Saturday, August 04, 2007

August 4 of 31

Sean has been full of faces lately. I am wondering if it's because he's teething and maybe there is a tooth coming and, and he's running his tongue against his gums? But I tell ya, the faces are soo cute, I just want to laugh. But I'm not laughing at him, but with him. When I can bite my tongue and not laugh, I just smile. Because they make me happy. Cute little faces. And the anticipation of the first tooth! Any day now... I just know it!

Today Jamie helped a friend move couches so the friend (on his birthday no less) helped Jamie move the rental fridge, stove, and our old washer & dryer upstairs into the apartment. All I have to do now is give the fridge & stove a wipe down, and plus everything in. And give a little cleaning to the washer & dryer, any soap that may have spilled, or whatever. I have my new washer ready to go, and Jamie just has to buy a piece tomorrow at the hardware store for the new dryer, since the old dryer was able to use a certain venting tube, but the new one, needs aluminum to avoid fires, etc. I can't wait! And as far as upstairs, all I have left is some grouting, and then it'll be ready for their end of the month move in.

Tomorrow I'm planning on heading over to my parents to swim. It's their wedding anniversary tomorrow and they invited us over for a BBQ. Jamie has ball tomorrow (2nd to last game of the season, so we're all going to go out Monday night for dinner to celebrate), but I'm still going to go tomorrow over there. I hope it's warm tomorrow, I want to swim. Sean got to swim twice with my parents while I plugged away at my website this week. So jealous! Maybe I'll knit in the pool again!

Speaking of knitting, I got some rows done on my Chevron Scarf today. I've been so unsure about the cotton socks for Jamie. I will pick those up this week. I'm not so fond of the cotton yarn. We'll see. It's been soo hot to knit lately, and finally last night it poured rain, and the weather is super cool now, with a gorgeous breeze - I'm loving it! (Did I mention I hate the heat??!)

This afternoon Sean & I took a nice nap on the couch, while Jamie napped in bed. This evening Jamie & I watched some episodes of Bones (Season 1). I am really liking this show!

It's been a really chilling day for me (hard worked for Jamie), and now that the weather is cooling down (for now!) I hope to get some more chores around the house done (ones that I've been neglecting because it's been too hot to do them!) (For example, Friday it was so hot, I took 4 showers during the day because after a few hours I just felt so gross again, with the humidity. I swear, in Montreal we get complete extremes. Disgusting humidity in the summer, and absolute freezing cold in the winter. I like the inbetween.... is there anywhere in the world that is just always breezy like, pants and a tshirt weather?? I don't mind that. I love the fall and spring for this! But I love fall more for the colors. I think fall is my favourite season. By far.

Spaces are starting to fill up in the September Sock Club on Robyn's Nest! I am so excited. I got a sneak peek at the colorway, and I do have to say it's fab! So delicious! I have a feeling that spaces are going to fill up fast!

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g-girl said...

sean is too cute and too funny! I was going to ask about the cotton yarn for jamie's socks--how they were knitting up and what the feel was like. they do look good though in your sunday post! if you don't stick with this yarn, what will you use instead? as for a place that's just t-shirt and jeans weather all the time? Good question!