Friday, June 01, 2007

June 1 of 30

Today started off as a good day. We left Albany, NY, and headed towards Plattsburgh, NY. We stopped in Plattsburgh, NY (which is an hour maximum from my house) and went to Walmart, TJ Maxx and Applebee's for lunch. My mom needed Price Chopper for Hebrew National hot dogs (they're WAY cheaper in the USA and they were on special buy 1 get 1 free this time, so it was way worth it for her!). The border again was rediculous, no line up, the guy didn't even look at our passports this time, just asked us 3 questions. When did we leave Canada? Where did we go? How much did we spend to declare? And then wished us a good day. Wow. That was easy.

Home sweet home. Feels great!

Came in, checked my mail. Discovered that Hydro Quebec sent me a letter stating that my apartment upstairs will be vacant as of June 6th. I was confused. They wanted to know who would be taking over the account. I was confused still. I also noticed that there was NO rent check left on our door like there has been every month since psycho whacko woman moved in. Anyhow, I went upstairs and knocked on her door. She wouldn't open the door at first. I told her I wanted to confirm Hydro Quebec, and she opened the door slightly. I asked her for the rent. She left to what I assume was to get the check. She back flagging papers in my face, saying something about a registered letter, and that she was not going to pay rent. She then said she wanted to talk to me, but not upstairs because her mother (old lady) and her daughter (about 15 years old) were afraid of us. (WHAT THE F???)

She starts walking down the stairs, I call Jamie to the door. She then decides she doesn't want to talk face to face to us, she's going to call us on the phone. I told her I wanted to talk to her in person. She kept saying no as she waddled herself up the stairs. (She had surgery a long time ago, and is on disability, but I think she's now milking it from my impressions). Anyhow, Jamie got pissed when I told him she's refusing to give us rent. He went and banged on her door. She refused to open it. Jamie yelled at her a bit (I didn't agree 100% with that), and we were both pissed. She is a psycho fragile single woman who thinks the world is out to get her. She called the police on us.

The police came.

We explained what happened.

She apparently told the police that the registered letter had the last month's rent check in it. WHAT?! Had she told us this, the police coming would never have happened.

So now, I hope to get this registered letter on Monday. I will be waiting at home for it. ALL DAY, until it comes.

As soon as it does come, I'm going over to her bank, which is around the corner from here, and I'm certifying the check, so that it's guaranteed to be my money. (Certifying her check basically freezes that amount that the check is for, in her account). For the 5-10$ that it will cost, I'm going to do that. I hope there's money in her account.

Also - Monday, after I go to the bank, I'm going to the Regis de Logement (Rental Board), to file an application for the damages for the upstairs for the washer/dryer.

So good news? SHE IS MOVING OUT WEDNESDAY! That's 5 more days. WEDNESDAY! Can it come sooner??? I'm excited to never have to see her face again.

On Wendesday when she's done moving her stuff, I have to call the police station, and have them escort me with her around the apartment, to make sure that there is no damage to the apartment, or anything. I want to double check everything before she leaves.

I'm dying to see what's in this registered letter she sent me. The police wouldn't let me read it, they just showed me that there was a check (photocopy of it from my tenant's copy that she showed them) and then that was it.

I feel so bad for her next landlord.

From what was a good start to her moving in... just went downhill.... I know it was impulse for her moving in ( I was stuck after kicking someone out, and she was stuck because her last apartment got flooded), but never again. I plan on triple checking everyone now before future tenants. I'm hoping that the 4 students that are moving in next will stay for a few years (providing they are good) so that I don't have to think about future tenants! And then in a few years we'll decide if we're staying at this house or not.... Depends where our family is at by then... if it's just the 3 of us.... or if there are more little one(s) by then.

So while she ruined my night, I'm HAPPY that my ticker counts down less days. I thought i was stuck with her all month..... nope!

I'm just debating now following her moving truck or not on Wednesday, to see where she moves to.... incase I need that info for when I hit her with the lawyer's letter/Rental board case for the damage she did to the apartment.

Ugh, what a mess.

An aggrevating mess.

Aggrevation I don't need. You know?

