Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August 1 of 31

This morning I got my Notions bag swap in the mail from Lisa. Thank you very much Lisa! She tucked a duck (geese?) magnet into the front pouch of the bag! I love the pouch, so cute. You can actually un-snap it to look like this:

It's very awesome! I like the different panels on the front, I need to learn how to do that!

I've always wondered why July has 31 days and so does August. It's the only 2 months that have back to back 31 days.

January has 31
February has 28 or 29 (next year is a leap year!)
March has 31
April has 30
May has 31
June has 30
July has 31
August has 31
September has 30
October has 31
November has 30
December has 31


Makes me wonder! I wonder if there is an answer to that?

Oh - but wait! Both December and January have 31 days and they're back to back. By looking at the calendar at first, you don't notice it, but think about it - January comes after December and they also both have 31 days. I googled it with no results matching what I asked, except for some stupidities!

Today I got a LOT of work done at my parents house, with the help of a friend. The work, for now, is top secret, and will be discussed at the end of the week, latest. It's good news - don't worry! A little project I've been working on for quite some time. It was great that my mom and dad were able to watch Sean, go swimming with him, and my mom even took Sean for a walk over to my Aunt's house to see who was home and to drop something off. My mom has an extra stroller - so that was great. (Even though I had mine in the trunk of my car).

Sean's on the move now. He's actually trying to figure out the crawling thing. I guess he will crawl after all before walking, but walking looks very promising for a near future start date!

I may go back to my parents house tomorrow to finish up some work (in air conditionning!) while my parents watch Sean and so that I can actually get some work done, and also - to go swimming after. Sean got to enjoy the pool today with my parents, but I didn't. And it was brutally hot outside.

This evening I went over to my in-laws for dinner, since Jamie's Uncle and cousin were in to visit, and to see Sean. They got him an adorable hooded sweatshirt (12 month size). He's now starting to wear 9 month size, his 6 month size stuff is getting too tight on him. My big boy! Jamie had ball tonight, so even if I wanted to go to the Montreal Knits meetup, I couldn't because I had Sean, and with Sean - I don't get to knit. So I decided that I'll go see Jamie's Uncle and cousin instead, since they were dying to see Sean. (I think they came in just to see him!)


g-girl said...

love that notions bag! It's so cool! when you figure out why each month has so many days, let us know!

Drea said...

Taites trying to crawl 2. Although I think Sean looks way bigger than Taite now!!! amazing 2 cause he was smaller than Taite at birth. Crazy how they change :-) get ready to stay busy! hehe.