Monday, July 09, 2007

July 9 of 31

This morning I got woken up by the postman because there was an envelope for Jamie that didn't fit through the slot. Then, I decided to close my eyes for just a little bit longer, and shortly after, I was woken by Jenn's husband Yannick, who came to do work in the apartment upstairs. Turns out, the work that needs to be done upstairs, is far greater than we thought, upon opening up the panel on the wall to the plumbing. So now, we are going to have to go after my ex-tenant for even more damages. Basically, there is supposed to be a p-trap, which is a u-shaped piece, which allows the water from what you are draining to flow out and out bugs and rodents from coming in, and second, to catch items that might go down the drain (wedding rings),etc, so you can take things out easier. Anyhow, the p-trap that was for the bathtub was removed, and something else was put in it's place, to drain BOTH the bathtub and the washing machine. You see, each are supposed to have it's own. Also - he used ABS glue on every pipe, and sealed everything shut. The guy who did the work is a moron. So, on Wednesday, Yannick is coming back, with a friend this time, and in order to fix the work, he's going to have to take down my bathroom ceiling, and fix the damage, and then there is other work that needs to be done to make sure that this is all working properly. So this small little job that was supposed to take 2-3 hours or so today, is now going to take 2 days. Just my luck. Since I have no idea who my ex-tenant hired, I can't go after him, and it wasn't myself that hired him anyhow, so she will in-turn if she can, go after him. But I'm going after her. I will see what my lawyer says when he returns from vacation, and I don't even know if she mailed that original check for the original 800$ that I was going after her for to put my building up to code for the ventilation of the dryer. Now, because there was HUGE problems with the way that the guy installed the washing machine, it's going to cost her close to 2K$ (Plus all my fees with the rental board, etc). But I am going to wait to see what my lawyer says upon his return. This is turning out to be one huge nightmare.

Today I made two pots of sauce, making enough sauce for about 10 meals. I changed around my ingredients a little, and I can't wait to see how it turns out. I tasted it and it's good, but the real test is on pasta!

Today I also picked up material to make the curtains in my den. Tomorrow, I'll be sewing (after the Aquababies class that we have tomorrow morning).

I got some knitting done today, worked on Sean's tank top. I'm finding the purl rows very annoying with the cotton-ease, I don't know why. The knit rows aren't bothering me at all. I wonder if it's because the yarn usually requires larger needles than the ones I'm using? Who knows. I like the way it's knitting up though. I would take a picture, but there is not much difference it the way it looks from the image I showed yesterday, besides the fact that it grew a little longer. I'll take pictures when there is a significant amount of what to show!

I'd like to know, how mother's who have more than 1 kid ... do it? How do they manage? How do they raise a child or children, maintain a house, cook meals and have a life? I just cant figure it out. I've been lacking on the household chores lately, and it doesn't help that Jamie works a long day at work, comes home tired and then just wants to chill. So because he's hanging out, relaxing, I want to also. How do you do it? How do you manage? How do you juggle? Please explain me the secret... or your secret. Really! It's been something that is bothering me lately... and I feel guilty/bad for not maintaining this house clean, 100%. I also have 2 cats (when I'm not a cat person), and well, they both create A LOT of cat hair, it's gross.

I received Sulah's replacement stitch marker package in the mail today. Thank you Sulah. It came in tact this time! Nothing was damaged. I will take pictures tomorrow, camera is charging. I used my camera all weekend without charging it. Speaking of dead things, I should plug in my cell phone. I ran out to do errands today while my mom watched Sean, and my cell was dead... I don't like driving with it dead. Defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

I picked up my dry cleaning today too, and while there, my alteration was ready too. I brought in Sean's J.J Cole Bundle Me, to get fixed. The zipper had busted. Originally they told me it was going to cost 25$ plus taxes to fix, but the guy managed to fix it for 9$ with tax. It was a surprise to me when I got there today. I like surprises like that! The guy told me that it's fixed, but it would probably just last one more winter. I said that's fine as long as my next child is a girl! (Because then we're done having kids).... However, if the next baby is a boy... I definitely want to try for a third.... But if the third if a boy.... I will not try again. I never wanted more than 3 kids to begin with..... but let's not think like that... because I'm going to hope the next one will bring Sean a little sister. (And no, I'm not pregnant currently - my doctor told me not to get pregnant before 1 year from Sean's birth.... which I will follow, in order to make sure that a second pregnancy is healthy).

