Wednesday, August 08, 2007

August 8 of 31

This morning I got woken by the postman (who always rings twice by the way). I had ordered some stitch markers off Etsy a while ago, and they finally arrived, bearing gifts from my new friend Danielle. She sent me along a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Art's Foo Foo - which is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you Danielle - I am glad it finally arrived. This was sent by Priority Mail from the USA, and she's doing a test also with First Class Mail. I am interested to see what she put in that parcel! So curious! But I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Today I worked on Jamie's Anniversary sock, (pattern is my own), during the movie Hairspray. I met my aunt, cousin Jenn and her son Jakob at the theater and I was with Sean, my mother & my sister. I am soooo getting the soundtrack. The movie was awesome. Despite the technical difficulties the theater had. Here's a brief summary of what happened: We go there and the movie was supposed to start at 1pm. It started near 1:30 pm, after telling us that there were a few technical difficulties. The movie finally started. Then a few minutes into the movie - the screen shut off, and the lights turned back on. They told us they weren't sure how long it would take to get it back up and running, that if we wanted to leave, they'd refund our money. We decided to wait a few to see if they would know how long it would take. Within I'd say 10 minutes it was up and running again. The lights never went off, but they were dimmed, so I was able to knit throughout the entire movie! (Above is my little progress on Jamie's sock). I did hold my son a little throughout the movie, but his grandmother and aunt (my sister) were fighting over who would hold him, hence when my knitting time came in. I SOOOO wanted to take a picture of my knitting infront of the large screen, but I left my memory card at home in the card reader even if I did have my camera with me. (No internal memory on my camera). The movie interrupted I think one more time a bit later, but it was up again in no time, and they offered us free passes afterwards. I'll check to see what the next week's mommy & baby movie is, maybe I'll go with my mother to it with the free pass! For a full story of what happened, Jenn wrote it out on her blog perfectly! (I think I mixed up details. Here's her post.

On my way home I did a few errands and I finally found a waterproof digital camera. I am hoping that it works. I am planning on taking it either to the next time I go swimming at my parents house or to the Y next week for Sean's Aquababies. I hope there is enough light in the Y to take pictures that will come out. (There is no flash on this camera). It was very inexpensive, and I was eyeing it in the flyer, but when I went originally to pick it up, they were out of stock. Well - they finally got some in! And I can't wait to use it!

Tonight I got together with Angela. I haven't seen her since before she came home from Newfoundland. She brought Sean a tshirt that says 'Someone who lives me very much went to Newfoundland and got me this shirt'. It's very cute. I can't wait for him to fit into it. Angela brought me back some fabric with cherries on it and some lobster coasters, because I asked her to bring me back some lobster!

However, the best part of the gift was this Lobster knitting a sweater. It's the best. It doesn't make sense, but it's the best. Thank you so very much Angela. I love everything.

Sean said "Ma-ma" tonight for the first time. He even said it a few times. Angela heard it - she's my witness. Jamie swears he heard him say "mama" yesterday, but I didn't hear it, so I didn't believe it. Oh boy - now I do! And it makes me sooo happy! I love it when he looks at me and says "mama", it's purely the best feeling in the world. Ahhh.... I am on cloud number 9!

For anyone who was interested in the sock club kit for September, there are just a few spaces left. I do have to assure you, the yarn is absolutely delicious, and the matching stitch markers are awesome as well. LotusKnits does amazing work, and she even supplies yarn to other yarn shops, and has her own Etsy shop that does very well. Her colors are fabulous, and you shouldn't miss this opportunity! Just wanted to let you know that spaces are filling up fast at Robyn's Nest!


Lisa said...

i love that str yarn & the lobster is adorable!

g-girl said...

oooh, foo foo is pretty! I've been wanting the see the new "Hairspray" myself. :) glad to hear you guys were able to see it despite the technical difficulties the theatre was experiencing! I've seen those waterproof digital cams in the store before. Can't wait to see some pics from one. :) that lobster knitting a sweater is it real wool too?