Tuesday, August 07, 2007

August 7 of 31

Cynthia and Rhoda, amongst a few others tagged me as a Rockin' Girl Blogger. The idea originally started here.

So, in the spirit of the rocking girls, I will name my most rocking girl bloggers. Although everyone's blogs I read are always awesome, (and that's why I read them!) here are some of my most visited, and along with Cynthia and Rhoda, I'd like to include:

  • Andrea
  • : A new friend that I've gotten to meet while in Toronto at the TTC KAL, and an inspiring knitter!

  • Alison
  • : A creative and inspiring woman I've come to admire.

  • Jennifer S.
  • : Because of her awesome sewing skills, (I'm jealous!) and her sweet warming personality that I've gotten to know through email.

  • Michelle D.
  • : For her crafty fun posts and gorgeous photography. I can't wait to see her next week to go LYS crawling in Montreal.

  • Angela
  • : Because she's my bestest friend in the entire world and because she's finally keeping up a blog. Go Angela!

    This morning Sean & I had Aquababies. Because we didn't go last week, (due to a cancellation of sorts) we stayed this week for 1 hour in the water, for both classes. Sean had a good time, and he was worked really hard this morning, that he crashed for a FOUR hour nap upon coming home! (Let me tell you - I got a LOT accomplished this afternoon in the chores department).

    Sean's been standing a lot in the playpen. I put his new muscial entertainment center (Leapfrog) in the playpen, because on the floor, it slides (doesn't stay well). So, this way, it leans against the side of the playpen, and doesn't go anywhere, when Sean is leaning against it.

    This evening, it got nasty humid again. This afternoon wasn't so bad at all - I was able to do all my chores without feeling gross and sweaty. The humidity is what's been keeping me from doing chores. And the effeciency of my new washer & dryer.. is making me keep up-to-date on the laundry!

    This evening I ran out and picked up some new magazines along with a small container of Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. I was in one of my moods this evening (we'll call it PMS), and needed some Cookie Dough! I picked up Knit Simple (Fall 2007), The 25th anniversary issue of Vogue Knitting (International), Simply Knitting (I haven't checked out the patterns yet, but look at the AWESOME tape measure it came with! I wanted it!), Craft Magazine, and Good Things for Kids (Summer 2007, Martha Stewart). Yeah, I splurged on magazines tonight. I deserve it.

    Tomorrow my sister is taking an "executive" lunch from work (that's what she called it), to come to see Hairspray with my mother, Sean & I. We will be meetingmy cousin Jenn, Jakob and my aunt there too. I like these Starz & Stroller movies. So much fun! It's the first time my sister is joining us, as she really wanted to see Hairspray as well. I hope it's good. I can't wait to see Travolta as a woman!

    There are just a few spots left in the sock club. They are really flying off the shelves. So if you are interested in one, sign up fast! They may not last until the sign up deadline of September 3rd! It's only August 7th, and more than half have been bought!


    Andrea said...

    Yay! I rock! Thanks!

    Think I might need to pick up simply knitting this month. Love the tape measure.

    craft-chick said...

    Sooo glad I picked up Simply Knitting when I did (and you should be too) all of the copies were gone within a week, that almost never happens, it must have been the great gift! I'm thinking I will have to make the toy pirate since Little Man and my nephew are getting pirate-themed presents this year.

    Robin said...

    Holy magazine haul! What do you think of the new Vogue Knitting? I was kinda underwhelmed (then again, Interweave Knits is always my fave.)

    Cracking up at "we'll call it PMS" - um, yeah - had those days myself! It's OK if we say it, but no guy better call it that!

    BTW, I read this crazy article today that was saying all these Americans and Brits are buying summer homes in Newfoundland - have you heard of this phenomenon? (I know you don't live in that part of Canada, but I would be curious to hear your thoughts!!)

    jen said...

    holy singer sewing machines! i rock!

    you rock!

    i can still think you are cooler than me. you win!

    Not An Artist said...

    Oooh I rock! Thanks Robyn! And I can't wait for our Montreal yarn-crawl either :)