My fave pair of tweezers are missing. Please call the authorities to make a search team. I'm sooo upset. I cannot find them anywhere. I hope they didn't fall into the toilet. I hope they didn't fall into the garbage can and go out with the trash on garbage day. I'm very upset. They. Are. Not. Replaceable. Hopefully they'll turn up when I am not looking for them. So I've stopped looking for them.

Alright, I'm going to go knit or read. Or knit and read. I'm not tired yet, but I should not go to bed late, like I did last night. I was wired last night... and that's not good. Maybe I'll watch some TV and knit. Haven't decided yet. I do have to wake up at a decent time tomorrow, we've got Aquababies.


Lucy said...

Awww Robyn, I'm sorry you're having to deal with that whole tenant mess. How do I juggle two kids and a house and crafts and a life? not well some days ;) ...I try to do a little of something every day (most days it's the cleaning I have to force myself to do, not the fibery stuff - that happens automatically). My girls play a lot together (which gives me time to get some things done). They also (starting at 2 or 2 1/2) have simple things around the house that they are supposed to do.

Of course, sometimes this works and everything is wonderful, and other times things slide and a couple of days have to be spent restoring that balance...

Barb said...

I hope things work out for you with the apt. I sent you an email about having more than 1 kid :)

Maggie said...

Wow, what a mess with your tenant! I hope everything comes out ok and she pays for all the damages she caused.

I don't have two kids, but it's hard enough with one, right? I have a schedule with a little bit of work on each day. Also, if you set a timer for 15 minutes and pick up the clutter in one room every day it really helps keep things looking nice. If I don't have a list of things to do then I am lost!

Robin said...

Sorry you're having a stressful time lately...I don't know how people do it with ONE kid, so I'm definitely not the right person to ask about the other question (not that it was directed toward me.) Kudos to you for doing that!!

Shelley said...

What a huge hassle it is turning out to be with regard to the former tennants! I do hope that there are no other surprises like this plumbing one!

Since I'm not a mom, I have no idea how they do it...keeping house, raising kids, having a life...but I have heard and been told that unless they really need the nap, the mom will do some housework while the baby/babies take their naps. Just wait til Sean gets older and want to help you! My nephew was like that...always wanted to help my mom (her and dad looked after him while his parents were at work). He loved to "dust" and when mom would do that she'd give him a paper towel or something and he'd wipe the same place over and over, then move something on the coffee table and then wipe that spot over and over. He'd do the same when she washed the living room windows too. He also loved to "sweep" and use the dust pan on the kitchen floor. Mind you he wasn't really sweeping, but he thought he was.

I am finding that the purling with the Cotton-Ease and the larger size needle (I'm using 4.5mm, which is what my pattern called for) isn't a problem. Maybe it's the smaller needles you are using.

Wendy said...

*UGH* That is horrible! I really hope you are able to get this straightened out!

I was worried about how life was going to change with 2 kids, but it has been awesome! Especially since there is a 6 year difference between Lani and Wesley! He is so independent and can do his own thing when I am tied up with Lani!! I never wanted them this far apart, but in the end it was a true blessing!

Anonymous said...

The secret to getting everything done is not taking 3 hour naps and getting up and out of bed in the mornings!

g-girl said...

gosh, i hope all this stuff with your ex-tenant gets resolved's the last thing you need! hope your tweezers turn up. :)