Saturday, July 14, 2007

July 14 of 31

I didn't do much today. Slept in. Got up. Knit a bit on my Chevron Scarf. Removed the grout in my bathroom (replacing the grout tomorrow) - for one wall. Still more to go, it'll be a work in progress. I did some stuff around the house. We ate lunch (BBQ) outside.

We went to Cucina for dinner. It's my fave restaurant. Upon leaving the restaurant, it was raining so Jamie went to go get the car. While waiting, my first boyfriend ever was standing outside having a cigarette. I saw him when he walked back into the restaurant. So I said hello. He was like "Oh, did you make this?" (pointing to Sean). We talked for a bit. He wished me congrats, etc, and it was weird. He was my first boyfriend ever. He was the DJ at my 12th birthday party, which was just as we were finishing the 6th grade. He didn't go to my school, however he was friends with people that did, and he DJ'ed my birthday party (god knows what I was thinking back then), but he worked my party with 2 kids that went to my school. My mom paid them some money to DJ, and I think it was one of their first gigs. We slow danced, and kissed, and we dated for 1 week until he left to sleepaway camp for the summer and forgot about me.

Is having a first boyfriend the summer after 6th grade considered late? Was I a late bloomer? I'm just wondering. When did you all have your first boyfriend or girlfriend? First kiss?

Anyhow, we tired watching the documentary/comedy Fired! but it just wasn't good at all, so we watched a little TV instead now I'm off to bed.

Today really wasn't that exciting. Really.

I did learn over facebook that my father's biological brother "H" (I say this because we don't talk to him), got married. Today is his birthday, not that I care. What a day to not forget your wedding anniversary. What I find funny, is that the person he married, left the maritimes leaving the custody of her children to her ex, and came here to marry "H" the guy who is supposed to be my uncle, whom she met via the internet. Now, there is nothing wrong with meeting someone over the internet, but who picks up and leaves their family behind to move to another province with someone they met over the internet? "H" is a really winner, let me tell you. I am not sarcastic. I give the marriage not even a year. When his grandson was born, he didn't even go to the hospital to see him. (Not sure what he did for his granddaughter two years ago), but the guy has all of his priorities wrong. I haven't seen him in about 9 years (since my cousin's bar mitzvah in September 1998), and I'd like to keep it that way. It's just funny, that when I logged into Facebook to read a message that my cousin's fiance left on a picture that I'm "tagged" in, I noticed some pictures she uploaded from the wedding. Weird.


g-girl said...

that's so weird you ran into your first bf ever. gosh, I don't think you were a late bloomer @ all. I don't think I really started thinking about boys until middle school(7th-8th grade)! My first kiss was when I was in middle school too! Weird seems to have been the overall theme for you yesterday..including the stuff about your dad's brother. Does your dad even know?

Andrea said...

You were definitely not a late bloomer. I had my first boyfriend when I was 16 and despite me being 19, I've yet to have my first kiss.

Kayt said...

I was a late bloomer i guess. I didn't have a 1st bf or kiss till i was 14. His name was Jeremy... it was short lived and i can't even say wonderful. But oh well.

Andrea said...

I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 16, end of grade 10. I think he works at a gas station now.

Robin said...

No, you're not a late bloomer - I had my first kiss (and boyfriend)around the same time, beginning of 7th grade.