Thursday, August 09, 2007

32 Weeks

Sean is 32 weeks old today. He is actually smiling in this photo above, behind the pacifier... he's always got that dang pacifier in his mouth. I guess it's better than his thumb! He's now saying "mama" - which I was shocked to hear yesterday for the first time, and that makes me happy. He's completely rolling himself around from sitting position to crawling back into sitting position. This morning when I went to get him upon waking up, he was in his crib, sitting up, playing. I like the look of that. He's making good progress. I really do think he's going to be walking before we know it, and early too. He's now trying to figure out how to pull himself up, and he's almost got the idea. Almost there.

Today I called up Easy-Off - during my productive day today, as it's been on my list of things to do for a while now. I have a can of their oven cleaning product, and there is more than half of the can left, however, it does not want to spray. So the nice man on the other end of the phone, will be sending me a replacement can. That was very nice of them. Talk about great customer service. Maybe tomorrow I should call up Spray'N'Wash and let them know their product stained my shirt. My. favourite. shirt.

Something that I think may not be normal for a baby, is the fact that Sean will only fall asleep, whether it be for nap time, or for the night, in my arms. I am not sure if this is normal. My question, to other mothers, is how do you put your baby to sleep? I'm not talking older children, but 0-12 months. A baby that is not walking yet, etc. Then, the second thing that I think is not normal for sleeping habits, is that Sean will only nap in my arms. I've tried twice today, to put him into his crib after he's fallen asleep in my arms, in my bed, where he had his bottle, and then after the transfer is done, he's in his crib, sometimes within seconds, and sometimes within a few minutes, he realizes that he is not in my arms anymore, and he's in his crib, and he wakes up crying. I need to stop this habit. Does anyone else have problems like this? Does anyone have any tips, because I cannot keep napping with him, I'll get nothing done! For a while he was napping on his own in his crib, for all his naps, but now, it's only in my arms. He was soooo cranky this afternoon, that I took a nap with him, because I didn't know what else to do. And every time I thought about transferring him into his crib, I thought of him waking up, and I couldn't do it. I am hoping it is just a phase.

This is the end of my normal post for today. I have a few words to bitch about, so if you want to hear it, please continue further. I am in a very arrogant mood tonight, but I choose my words carefully, even if this is MY own blog. My words. My opinion.


I really honestly thing some people have way too much time on their hands, have no lives and no friends. People who leave nasty comments on blogs, and people who email really nasty emails. I got a really dumb email tonight, I won't say it was nasty, but it was surely retarded, which I don't even know why I justified with a reply (as there was an email address, but no name associated with it), but since this emailer reads my blog, since it was an email having to do with my blog, I want them to know, that their email was really dumb, and I will not respond to any further retarded emails from them. And from no one else for that matter. I would rather clean my bathroom toilet than respond to stupid emails. People who send retarded emails are just losers themselves. Loser with a capitol L. And honestly, I have every right to write whatever it is that I want to on my blog. I can share my opinion, share something that I saw somewhere else, etc. It's my opinion and this is my journal. If you do not like it, then don't read my blog. Don't come back. I don't want you. Same way I don't read some blogs because I don't like what those blogger write, don't read mine. That, or keep your opinions to yourself. Didn't your mother teach you, that if you have nothing nice to say, to not say anything at all?? I don't go and leave nasty comments on other peoples blogs. I don't go ahead and email other people to let them know about something that they blogged about. Come on, get a life people! I know what I publish on my blog, because I wrote the post.

And that's my rant. End of story. Let's talk about better things people.


jen said...

i like the less busy background now. Much easier on my eyeballs. :D

love this mirror portrait (as i do most of them!)

and yeah why do people have to be so annoying, or just plain stupid as of late?

anyways i never mind a good old fashioned rant. Always feel better after! :D

g-girl said...

how cool of easy-off to send you a new bottle! I never would've thought to call and do stuff like that. get used to the is he saying 'mama' more often now? that's so cute! you've somehow got to train him to sleep without needing to be in your arms. maybe it's the warmth? I dunno.
as for the person you're referring to--they need to get a life. obviously that person has nothing better to do than stir up trouble probably purely for entertainment's sake. it's a sick world, these days.

Indie Mama said...

aw...that sucks about the email. it's sad what some people consider appropriate.

love the new background!

