Sunday, July 01, 2007

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to everyone who is Canadian! Today in Quebec, is also Moving Day. Yes, you heard me correctly, it's an official day. Click on the link to read all about it. I'm serious. Everyone leasing an apartment in the province of Quebec, moves today, if they are not renewing their lease. It's a huge mess on most streets, trucks double park in the middle of the street, it's quite crazy. Last year, I went to visit someone on July the 1st (Angela, it may have been you?) and I got stuck on a street, where the truck parked in the middle of the street, since there were cars parked on either side, and I had to back up on a one way street, because I couldn't continue on, and was stuck. No one was even around the move the truck. Not fun! So today, for the most part, I stayed home. Jamie's mom and her wife came over shortly after I woke up (I slept in until 1 pm! Much needed sleep!) and then Sean took a nap and upon waking up I went to my parents house for dinner.

Today I finished Square number 23 on Sean's blankie. Finally picked it up for a bit.

I also cast on my pair of jaywalkers, for the KAL I've started. (Just waiting on my yarn from BMFA's that I ordered almost a month ago now, to cast on for my Chevron Scarf for that KAL I started. Now, I'm not so sure this color yarn will be good for the Jaywalkers pattern. I'm going to give it a few more rows of ribbing and decide before I start the pattern. Maybe I'll use the yarn for something else if I really don't think it'll work out. I still have time to decide (And I still have to finish my Married sock...! Still on the first one!)

I also cast on the 4th knitted camera case for Jamie's step-cousin Melanie who turns 30 this August 4th. She requested a camera case, so since it's her 30th, I figured I'd knit her one. We don't usually exchange gifts with the step-family, but I want to do this for her. That gives me just about 1 month to knit it - but it's a really quick one evening knit, if I have the consecutive hours to do so! (Not exactly something you have when you have a 6 month old!) I couldn't start it until I went to my parents house for dinner tonight, because I wanted to count on my mother's camera case how many stitches I cast on. I remembered making a modification from the pattern I've used (from Not An Artist's blog) and will now remember in the future, that with this yarn I used, I only cast on 40 stitches, from the 48 that Michelle used in her pattern.

These days when Sean gets interested in something, he gets this really serious look on his face. It's too darn cute. He checks things out, and really gets this serious look on his face, and should you disturb him... LOL!

Today Sean tried Sweet Potato for the first time, and loved it. I will try Carrots again in a few days, he's so-so with the carrots. I hope he doesn't start to hate them, we're a big on carrot eating. I love carrots with homemade dip. I love steamed carrots too. I really hope he starts to like them! Today, we lowered Sean's mattress. I was not ready emotionally for this. He's becoming such a big boy fast, and everythings just happening way to fast. Will I ever be ready for any of the big changes in his life? Probably not. But they're going to happen regardless if I'm ready for them or not.

Tomorrow Jamie & I will hang out in the afternoon, as he has the day off, due to today being Canada Day. Tomorrow night he has baseball, and I am trying to organize with my grandmother to go over to my great-aunt's house to see my cousin Alyssa who is in from California. She just arrived today, with her mother & one of her brothers' via TRAIN! Yes, you heard me correctly. Alyssa's mother Betina, my mom's first cousin, won't fly. So, they took the train all the way from California, via Florida, and then all the way up the east coast. Insane, but they did it! I can't wait to see her. It's been several years since I've seen her. I don't even know if Jamie has met her. I'll ask when I see her when the last time she was in Montreal was.... maybe it's been since Jamie & I have been together, but maybe not. I'll get back to you on that!

Today I finally "put together" the recycling bin I got at Eco-Quartier. (I told the girl there that I knew Kadi (who used to work there) and she was super nice to me. Even carried the recycling bins to my car, since I was wearing Sean in the snuggli). I then put in my newspapers, a pizza box, some toilet paper rolls, a paper towel roll, some flyers we got in the mail, some chocolate boxes, a Nestle Good Start container, etc... I can't believe how much we use that can be recycled, yet we've been throwing out. I want to get this house a little bit more "greener". I'm not saying that I'm going completely green, because that would be out of my element, though I've been reading a lot of blogs lately of people doing crazy things in their life to reduce consumption, etc. (Even to the point where they are trying to consume less water, and are on rations for showering, brushing teeth, etc...!) I will make the attempt to recycle, and stuff like that, but there are limits to how much I will do. But I will say, I feel better now that we have a recycling system in our house.


Summer said...


It is so cute when babies want something. They get all excited and want to play,touch and even taste it. That is so great that Sean is liking his vegies!

Cute photo of Sean, as always.

I am getting into recycling too. Cardboard, plastic,and glass. Thanks for reminding about toilet paper rolls. I keep forgetting that they can be recycled, i always throw them out.

Caroline said...

There was an article in the newspaper this morning that said that Moving Day isn't as big as it used to be. Many people move the week before or after July 1st and more and more people get leases that ends on other dates. My lease ends in May. I've never moved on July 1st (thank God!)

Kayt said...

hey are you using a pattern for Sean's blanket??? it is very very cute!

jen said...

oooh i may need to join your chevron scarf KAL

my yarn for it is just sitting around here...i need motivation to start it.

ScrapHappy said...

It's letting me post today!
Congrats on the 19 lbs.! I'm pulling for you!

craft-chick said...

Congrats on going green...I started down the path on Earth Day and was also surprised by how much we can recycle instead of throwing it away.

g-girl said...

I can't believe they came by train!! How long did that take? I learn so many new things from reading your blog--this time around it was about Moving Day. :)