Friday, August 10, 2007

August 10 of 31

This afternoon I took Sean to Walmart for a portrait session. The background we chose to go with the outfit that he wore was just priceless. I didn't feel like going alone (always need a second opinion), so I brought my grandmother along with me. Sean did very well during the photo session, and I cannot wait until August 31st to pick up his photos. I cannot understand though, with this world being in the digital age, why it will take THREE weeks to get the photos from today. I don't even know if I will be here on that day, as I may be in Mississauga again for a 70th birthday party for someone in Jamie's extended step-family. We're not sure yet if we are going, but it's a possibility. Anyhow, I am dying to see the photographs, I do have to tell you. And it's such a great package for the price that you pay.

Today, I've caught Sean asleep on the couch (with his father) and this afternoon he oddly fell asleep in his crib while drinking a bottle. Now, this is rare, because just yesterday I was talking about him not wanting to fall asleep unless he's in my arms. However, once you tried to move him from this position (above on the couch and below in the playpen) he didn't want to go back to sleep, unless he was in my arms.....

When it came for bedtime this evening, he wanted to be in my arms again. Thank you all again for all the lovely tips and advice. Sadly, he has not "taken" to a certain toy or stuffed animal yet. I didn't think he was old enough for that yet. I will try the idea of a blanket around him (like one of his little baby blankets) to keep him warm when I put him down into his crib, however, in the heat of this summer, it's too hot to have him in a blanket. But I will certainly try that. I do know though, that I need to, I must, break this habit.

I am a VERY bad girl....

Yep, I cast on another project today. I saw a REALLY quick knit - the Turtleneck Shrug by Teva Durham from Scarf Style. I don't actually own this book, but Angela took it from the library. I am not sure there is much else in this book that I would knit, but it's got some neat stuff. I believe that pattern that I am knitting is actually the pattern on the cover of the book.

This evening I sat myself on the couch, watched a bunch of episodes of Bones, and knit away. Occassionaly I had Sean with me, but he was too busy playing with his toys and trying to pull himself up into standing position (which he can pull himself up on certain pieces of furniture), but Jamie was home hanging out with one of his friends, so he watched Sean some of the time, and the rest of the time, I hung out with the wee one. I was supposed to have a friend over tonight, but I have no idea what happened to her. Last I spoke to her she said she was still coming over to knit, but never showed up.

I am LOVING these bamboo needles I have for sale in my shop. They are fantastic. I am using 4.5mm (US7) above in my new project. They are just so lovely, and they are soooo smoothe. I definitely recommend them. The turtleneck shrug calls for DPN's or circulars, and since I didn't have the correct length circulars, I decided to give my new DPN's a try, and I can't stop raving about them. I am so happy to have them as a product, I must say. They even feel nice to touch. They almost have a silkie feel to them.

In sock club news, there are only THREE (3) spots left. Better act fast if you wanted a spot! The colorway is an exclusive limited edition, that you will not be able to get anywhere else. Awesome matching stitch markers and a sock pattern.

Tomorrow Jamie & I are planning on getting work done in the apartment upstairs, since we have less than 2 weeks now until our new tenants move in. One is coming on Thursday, August 23rd, and the others are following that weekend. I will be grouting the bathroom tub area, while Jamie takes care of some other work with the fridge/stove. We also need to run a test with the washing machine to make sure it runs properly, since we just brought them upstairs. I am looking forward to getting that work out of the way. Then after that, we'll just relax, pop on some movies, and hang out as a family, and I'll hopefully get some knitting done! So many projects I want to work on, too bad I don't have 12 arms!


Drea said...

Taite still hasnt had portraits done ;-) i dont plan on taking him either. i love doing it myself.. im to harsh on other photographs are studios LOL.
nice new template.

Firefly said...

What does the finished shrug look like? I am on the hunt for a wrap shrug to make and any ideas would be appreciated(love the colour!).

g-girl said...

oh I can't wait to see what sean's portraits look like! :) oh, don't feel bad for casting on for something new! I'm with firefly-what does the finished shrug look like?