telling me MESSAGED FAILED.... then I think one or two went through, but I never heard back from them.... so I hope they are not mad at me! (So sorry Rochelle & Ramona - I want to make it up!!) (Your number was in my cell, which is now charging and now it's too late to call you!)

Jamie's step-brother & step-sister are in love with Sean. I'm glad he has family that adore him!

I am beat. Today was a really long day. Sean has travelled well in the past. Today was just another story. I'm not saying he was horrible, he was just fussy. It was really hard. The last trips we've been on I wasn't the driver, so I was able to attend to him. He didn't want to be in his car seat, he just wanted to play, and stretch, and wasn't interested in being confined.

And then upon arriving here, he wasn't feeling well. He spat up numerous times, and was really cranky. But now, I've finally gotten him to sleep, and I should get to sleep myself. I hope tomorrow is an easier more relaxing day. Today was just long!

I am a little freaked out about turning the next number on my birthday next Saturday. I know I'm still young, by every next birthday brings me closer to 30, and to be honest, I'm not ready for that. 26.... I guess I can turn 25 for the 2nd year in a row?? We're going to a BBQ on my birthday for Jamie's step-aunt and step-uncle's 40th wedding anniversary (which is actually on June 17th, the day after my birthday) and Jamie's step-aunt who is celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary, it's her birthday on June 18th. So it's a big celebrating weekend next weekend! And father's day! (gotta start thinking about that too!)

I love visiting friends & family, but I would never live here. It's just too busy for me. And we complain about Montreal traffic? I'll never complain about it again! I PROMISE YOU THAT!

Alright, I better go crawl into bed with my son! The pillow is calling my name.

Not Buying it Report:
Money Spent:
$3.17 on a cold cut sandwich that was supposed to be on whole wheat, but when we got 5 minutes down the 401, I realized it wasn't and I don't want to talk about it! (I don't think anyone today got anything right!)


Indie Mama said...

Oh ick! I had to do an 8 hour drive with my daughter once (when she was around 6 months too) - NOT FUN!

Hope tomorrow's better!

Andrea said...

There are many good reasons why I don't drive in Toronto. Transit is your friend.

Sounds like you had a hairy day. Rest up today!

Lucy said...

26 isn't bad... I've been there for 2 months now, come... join us.... :)

Caroline said...

I remember freaking out when I turned 26 too. And 27. And 28. And 29. But now that 30 is right around the corner (in six months!), I've sort of made peace with the fact that I'm getting older. At least I don't look it, or so people tell me.

Yosemite said...

No worries about yesterday. I know what traffic is like. I'll be driving to NYC in 3 weeks with Paul and Joseph and I'm the only driver as well. The only difference is Joseph is 12 now. The last time I did the drive he was 9 months.

My daughter turned 30 last year (she's 31 now) and she felt much the same way about it. I think I found 30 the hardest. 40 and 50 were a breeze for me. A friend pointed out to me that this year I turned 25 again since 52 backwards is 25 so there you have it. It's all just numbers and you are as young as you feel.

LotusKnits said...

I freaked a little about turning 30, but in reality it's no big deal. You won't look it, I promise. :D