Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 31 of 31

Today I had the crabbiest crankiest non-cooperative baby ever. How did I deal? I let it go in one ear and out the other. I got NOTHING done today. I had a lot of stuff to get done (more about that tomorrow). Besides the fact that it was so damn hot today, to want to do anything was probably crazy!

This evening when Jamie got home from work, Sean all of a sudden cheered up. I think he wanted his daddy. Today of all days. When I have a list of things to get done, and he doesn't want me to get any of it done.

I finally opened a bottle of wine tonight and pretty much drank most of it myself. Jamie had about a glass before he started having heart burn (not sure if it was dinner or the wine?) The wine to me was nice, a nice Argentinian wine.

No knitting today. Sean wouldn't allow it.

He took a 20 minute nap, woke up screaming. An hour later, I tried again, he feel asleep in my arms, (like the first time), put him in his crib after a good enough time in my arms, woke up. SCREAMING. as. soon. as. I put. him. down. Tried again an hour later, he slept maybe 30 minutes. And. woke. up. screaming. again.

Poor kid. I tried little teethers (like oragel or whatever it's called), I gave him a little bit of tempra in case his gums were hurting. Poor kid. I wanted to make him feel better. He just wasn't allowing it tonight.

And now, he's fast asleep. I hope he sleeps the night. I hope it's just teething. I hope that first tooth pops out soon!

Tomorrow I'm doing work at my mom's house so my mom can watch Sean and I can get some work done. Lots of work to do! I'll get ya up to date tomorrow!

I can't believe tomorrow is August 1st. Where does time go? August will be fun. We have my parents wedding anniversary, my cousin Oliver's 1st birthday, a weekend in Mississauga, Ontario for a 70th birthday in Jamie's extended family, and some other fun stuff going on. I hope the heat dies down (I can't stand this heat) and I look forward to a good month. (Oh and my tenants move in at the end of the month). (Gotta make them keys.)

I am glad now, I'm relaxed and no longer want to pull out my hair. That is how I felt today. Never felt like that before. I hope this is not the experience I have when Sean goes through his terrible twos.... Because anything worse than today, and I may actually rip out my hair!

...okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but that's sure how I felt. Poor guy. It tore my heart his foul mood today. Maybe's he's had a bad day. Maybe he's teething. Maybe a combination of both.. Who knows? But it sure broke my heart.

ps- Last night I tried the little lamp in the first picture, and it did not bother Jamie at all while I read. I got about 30 pages read into the new book I'm reading, Torn Skirt. I had too much wine tonight to read, so tomorrow night I'll test out the other little book light I got!


g-girl said...

poor kid--and poor you!. hope he's better tomorrow-@ least you'll be @ your mom's so you're not alone on your busy, busy day. cool that the first light you tested out last night didn't bother Jamie. :)

tiennie said...

Does he have a fever? It could be an ear infection. My kids would wake up screaming if they had an ear infection. Laying down puts fluid pressure in their ears so that's why they prefer being more upright. I hope it's just teething though! Hope he feels better soon.

Andrea said...

I have a knitting novel suggestion for you - I started "The Knitting Circle" yesterday and so far it's a LOT better than Knitting Under the Influence and Friday Night Knit Club.

craft-chick said...

Hope your little guy is feeling better today. I remember how heart-wrenching it was when mine was out-of-sorts, and speaking from current experience, the terrible 2's are worse when they're mad/upset...the looks they give you along with a loud "No!" are enough to challenge anyone's patience sometimes. I'll spare you the other horrifying tricks they come up with, I'll just say to find your happy place now so when it comes your way you can remember Sean is still the same sweet lovable little boy, even if he's acting up.