Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 18 of 31

Today Sean had his (belated) 6 month check-up. He is still in the 50th percentile, now weighing 18 lbs and 2.5 oz. Wow! Didn't think he was already 18 lbs! I had guessed somewhere between 16 and a half and 17 and a half pounds! Boy was I wrong. Sean wanted to eat everything in sight, (like the paper his doctor pulled down over the doctor's check-up table) and the pad she put down on the scale to weigh him. Now that he has to sit up on the scale, there was things on the table behind the scale, and he tried to grab everything. The little bugger! She suggested now we can start chicken and turkey puree, as well as more fruits (so I picked up creamed corn, sweet potato with turkey (since he already likes sweet potato) and also blueberries). This evening he tried blueberries for the first time, and loved them! He ate the entire jar up in one sitting. He was making Mmmmm noises throughout the entire jar. Mikey liked it!

This morning I got my Piddleee order in the mail. I am loving the tape measure handle.

She attached a sample from Zero, one of Piddleloop's other stitch marker sample suppliers (like me!) However, she wasn't going to send me my own samples, so I got to sample other people's stuff! So awesome.

The above sock knitting pouch (my jaywalkers are already in it), came with this little pouch.

And I also purchased this DPN wallet. I am just loving the fabric (having a Graphic Design background, I love numbers! Especially in black and white)

She also sent me some other samples of stitch markers, as well as some buttons! I am loving these! It's really cool to get samples from other people, that I would have otherwise not ever seen their stuff.

She also sent me some gift tags (knitting!) and some matching notecards. I can't wait to have an excuse to use them! What is unfortunate is that Canada post opened my envelope, so I don't know if there was anything missing (Jenn?). They re-sealed it with yellow packing tape, that said Canada Customs on it. And even though the envelope was marked GIFT, I was charged Duty/Customs on it. (What's with my luck and customs lately?) Anyhow, since it was actually marked GIFT, I disputed it, (though I had to pay it first) and mailed it off yesterday to the Customs Center (which is like 10 minutes from my house in Ville-St-Laurent). Hopefully I will be able to get my $11.72 back. Bastards.

Today, I also received mail from Laura, whom I'd requested some of these above stitch markers from. Aren't they just AWESOME?? I love them! I can't wait to put them onto a project!
She also sent me these awesome stitch markers as well. I know for a fact that I have more stitch markers right now, than I'll ever know what to do with, but I don't care!! I'll still be making more and swapping again for more. I'm addicted.

Laura even was awesome enough to send Sean a "bad ass" outfit because he has a "bad ass knitter mom".... Thanks Laura!

She also sent these awesome beads, hmmm, I think I see stitch markers in their future.

I also decided to finish sewing in the ends of Calorimetry today, and add on the button. I have one more of the same button, for the other Calorimetry I plan on making with the Berocco Love It that I exchanged with Kadi.

Here is my model of the Calorimetry. I was having a bad hair day, so excuse the photo! I need to take a photo like the pattern has it... I love it! I'll wait for a better hair day. By the way, the necklace in the photo, is my FAVE necklace ever. I wear it all the time. I try to make sure that my outfits always match it!

Tonight I went to my local Montreal Knits Meetup (SNB). I worked a bit on my FIL's Irish Hiking Scarf, as well as my Jaywalkers. After doing a bunch of rows, this (above) happened. WHAT THE F??!! This has never happened to me before. I'm hoping tomorrow I can exchange them for a new set. I'm going to be in the area where the LYS where I bought them, so I'm going to stop by and see what they can do for me. What a piss off!!! Thank goodness I had other projects with me, because otherwise, actually, I could have knit them on 4 Dpn's instead of 5... so it wouldn't have been a huge problem, I just know the pattern on 4 Dpn's for the pattern row... (Knit 1 front & back, knit 8, double decrease, knit 8, knit 1 front & back....) that works out on the 21 stitches per needle. Otherwise, I'd have to figure out how to place them on my needles! I then worked a bit on my Chevron Scarf, while chatting with some new people and some familiar faces. And I wanted to see Angela before she left for two week to go back home (Newfoundland).

ps- Happy Birthday Sherrie!


Lindsay said...

Hey, just be careful with the blueberries (or any berry). My daughter had a severe allergic reaction to them and now needs an epi pen. She broke out in hives really bad and had trouble breathing.

g-girl said...

wow, your needle snapped?? I haven't had that happen to me before either. How cool that Sean can eat blueberries! I didn't even know they made blueberry baby food. :) all the goodies you received are awesome! I particularly love the sock dpn wallet. I need one of those but am waiting to order one! the stitchmarkers from laura are soooooooooooooo cool!!! I've never seen ones like those! the outfit she sent sean is cute too. :)

jen said...

ok did you get my cards and buttons to give out? i had like 20 with buttons stapled to them and a stack with out. I also had a small special pouch that had your initals as stitch markers and maybe a number or two and zipper pulls? was all that in there cause if it wasn't i'm ready to complain. Plus if you DON"T get that 12$ back you tell me and i'll paypal you the amount, because you shouldn't have been charged duty on that. Or else the customs crap on the us postal service site is LYING. and i can raise some major hell about that.
Man stupid customs. I marked what was in that thing, all detailed.

Robin said...

Love Sean's bad ass outfit and your calorimetry!