Tuesday, July 10, 2007

July 10 of 31

I received some mail today from Tammy, who spoiled me in SP10. She had told me that she was sending a gift for Sean, and here they are. Socks that match the socks she made me, and she even sent along the leftover yarn for Sean's blankie. A pair of socks for me, a pair of socks for Sean, and leftovers for Sean's blankie = what a skein!

They actually fit Sean now, but I didn't keep him in them long, it was REALLY hot here today. And all he wanted to do was put it in his mouth, so I took them off him, and put them away for a cooler day.

I also got my stitch markers from (blogless) Sulah. Thank you Sulah - I love them. And this time, they made it here safely! I love them. I love that they're "reversible" and you can use them for different needle sizes! What a great idea!

I also received a gift from Barb in the mail for my birthday. Some notecards, some beads, a Breast Cancer pin, a handknit washcloth and some candies & a candle. Thank you Barb, you shouldn't have!

I wanted to wear my silver shoes today - so voila. I just love them. They are so comfortable, it's great. Gotta love sales on shoes. They are awesome.

Today I went out to pick up a photo order at Loblaws (Photolab.ca) and I was happy to see there was parking for mothers & mothers-to-be.

Our old curtains. The 1970's called and they want their velvet curtains back. Immediately.

Today I finally took on the task of working on the new curtains. When finding out that new curtains professionally would be over 500$ (and that's with a discount because of a connection), I decided to buy material and make my own!

I like the way they came out. I really wanted them to come to the end of the window (you see the shadow behind the curtains at the bottom? That's where my window ends (the top of the shadow). However, we're taking out the step in the floor before the window, to make the den larger (for a play area for Sean) and it will affect the window/bookcases etc. So, to be safe, instead of regretting it later and not having enough material, I made them longer than where I wanted them, incase we need to raise them up once the wood pannel (that you see above the curtains) is gone. (It's all connected to the bookcase/step, etc.) I wish I'd listened to my mother (never thought I'd say that sentence - LOL) and removed the step before we put down new carpets two years ago. Now we have to lift the carpet, remove the step, call in the guys who installed the carpet to cut the carpet and re-staple it down. It's going to be a fun (sarcastic) project, which we're looking to do next month. Also on my list of things to make my home a happier place to be (Jamie wants to stay here a bit longer, I want to sell and move to the suburbs). I want to sand the stairs, stain them, pain the stairwell walls, etc, to our basement. I need the clothesline fixed so I can use it. (And before the summer is over, would be good!)

This morning Aquababies was really good. Sean is doing fantastic. Today we worked on balance, and I think it's more my worrying that I'll drop him, than his actual balance. I have to place my hand out flat, and have Sean stand on my hand in the water without my help. When the teacher does it, he lasts, when I do it, I feel like he's just constantly going to fall over, so it makes me make him wobbly. Hopefully we'll get the hang of it. But there was more mommy & babies there today, whom didn't show up last week, and two that moved from the 10:30 class after us to our class, because there is more room in the water. And the girl that left last week because she found out the class was in french, she was there. Her son is 3 months old, maybe I'll ask her next week if she wants to start a stroller walking group. (I want more exercise!)

Tonight Angela came over and we worked out some HTML stuff that I was frustrated with (Damn Videotron), but we worked out a solution to my equation, and that's all I can talk about right now. More details to follow when things are finalized and working functionally. I had bought a bottle of wine to have with dinner, but I forgot Angela doesn't drink, so I drank about half a bottle to myself. I tried a wine called DaVinci, I'd never heard of it before. It's alright.

I worked on a few rows of Sean's tank top. It's working out great so far. I'm loving the light grey color I chose.

Tomorrow I'm going to a movie with my mom, Jenn, and Jenn's mom (and of course both of our boys - Sean & Jakob). We're going to the Mommy & Baby movie program. We're seeing License to Wed. Looks cute. I love Robin Williams. And while we're at the movies, Jenn's husband Yannick is tearing down my bathroom ceiling and fixing the washing machine plumbing that needs to be fixed upstairs. A nightmare, but it needs to get fixed asap.


Lisa said...

can't wait to hear what you think of the movie. I haven't had a chance to see it yet, but have it on my list of to see.

When I was a baby *the same age if not younger than Sean* my mom "taught" me how to swim. LMAO Ok actually she just dropped me in the deep end. I went to the bottom and floated back up.

*sighs* LOL :)

Jenny said...

I love the new curtains. You did a great job. I also love that special reserved parking for moms, but I swear every time I go to the mall where they have that parking, every space is full! I still end up parking in the way back and walking in.

Shelley said...

I'm so glad aquababies is going well. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it and be more confident so he doesn't wobble.

Your curtains looks lovely, and I think you did the right thing in making them longer now and not regretting later on if you had made them shorter. Besides, if they are too long, you can always make adjustments later...but if they are too short, you're either stuck with them or you have to make new ones again.

Tammy did an awesome job on Sean's socks! He looks so happy to have them on his feet - even if he was hot. Is that what you are making his blanket from, left over sock yarn? Are there any colours you want in particular or any you don't want?

Tammy said...

I'm happy to hear the socks fit.

Your curtains turned out fabulous and a nice way to update a room.

g-girl said...

that's so cute that you and sean have matching socks. :) at one of the malls out here, they have a couple of parking spots for expectant mothers. I think all places should have a couple, you know? wow, you made your own draperies!!! that's awesome--i know my fiance would be very impressed with you (he's in the window coverings business!).