Monday, July 30, 2007

July 30 of 31

Last night I decided to try on my two socks. They don't match, but they wanted to be loved by my feet. No problem. So soft! So nice! I can't wait to complete the other two socks that match!

Late morning, my mother came over to watch Sean for a bit so I could get things done at home. I grouted more in my bathroom, and did laundry. I baked some muffins (blueberry!) and cleaned up in the kitchen. I washed Sean's bottles (I wash and then sterilize them still), and cleaned up in my bedroom. I got a lot accomplished. I assessed the situation in the bathroom upstairs, and spoke to my real estate agent (who remembered me!) about the mould issues in the wall. He says that I'll have to get it inspected and it will result in one of three options:

1- It's the previous owner's fault and he'll be sued for it.
2- It's something my insurance company will cover.
3- It's normal to happen in an old house over the years and I'll be screwed...

Hoping it does NOT end up being number 3.

Also - I spoke to him about a house I saw listed online, that I'd like to see (just to compare for price - is it a good price because it's a fixer upper, or is it a damn good price!) and to evaluate with all the upgrades we did in the house since he found us this house, how much he thinks we would be able to list this house for. (I know, I have 5 months and 2 days left until I'm allowed to bring this up again with Jamie - but he's made progress since last week, and even initiated a conversation about it while he was installing my dinning room curtains and I was watching him!)

Tonight I'm doing a test. I like to read in bed. It's usually after Jamie goes to bed. I've been using a flaslight, but it's been eating batteries. So, I'm dying to try out this one above and this one below. Both are L.E.D. batteries and can last HOURS before even needing a replacement.

I'll let you know which one works better in two days. Tonight I'll test one, and I'll test the other tomorrow night.

I also found this while out today. It's so cute and tiny. It's 30 wipes in a Habs container. I think I just wanted the container. I think after the wipes that are in there are done, I can replenish it with others. I bought one for myself (for my car) one for Jamie's car, and one for Sean's diaper bag. It takes up NO space at all!

Sean was all smiles today when we went out. Here's your daily dose of smiles. Always with a smile!

Gosh, I love these toes. I could kiss them and eat them all up if I was able to. He likes it when I pretend to eat his feet. It makes him giggle in the cutest way ever.

Sean feel asleep while we were out today, and so I sat outside with him (still in his car seat - which ways a ton now, that he's over 18 lbs and the car seat is the heaviest thing ever!)

And when we got home, from some errands (I needed to get out of the house this afternoon), he was waking up from a nap he took in the car. I thought rubbing the eyes was because he was tired. Oh no, he does it too when he wakes up!

Yeah, I noticed this today. Someone keyed my car. WTF??! So pissed! Thank goodness I have a touch up pen in the color of my car. I wish I knew where this happened and who did it! GRRRR!


Summer said...

i would be so pissed about the car. Love the married socks!! Great picture of Sean. He is such a handsome little guy.

Wendy said...

yay for getting stuff done! Super sweet of your Mom to come over and help you out:)

I can't believe someone did that to your car!! People can be such losers! Don't worry, karma can be a b*itch!

Jenny said...

I think it is so funny that you have Habs wipes! Sorry about the car. Hopefully you can touch it up and it will look good.

g-girl said...

your married sock looks great! your jaywalker is cool too. oh my goodness! I can't believe someone keyed your car!!!!!!!! That sucks. >:P So which light won? :) oh, lil toesies!!!! So cute. :) And a sleeping pic--my other favorite kind of pic.

Barb said...

the socks look great :) I can't believe someone did that to your car!! LOVE the Sean pics!

Patty(knitgirl63) said...

Do let us know about the book reading lights, I need one in a bad way!!