Onto the Yarn loot... I need some cheering up from the rotten end to my coming home from my trip. Let's talk about something else!

These are the three colors of cotton ease I got for something for Sean. I got 3 of each color.

This is from Webs. Sock yarn. Swizzle. One of the two is a discontinued color. It was on liquidation. The other one I got 25% off, because I spend over a certain $ amount.

I picked up 16 balls of this yarn. It's a delicious deep pink color. It's a yarn exclusive to Webs. It's their brand. It's superwash (yey for me and washing!) I'm hoping it'll be an okay substitute for the Cabled Pullover, instead of using the Cascade 220, which I got from, which is not suitable for the sweater. I wish I would have known before purchasing it for almost 13.95$ a hank! (Now I have to find something else to make with it, and I don't even think I have enough for a sweater).

I picked up this burnt orange colored Rialto Debbie Bliss Yarn for Sean's Cabled Pullover. It's a perfect substitute, the girl who worked there helped me.

This was the loot bag from Webs. They were giving them out at the Yarn Harlot event. I ended up with 3 loot bags. One was mine. One was my mom's (who doesn't knit) and the other was my grandmother's who hasn't knit in a few years. (Thank you to them for giving it to me). From what I learned afterwards, we were given these balls of yarn and knitting needles to knit squares for collection to make blankets. There were no instructions in the goodie bag, and no pattern, nothing. So I was under the assumption it was ours to keep. (Which it is, if you don't knit a square). So I'm the lovely owner of 3 balls (3 different colors) of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. (Love it!) (And three pairs of US8/5mm Boye Straight Needles!)

Sean is holding his bottle more and more lately. He's getting to be such a big boy. Can't wait to:
See him turn over, see him actually crawl (and not in his sleep), see his first tooth!

Sean slept with me in the bed at the hotel last night, the room was too small to open up his portable playpen/basinette thing. This was him this morning, while I organized myself and my stuff, before waking him up. He has this thing now, with sleeping on his stomach, but kinda curled up on the slight side. It's cute. It's really cute when he sticks his butt in the air.

Oh, I could stare at him for hours.

Amy, who knitted the huge glove for her hand chair, blogged about Sean on her blog. Check it out!

This weekend? Hanging out. Seeing Angela tomorrow, and Sunday - relax time. Gotta finish Season 3 of House, M.D. I've been jonesing for it while out of town.

Must get to sleep. Zonked from all that shopping!

Speaking of shopping, I'm on my ONE MONTH NO SPENDING MONEY EXCEPT FOR FOOD MONTH. The only exception is the alloted money for the Toronto Knit in Public Day, since that trip got moved, and there was alloted money for that.

(15 days until my birthday, I'm getting excited!)

ps- completed 1 more square today on Sean's blankie, and started another one. pictures to follow tomorrow.


Andrea said...

Sooo.... she mailed you a registered letter from the top of your house to the bottom?

Very nice yarn. I really like that black sock yarn with the colours shot through it.
I'm spending some time today making my wish lists for the knit along.

ali said...

Congrats! Your was the first name drawn from the giant bin of entries for my Pre-Summer Contest.
Stop by me blog to see...
Can you e-mail me your snail mail address and a final color choice for the yarn?
Thanks for playing-

Kerry said...

Hubby said going in to Canada last night they only asked where he was going and for what and how long. Didn't even look at his license. But then coming back in to the US a couple hours later they weren't going to let him back in because he didn't have his birth certificate. Go figure!

mames said...

thanks for visiting, i peeked at your pictures and am so jealous you and sean met the y.h. what a great trip. hard to believe that time goes so quickly and they grow from so little to so big. love seeing your growing boy! smiles

g-girl said...

I can't believe your tenant--now, why do you need the cops there to do the walk through of the apt. when she leaves? So you have a witness? jw. I love the valley yarns yarn you picked up! awesome color. ooh, there were goodie bags?? Nice! Love the cashmerino too!

Summer said...

That is so stupid that she mailed you a registered letter. Why didn't she just knock on your and give it you? All i have to say is good riddens that she will be gone in 4 days!!

Nice yarn that you bought!

Sean looks so adorable sleeping in the big bed!!