Monday, July 02, 2007

July 2 of 31

Guess who will be walking way before we thought he would? He's already standing up holding onto things. He's not pulling himself up yet, we placed him there. But he can hold himself for quite some time. And he can even let go of one hand, put it in his mouth, and hang on by one hand. My mother walked by 9 months old... I have to pull out my baby book, which my mother finally gave me when I got married, and see when I started to first walk. I don't think it was early though. I think Sean will walk before crawling though... he seems like he'll skip over that step. Who knows, it could be any day now...!

Beautiful skies to enjoy. I caught it just as the sun was setting. How delicious! I love beautiful skies.

This was the gorgeous sky tonight. I love how it just changes colors. Both these 2 photos were taken in the same spot. It's amazing the colors it goes through!

Here is the progess on Jamie's step-cousin's camera case. It's coming along. It's a fast knit, so it will be finished soon. But I have time to knit it, so there is no rush.

And here is the jaywalkers update. I am not sure I like the colorway for jaywalkers. I will give it a few more rows and decide. For some reason in "real life" they're darker thank what's photographing. After a fuck-up (excuse my French) in the first 3 repeats (I slipped the two stitches seperately and not together) I realized I did something wrong, and corrected myself in the future repeats. However I didn't frog the bit I screwed up, incase I don't end up following through with this colorway and the pattern. I'm still not sure. And yes, that's a deep purple you see in the socks. Can you believe it? PURPLE!

Tonight I went over to my grandmother's house, and visisted a bit with some cousins that are in from California. It was really good to see them. The entire family is getting together on Sunday for a huge brunch, seeing as though the rest of the Cali gang are flying in this week. (The ones that are in accompanied their mom via train, since she won't fly). Anyhow, afterwards, I went to dinner with my grandmother. There was this pregnant woman sitting right next to us, and it made me miss being pregnant. (Though, I'm not getting pregnant this year, so don't even ask if I am - cuz I'm not!)

I had some paypal money in my account, so I purchased an awesome knitting pouch & DPN case (even though I make my own) from Piddlee's shop. I'll post pictures as soon as I get them in the mail. However, here is a sneak peak, from my Etsy purchase. Piddlee has samples of my stitch markers, which she attaches to the cases when she sells them. She has 3 of us who make them for her, and I'm one of them! Speaking of which, she's almost out of samples, and I will be shipping her some more soon! So if you get a bag from her, you may just get a sample of my work! I love love love the fabric I choose, and the bags she makes!

Tomorrow Sean has his very first Aquababies class, I can't wait. It's in the morning, so I should get to bed soon! I'm going to plop myself on the couch though, for some knitting before going to sleep.


Barb said...

Sean is getting so big!! Leslie walked 2 days after she turned 10 mon. but Megan took forever she did'nt walk until she was 15 1/2 mon. try a few more repeats on your Jaywalker, I almost ripped mine but after a few rounds the patter 'pulls' together more and it will look better!!

jen said...

zander just skipped crawling too, so perhaps he will just get up and start tee-toddling around really soon!

and you are too kind.

and i love you being one of the golden three. thank god for you guys, or else our bags wouldn't look as intresting, they be NEKKID..we can't have that now.

jen said...

craaaaaaaaaap and i forgot to say i really love those pictures of the sky you took. the second one is amazing.

robin said...

That's cool that Sean seems ready to start walking soon! Wow - he is really early, right?

Nice sky pics too.

LotusKnits said...

Wow Sean's going to take off before you know it!

I love love love Piddlee's stuff. I placed an order too :)

Shelley said...

I don't remember how old I was when I walked...I mean, I was a baby so technically I can't remember that; but, my mom did tell me how old I was...and that is what I can't remember, lol. You're going to wake up one day and Sean will be walking and wonder when it happened...

The Jaywalker is one pattern I haven't done yet. I've heard so may horror stories about them not fitting (being way to tight), that I don't dare try the pattern myself just yet. Maybe someday I will though. I still have to do the Monkey pattern that is so popular right now. I'll probably do that before the Jaywalkers.

How awesome that your stitch markers are samples given on those bags! I have some of your stitch markers (that you gave me throughout SP10), and they are wonderful so I would imagine anyone who gets a sample will love it!

What beautiful sky pics. I really love that second one! I love a good sunset (and even sunrise) that colours the sky...and amazingly no two are alike. God is awesome!

cecily said...

I am SO disappointed: I got your great earrings in the mail yesterday, wore them today, and one fell out somewhere on my walk home from work! Sad!

g-girl said...

oooh, thanks for the pidlee link..I've saved them as a favorite to make some future purchases! :)