Sunday, August 12, 2007

August 12 of 31

Want to win some knitting stuff?? Go on to Cass's blog and enter her contest before 2:22pm tomorrow, as it's for her 222nd post! I just entered and if you tell Cass that I referred you to the contest, I get an extra chance to win - come help me win! :)

My sister Amy has joined the blogworld and started her own blog. She doesn't knit (yet), but maybe one day she'll sit down and learn. My only problem is - I am not good with teaching people things in general. I'll have to drag her to a knitting meet-up, where I am sure there will be plenty of people who will want to teach her!

Last night I finished reading Torn Skirt by Rebecca Godfrey. Even though this book normally is not the style I read, I was intrigued. The book in the end turned out to be alright, but it's not the type of book I'd recommend, or read again. But I know that my sister will like it, it's her style of book. So that's why I passed it on to her. I've already got the next book on my list that I want to read, and I'll possibly start it tomorrow.

This afternoon I went over to my parents house to go swimming. Sean just loves being in the water. It was a nice relaxing day, I got to knit some in the pool again (I'm the master of knitting with FELTING yarn (yet!) in the water. I tested out the new waterproof digital. What a piece of crap. I'm going to do one more test on Tuesday in Sean's Aquababies class, but I believe it will be going right back after that, that afternoon.

None of my actual underwater pictures came out, but there may be potential for them to come out. Anyhow, here (above) is one picture I took of Sean in the water. You get a 34KB image, which is definitely not printable at all. I'm almost better off buying a case for my pocket digital camera, and spend the few extra bucks on that, knowing I'll get a better quality image. I think I may look into that.

Speaking of the knitting I got done in the pool, my turtleneck shrug sleeve #1 is at 19 of 23 inches. Almost there. And I should be working on Jamie's anniversary socks.... (yep, I'll get there). I will show a progress photo soon. Right now it looks like the photo I posted yesterday, just a little bit longer...!

I've been having insomnia lately. I don't know what to do about it. I think it may start to be a problem. I wonder if there is anything I can do about it. I try to sleep but I just toss and turn and toss and turn, so I get up and start doing things. I've always been a night owl... I'm most productive and creative in the wee hours of the night. But this is not healthy with a small child who (sometimes) gets up early. I'm wondering if the reason he goes to bed late (when he feels like it) is because of my habits. I've obviously considered it. And it's not an issue of not sleeping enough hours, because I actually get enough sleep once I fall asleep. It's the falling asleep part that is the trouble.

Today I tried putting Sean down in his crib with a little bear that is in a shape of a blanket, while he was groggy but not yet asleep. That didn't work out. The plans was for him to hopefully fall asleep on his own. However, a few minutes later, he's crying, and when I go to check up on him, he's sitting up in his crib, hands on the crib bars. I give him a bottle, and he's groggy even more, try to put him down in his crib, a no go either.... so I take him into bed with me (out of sheer frustration for nothing else working) and he falls asleep in my arms. I finally transfer him to his bed. This is almost midnight now. It took me over an hour to get him to sleep.

Alright, I have a few things to do, and I want to finalize my SP11 matches so I can mail them out tomorrow.


g-girl said...

love the pic of sean in the hat. that sucks about the underwater cam..maybe there's still hope for it. sorry to hear you're having insomnia..have you tried going for walks maybe during the day? When I couldn't sleep, I'd sometimes have toast and jam and for some reason that would help.

Whining Procrastinator said...

Insomnia sucks. I've recently found that hot milk works. There's a trick to it, though. Because if my tummy is full, I can't sleep. So I get up and drink a cup of hot milk, knit for a half hour, go pee (because by then that's important to help sleep, too) and then I go warm up my feet and I fall asleep. I've heard that turkey and milk contain a protein (tryptophan?) that naturally makes you sleepy. So a small warm turkey sandwich with some warm milk should give it a one-two punch... good luck!

Maggie said...

Sean sure is a cutey! He looks very relaxed in the pool. I'm sorry to hear about your sleeping woes. I hope everything gets better soon.

I've read that if you "reward" yourself for getting up by doing something that you enjoy then you'll get in the habit of falling asleep later and later. When you can't go to sleep (after about 15-20 minutes) get up and do something boring (like balance the checkbook or something you don't like). It will occupy you for a while and hopefully make you more tired.

Jenn said...

You are not going to like this....but you have to get tough. Let Sean cry himself to sleep. TRUST ME! As a Mom to 2 little ones, I had to do this with the first two because I spoiled them by putting them sleep in my arms. It will be a hard few days when you start this, but I promise that you will be so much happier when he learns to fall asleep himself.