Andrea said...

Love the new look!

Anonymous said...

It's been a long time, but I remember that my daughter would only go to sleep if I held her. It was the only thing that soothed her and calmed her. Half the time, I would end up falling asleep with her and my ex would have to gently take her off of me and put her in the crib.

Lindsay said...

I agree with Jen, somehow you have to get Sean out of the habit. You might just have to let him cry/scream to break the habit. It will upset you for sure but it's easier to stop the habit now then later.
This might be a stupid question but does he have a favourite toy? My daughter did, even at 8 months and if it wasn't in the crib with her, she would not sleep.

LizzieK8 said...

I nursed all my kids to sleep. Just the easiest way for us.

I rock my grand kids to sleep. When we sit down in the chair, head on my shoulder s/he knows it's time for a nap.

I'm an advocate of holding kids as much as possible. Yes, it can be inconvenient, but way too soon they'll be too big (if only in their own mind) to be held.

Yes, they grow out of the need of having someone around to fall asleep.

We had a family bed. Kids moved into their own bed when they were ready. Most of them now have kids of their own and the rest don't sleep with me anymore. Eventually they grow out of that, too.

Be happy your little one likes to be near mommy. Soon he'll like the girl next door more! :))

Maggie said...

Sean is such a big boy! Talking and crawling and sitting and all. It's so amazing to watch them grow.

The ever elusive nap! I'm right there with you, if that makes you feel any better. Oliver will nap in his crib now, but he has to be snuggled up to a stuffed animal (I know! a stuffed animal in his BED!?! While he's SLEEPING?!?! He's going to SUFFOCATE!!!) but it's the only way we could get him to stay in the bed. I lay him on his side and put it up against his back. That way he feels snuggled, but I'm free to do other things.

Summer said...

When my kids were babies they always slept in my arms. I would get frustrated when i put them down and then they would cry a few minutes later. What i did was a would lay down with them in bed with me and then let them fall sleep.

~Jo~ said...

About Sean's sleeping in your arms... Two things come to mind, 1- enjoy it while it lasts! LOL! ;-) 2- try putting a receiving blanket between Sean and yourself when he dozes off. The warmth of the blanket and the smell of mommy will help him sleep longer. Well maybe! ;-) said...

My daughter did exactly the same and we had to break her of the habit in the end. It's not pretty and it's exhausting for about a week, but then it's all over and family serenity returns. We basically put her in her crib and then, at first, went in every five minutes to pat her, but not pick her up. As time went by we lengthened the time we would come in. On day 4 she did go to sleep after 30 minutes. By the end of the week, it took her 10 minutes. She's now four and does have nights when she does not sleep well, but for the most part she sleeps 10-12 hours a night.

As for rude commenters, I agree. Well done you for taking the hight road.

Kimber said...

The way I understood it is that when your baby has a "prop" like a bottle, parents arms, etc. they learn to go to sleep only with that prop (this would be for babies 3 months and older). I learned a lot from the book Baby Whisperer when I had my daughter. What I would do is wait until Sean is drowsy but not fully asleep and then put him down in his crib. If he cries, pick him up or pat him - depending on how upset he is(you want to build trust and be there not really let him cry it out) and calm him and as soon as he calms down place him back in his crib. Reapeat as needed. If he is more easy going it might not take much if he is drowsy. It took a lot of patience on my part to do this with my daughter but in 2 nights/days I could put her down to sleep and she "learned" to fall asleep on her own.
Sorry about the aggrivating e-mail - hope they go away!

Nea said...

I love the new look of the blog.

My parents tell me that I used to be almost attached to my pacifier until when I was two they told me a cat took it for her kittens when I finally gave it up, but I did end up in braces later to fix the overbite it caused. But I don't think Sean should have a problem until his teeth come in.

Shannon said...

Ahh that age! When my daughter did that I used to lay next to the crib and have a hand in the crib with her, once she fell asleep, I crawled out of the room. I could never do the "cry it out" thing.

Jenny said...

Love the new blog look-very cool. I think it is great that you called easy off! I usually would just bitch about something not working and toss it in the trash. Good for you!

Robin said...

The new look of the blog is great! The rant didn't bother me either, but now I want to know what they said!!