Monday, July 16, 2007

July 16 of 31

Today was a very busy day. I got up early to do a few things around the house before Sean woke up. Got them done. Then, I woke up Sean, and while he had his morning bottle, I got ready myself, and we headed out the door upon gathering all that we needed today.

First stop, dropped off my car at Goodyear and got my summer tires put on my car. Yeah, it was about time. For a while, I had forgotten about them needing to be done. Oops. Then after Goodyear, I dropped my car off across the street to Hollywood and got my car shampooed clean. Boy did it need an interior clean. When I removed the base to Sean's car seat, there were drip lines from Sean's bottle, when he's done with it in the car, he tosses it over, and there were drip stains (dried) from where he tossed it over. Crumbs from food from road trips. Rocks and dirt from winter & rainy days. Just overall, my car feels and smells brand new right now! I love the job they did! No eating in my car for a while!

While this was all going on, my mother met up with us and took Sean & I to do a bunch of errands. I had some returns and exchanges to do, and some items on my list to pick up. I needed a gift for my cousin's son Oliver's 1st birthday coming up in August. His birthday is August 3rd, but his party (which is now changed) was supposed to be Sunday, August 5th. I'll have to find out when it's being changed to. I post later about what I got him, I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Had lunch & dinner at my parents house. We were going to go swimming today there as well, but there wasn't enough time, our errands this afternoon took longer than expected. That's okay, Sean's got his swim lesson tomorrow, so that will be fun.

Tomorrow I'm going to see about getting some more material, I'm going to make more curtains for our front room (dinning room). I bought a rod today while out, to change what we currently have in there, and I just need to make curtains. Jamie said if I make them, he'll hang them up this weekend, providing they're done. I made the den ones last Tuesday, I'll see about making the dinning room ones tomorrow!

I also have some Etsy orders from this weekend to finish up tomorrow, since I wasn't home at all today. I also have a special order of some black and white nature prints for a studio to finish up tomorrow. I'll give you more details later, the actual prints, are a surprise to the person who's ordered them, so I won't give anything away before she gets them! I really think she's going to love them.

Feeling good that my list of errands is dwindling down to just a few odd items - always makes me feel better that things are getting accomplished, but there are still a ton of things to take care of.

Spoke to Jamie tonight about my want to move to the suburbs. I've been bringing it up lately. I feel there is a need for central air, more than 1 bathroom (I can't stand sharing 1 bathroom in the morning!), our own driveway, no one walking above us, or beside us (our duplex right now is attached to the next duplex, so there is technically 2 homes with an apartment in each upstairs - and we HEAR everyone!) I want to get away from the Rabbi we share a driveway with who constantly blocks us in. I want to get away from the crazy's next door, (I think there is a halfway house next door or something!), this one lady stands outside on the front porch, she twirls the hair in the bun on her hand, and with the other hand, she places it in the area, flutters her fingers and counts numbers. Weird. And that's the first crazy that lives next door. There are others. I'll save stories for another day. I want to be closer to my parents, it would be such a big help. Drop off Sean and in the future a sibling or two of his, and run errands.... now my parents live about 20 minutes away, and that's without traffic on the Trans-Canada Highway. It could be up to 40-45 minutes with traffic. With an accident blocking the highway, even longer. Jamie works out in the suburbs, and that's where I want to be. I want to be with my other mommy friends, and play groups, and Mr. Music (group). I want to be near the elementary school that I went to, so that hopefully Sean and his future one day sibling(s) can go there too. I don't hate the house I'm in now, but I don't love it either.

Jamie agreed if I stopped talking about moving now, that he'll be open for discussion come January. Okay. I agreed. Lips are sealed. In January, we'll discuss looking for a home. I do not want to move in the winter, so that leaves Spring/Summer and Fall. I also do not want to move with a newborn, but I don't know when that will happen, all I know, is that child number 2 is a possibility to try for in 2008 (I'd like 2 years (give or take a month or two in either direction) in between Sean and his future sibling). So January it is... Come January 1st .... he better be ready...! I'll be ready for discussing moving. Not only are homes in the suburbs cheaper, but the property taxes and the school taxes equal to HALF of what we're paying out here in the city. It's just ridiculous. Absolutely absurd.

I'm getting far along in the book I'm reading, Girl Most Likely To by Poonam Sharma. I'm really enjoying it. It's about an Indian girl whose family tries to set her up (old fashioned), for marriage, but it turns out the guy she's set up with is gay (but his parents don't know yet). It's an interesting story of a finance employee who has 30 months until she's 30, and wants to fall in love, etc... Very cute so far. Not my typical type novel, but I'm enjoying it. I have a pile of books I want to read, so every night before I go to sleep I try to read at least 1 chapter if not more. I think I read about 5-6 chapters last night (each chapter being approx 8-10 pages each). I'm on page 188 of 330, so I'm just over the half-way mark. Hopefully I can finish the book before the weekend. I will make the time!

Anyhow, speaking of which, I want to hit the sack and read, I have to get up early tomorrow to get Sean's rountine in the morning done with enough time to relax and then get to Aquababies! Wednesday I look forward to Sean's 6 month check up - where I'll get to see how much he weighs! Any guesses anyone??


Robin said...

Moving to the suburbs sounds like it makes a lot of sense all around! Especially if Jamie works out there, wouldn't he have a shorter commute? And yeah, sharing a bathroom would definitely suck. Jim and I have our own bathrooms and that's the way I like it!

Amanda said...

I sympathize with you on the bathroom situation - J & I shared one bathroom for 3 years in our last house. It wasn't a big bathroom, either. Our requirement for the next house? 1.5 bathrooms! ANYTHING more than ONE! Tell ya what - SO worth it. LOL.

Shelley said...

Definitely sounds like a busy day! Moving to the suburbs does sound like a great move...the cut in the taxes is a good seller, and hopefully Jamie will really think about the possibility and then agree to it come January. Would be nice if he approached you out of the blue one day before January and said he was willing to move.

NH Knitting Mama said...

Hi, there!

You know, I'm usually great at commenting on every post - but I definitely tend to lurk on your site - I'm sorry about that, I really should comment more! agh!

You have a lot happening right now! But, I enjoy seeing pics of Sean.

Summer said...

Hi Robyn,

if you want to make a slideshow, go to and you download the pics you want, you can add music if you want to. Other than that it's pretty easy.

g-girl said...

the book you're reading sounds interesting! I can't agree more with everyone else who has already commented before me about how sensible moving to the suburbs would be for you guys. Sharing a bathroom definitely sucks--try sharing it with 3 adults. :P