Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

I didn't even realize it was Friday the 13th today until someone mentioned it to me. Hmm. So why was I feeling off yesterday? Shouldn't that have been today? Today I woke up in a much better mood.

Today Jamie went golfing with a supplier from work, and I stayed in with Sean. Sean actually slept in this morning, so I got to as well, that was nice. I was woken up by the doorbell ringing, my ex-tenant sent me a registered letter stating she's not responsible to pay the money we're asking her for, although she clearly DOES NOT understand why we're going after her for, and now we'll have to go to the rental board (which I was going to go on Monday, but I'm going to wait until my lawyer is back in town, and go over everything with him first, before filing my complaint with the rental board). Anyhow, basically at the end of her letter she asked us to leave her alone. Oh, I'm not giving up so easy. I will get back some of the money, whether she likes it or not. I am definitely not leaving her alone, until the rental board decides what should be done. I also now have her complete address, including the missing apartment number, since my mom when she followed the truck could only get the building address. I got up upon hearing the doorbell, and did some things around the house. Then Sean got up, he ate after I changed h im, we played a bit, and then took a nap from about 12:45pm until almost 4pm. That was a nice needed nap on the couch. I love cuddling and napping with my little guy, I'm cherishing every moment, the only thing is.... he sweats. (Takes after his daddy!) And I always wake up with my shirt sleeve drenched from such a little guy!

Today I took the 28 week picture, since it was too hot and I wasn't in a picture taking mood last night. Not one bit. Sean also, he asked me to wait until today, lol.

I've had these two outfits for a while. While they're tagged at 3-6 months, they're awfly long in length. I totally thought, Sean, a December baby would totally fit into these in the spring, seing as though they're fleece, but he didn't. They fit him now, in the middle of July. The 3-6 month tag in them - totally wrong! Anyhow, since today it poured in the morning, the weather was really windy & cool, so I took advantage and took some pictures of Sean dressed up. He'll kill me for these photos in 18 years from now, but until then.... he's my cutie!

Sean the duck.

And my little stinker. It actually says that on the white patch!

This one is my fave photo... too cute for words!

Tonight we walked over to the pharmacy (I wanted a Rocket Popsicle and some soda) and post office (mailed Cynthia's birthday gift since her birthday is mid-next week) and on the way home, Sean fell asleep in his stroller. I think this is the first time he's falling asleep from walking. I should remember that the next time I can't get him to fall asleep. Maybe going for a walk will help out getting him to sleep - there's a thought!

I also arranged Sean's bookcase in his bedroom. We used to have a smaller one in there, but it didn't fit all his books. He's got quite the library of books. I cannot wait to read books to him. We've tried a couple of times, but all he wants to do it grab the book and put it in his mouth. There has been already a damaged book because he grabbed it so hard and wouldn't let go, was holding it with all his strength, and the book tore. (We did surgery to repair it, but we decided to wait a little bit longer to read him books). We do give him material books, and read those to him, but alas, they end up in his mouth! (Oh, and yes, this kid has way too many toys! I think we need a bigger house!)

Here is a progress report on my tank top for Sean. It's coming along. I need to knit in St st 6 and 3/4 inches before starting to shape the armholes. I'm at about 5 inches now. But it's about 10 rows an inch (it's really tight!) (but I want it dense!) so it's taking me a while. And I'm not sure how I'm liking the Lion Brand Cotton-Ease on my hands. It's drying them out. Using up lots of moisterizer to not have my skin crack. It's because I'm using smaller needles than the yarn calls for. But I wanted this. We'll see how it goes. I'll let you know after I'm done the tank top.

Another item that has progress to show is my Chevron Scarf. I am LOVING the colors together. That's Blue Moon Fiber Art's Socks that Rock in Rhondonite & Black Onyx in Mediumweight. I'm not liking the bamboo needles I'm using in 4mm. (Us6) I'm thinking about switching to aluminum plastic (my sparkly ones!) . (Just checked my stash, I don't have aluminum in US6 - I have every other size imaginable, just no US6. I'll have to get a pair the next time I'm out somewhere that sells. Anyhow, the bamboo's are making this a rough knit. The yarn is not liking the bamboo! (Good to know for sock knitting with STR!)

Tonight I watched the movie Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller. The movie was cute, but just alright. I knew it was a kid's moving before watching it, but that's what it was. Sometimes kid's movies are good for adults to enjoy as well. Not this one. It was just alright. Robin Williams was funny as US President Teddy Roosevelt, that comes to life in the museum, but other than that.... Ben Stiller, is really going downhill with his acting, I haven't seen him do anything good in a while. Jamie had ball tonight, and I just wanted to veg on the couch and knit. So that's what I did. I want to finish watching the movie Little Children, which I started a while ago, but then had problems with the DVD (sound), so I'm finally going to finish that tonight. And knit some more. Speaking of movie, I really want to see: Chuck & Larry, Georgia Rule, and most of all - Hairspray! I haven't even seen it broadway, but I'm totally buying this DVD when it comes out. I love musicals! And I'm a Travolta & Christopher Walken fan!

ps- I updated my post yesterday with some pictures, since I wanted to show the work before and after that was done. Anyone can clearly see that the guy who did the initial work is a moron. I was just too cranky to open up photoshop yesterday and re-size my images for the post. So go and look.... and just admire the work that Jenn's husband Yannick did. It's just beautiful!


kathy said...

Your Chevron Scarf looks gorgeous! I love your color choices!

Shelley said...

I am lovig the Chevron scarf in those colours!

Oh. My. Goodness. Those pics of Sean in the ducky and skunk outfits are totally adorable! I LOVE the skunk one where you can see the tail...excellent bribary pics for when he's older ;o).

Another "trick" that works at getting babies to sleep is to take them for a little drive in the car. Sometimes that can be inconvenient, but if you're at your witts end sometime it might be worth a try.

Jenny said...

Those little costumes are just adorable! Especially the little stinker one!

g-girl said...

aww, sean looks so cute in his duck and skunk suit! ;)

Robin said...

I like Ben Stiller, so I had given Night at the Museum a chance too, thinking the same thing (maybe it'd be a kid movie that adults'd like too.) Nope, you are SO RIGHT!

ScrapHappy said...

Oh, that skunk outfit is TOO adorable! Can I put a pic of it on my blog? I've been having a lot of skunk run-ins and would love to add it in an entry.
Chevron looks great!
And S. looks so much like you in that one pic at the top.