Sunday, July 01, 2007

Birthday Meme

I was tagged by Patty.

The rules: Go to Wikipedia and type in your birth month and date (mine is June 16), then post 3 events, 2 births and a holiday. Then tag 5 others. I tag: Kadi, Caroline, Angela, Jennifer, Shelley & Tammy. (Ok, I tag 6 of you!) I actually thought this was an interesting one to do.

Birthday: June 16th

1779 - Spain declares war on the Kingdom of Great Britain, and the siege of Gibraltar begins.
1891 - John Abbott becomes Canada's third prime minister.
1960 - Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho opens in New York.

1917 - Irving Penn, American photographer
1981 - Kevin Bieksa, Canadian ice hockey player

South Africa - Youth Day.


Caroline said...

Thanks for the tag! I did this one already not too long ago. Just scroll down a little on my blog and you'll find it. It's a fun meme, I found out I share a birthday with Ozzy Osbourne!

Laura said...

I had to join in after I saw it. So I tagged my SP 10 spoiler, in honor of Robyn being such a great hostess!

Laura said...

This looked like so much fun that I had to join in. So I tagged my SP 10 spoiler - in honor of your being such a great SP10 hostess, of course!

Shelley said...

Ok...have my list composed!