Thursday, July 12, 2007

28 Weeks

My 28 week self portrait image with Sean will come tomorrow. It was too hot today to do anything, I feel icky and I'm not in a good mood.

The work upstairs it thankfully done. My ceiling in my bathroom no longer looks like this above photo. It's been put back, but it needs to be sanded and plastered and painted. The washer now has proper pipes, the washer now empties the water properly, and the pipes are all new. The dryer was done a while ago, but that vents outside now. Here is the before and after for the washing machine pipes & drainage:

This was before, in the corner of the laundry closet. The idiot who she hired to do the job, used a sink faucet pipe (silver piece) for the washing machine, and and outdoor hose nozzle (gold piece). He also has the drainage for the water from the machine (black pipe) right near the electrical outlet. MORON!

This is how it should be set up. Hot and Cold (red and blue) pipes, brought right to where it's supposed to be installed, running proper copper pipes, along the wall. (Don't even get me started on what he did do - I already vented about that earlier this week, what a mess that was to fix! I'm talking about the pipes in the wall... he was a moron to the max!) (Ignore the black tube from the cold (blue) pipe into the (black) drainage pipe. We were testing the water draining by running the water. And ignore the mess on the floor, that's been since cleaned up. Now, all I have left to do before my new tenants move in, is re-grout (and de-mould a bit) the bathroom tiles. (I'm also re-grouting my bathroom, but I'm doing it slowly, I'm in no rush!)

I will not be able to get all the money back that we've spent, after being stubborn and thinking I could get my ex-tenant (the biatch) to pay for everything, Jamie sat me down and explained things to me, and I was being stubborn before, but now I realize that I will not be able to get all the money back, but we will definitely be taking her to the rental board. I will be filing my report next week.

Today I did manage to get out of the house for about an hour. I went to Walmart to buy a few things, and do a return. I picked up dinner. I went to the post office to mail a reply card to a wedding we're not attending, and mail out the wedding present as well to the bride & groom to be. It's unfortunate that I cannot make it to the wedding, but it's out of town, Jamie cannot take off the Monday from work (it's a Sunday night Jewish Wedding) and I cannot drive with Sean alone (6 hour drive) by myself. I had Sean crying for about 3 hours (from Kingston, Ontario to Montreal) the last time I went to Toronto (June) and I had my mother-in-law in the car to help. This is not something I'll do alone. I cannot even entertain the idea.

Anyhow, I think it's the combination of not having water for the most part of today (while the work was being finished) and all that jazz, and the extreme humidity that was today, I'm just not in a good mood. Plus, I'm almost about to PMS - so I feel that coming on too. I think I'm going to go shower (now that we have water again), it'll make me feel better. Then I'll plop myself in bed and fall asleep. I'm tired, cranky, and not in the mood to do anything.

I did knit a few rows on both Sean's tank top and on chevron scarf since I last blogged.

I also got an envelope in the mail today from Sherrie, who sent me my turtle eyes that I ordered from Little Tikes and my Addi Turbo's that I shipped to Sherrie's house. The turtles eyes they wanted 12$US to ship to Canada and the Addi's they wanted 26.90$ US to ship to me. Sherrie shipped ALL of the items to me for 1.31$ US. WTF??!!! Talk about overcharging for shipping! She even mailed them out early this week and I got them today. Talk about fast! I have mail that I'm waiting for from the stitch marker exchange, the last set that I have to receive, which was apparnetly mailed out two and a half weeks ago - I still haven't gotten it? I don't understand the mail sometimes.

I updated my Etsy Shop with some photography of mine that I'm selling. Go on - take a look. Support a photographer! Buy a print. Enhance your home with some beautiful photography. I have some more jewelry that will be updated into my shop this weekend. Look out for another update mention sometime soon.

I feel like screaming. I've got really bad anxiety right now. I'm frustrated and cranky. I better go shower. It'll make me feel better, but not 100% back to myself. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll feel better. I hope this heat goes away. I hope it rains.
This is how I found my boys tonight. How cute. Both crashed out in our bed. Had to take a pic!


craft-chick said...

I hope today is a better day for you!

Robin said...

Start a new project - that always makes me feel better!

g-girl said...

well, as long as you get something back from your ex-tenant, right? it's better than nothing. I'm just hoping it all ends soon because I'm sure it's the last thing you still want to be dealing with. :P ugh..I can't believe those companies wanted to charge you so much to have things shipped directly to you. that's insane!! I hope today's a better day..

Shelley said...

I hope you had a much better day today. I hate being cranky myself.

Shelley said...

Opps...forgot to say that your photographs are great! I think the orange flower is some sort of least it looks like one. I could be wrong though.